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kurt cobain play guitar

PsYcho SoNgs LyricS

cheCk ouT THese lyRicS


load up on guns & bring your friends, it fun to lose & to pretend
she's over bored & self assured..oh no i know a dirty word

(*)hello,hello,hello how low(3x)

(**) with the lights out, it less dangerous!, here we are now, entertain us!
feel stupid and contagious! Here we are now entertain us!
a mulatto, an albino!
a mospuito, my libido!
yeah !!! (3x)

i'm worse as was, i do the best..and for this gift, i feel blessed
our litle group has been always..and always will until the end
back to (*) & (**)

and i forget, just why i taste..oh yeah i guess it makes me smile
i found it hard, it was hard to find..oh well whatever, nevermind..
back to (*) & (*)

a denial !!! (9x)



when you were here before, couldn't look in the just like an angel, you skin makes me cry
you float like a feather, in a beatiful world

(*) i wish i was special, you're so fuckin' special

(**) but i'm a creep, i'm a werdo..what the hell am i doing here? I dont belong here

i dont care if it hurts, i wanna have control..i wanna perfect body, i wanna perfect soul
i want you to notice, when i'm not around
back to (*) & (**)

ooh..ooh..she running out again, she's running out, she's run, run, run...

what ever makes you happy, what ever you wants
back to (*) & (**)

i dont belong here...

§ MY WAY §
x pistols

And now the end is near, and so i face the final curtain (ha ha ha)
you cunt, im not a queer, ill state my case of which im certain

i've lived a live thats full and each and every highway, and much, much more than this i did it my way

regrets, i had a view but than again, too view to mention. But i did what i had to do, ill see it through without redemtion

i planed, each charactered course, be carefull though along the highway. And more, much more than this i did it my way

there were times, im sure you knew, when there was fuck, fuck fuck else todo

but through it all, when there was doubt, i shot it up or kicked it out, i face the wall..and..the wall and i did it my way

i've in bed last night, i had my fill, my share of looting. And now the tears subside, i find it all so amusing

to think i killed a cat, and may i say..not in a gay way. "but no, no not me, i did it my way"

for what is apart, what has he got. When he wears hat that he cannot say the things he truly feels. But only the words, not what he feels.

the record shows, i fucked a bloke, and i did it my way
the record shows, i fucked block, and i did it my way

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