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Amaranth - This is the act of drinking blood of other Cainites.

Beast, The - The part of the vampire that is a monster, when a vampire loses all humanity ... More

Blood - Vampires feed on blood because that their only soure to gain white blood cells.
The ... More

Blood Oath - A very strong bond between two vampires, with this one of those vampires gains ... More

Book of Nod, The - The "Secret" book for all vampires, with all history of the race. This book ... More

Caitiff - A clanless vampire, these vampires often live in small groups or completely ... More

Childe - A young vampire who has just been embraced and is still learning how to handle ... More

Clan - A group of vampires that go together and share the same sort of mystical powers, ... More

Domain - The land claimed by a vampire, everyone that enters that domain has to go to ... More

Elder - Elders are vampires of over 300 years of age, they consider themselves the ... More

Elysium - The place where elders most of the time meet, most of the time very commonly ... More

Embrace, The - The moment a mortal is turned into a vampire. This is done by draining the ... More

Fangs - Not only does the vampire use their fangs to attack. Instead, the vampire usually ... More

Fledgling - A newly created vampire.

Generation - The number of steps a vampire is away from Caine. Caine's childer were the ... More

Ghoul - A servant created by a vampire by letting a mortal drink the blood of a vampire. ... More

Haven - The home of a vampire, or place it sleeps, this will often be a labyrinth beneath ... More

Hunger, The - Like with all mortals this is the need to feed, the only difference is that ... More

Jyhad, The - Any war between vampires. This is also the name of the war between the few ... More

Kiss - Taking blood, whether this is from a mortal or any kind of animal doesn't matter.

Lupine - This is the biggest mortal enemy of the vampire, the wherewolf.


Prince - A prince is a vampire that has established a claim of rulership over an area ... More

Psi-vampyres - Psychic vampyres These type of vampyres differ from the normal Blood vampyre. ... More

Retainers - Mortals that serve a vampire master, They are most of the time ghouls or in ... More

Sire - This is the parent (Creator) of a vampire, this vampire will teach a childe ... More

Siren - A vampire who seduces a mortal, and doesn't drain that mortal of blood inmediately, ... More

Slayer - The immortal enemy of a vampire, a witch. Often this slayer has lots of equipment ... More

strigoi - roumanian name for vampire

Thrall - A vampire who is under a blood oath, and so is under control of another vampire.

vanpaen - A vampire half breed. A vampire born that of a mortal. A mortal baby born ... More

Venom - nocternal, feen for blood, rage to kill, revenge

Vessel - A source of blood, like a mortal that has been drained.

Vitæ - Blood

Vampire attacks - Vampires have the ability to teleport themselves in physical form, or by somewho ... More

Warning - Don't try this at home!!! Watch out for the items below here, this is a warning. ... More

Crucifix - Vampires hate Crucifixes, and they will drive them away, it is known that it's ... More

Garlic - Vampires hate Garlic, it is said that when a vampire get's garlic in it's body ... More

Holy Water - Holy Water is known to be able to kill vampires.

Stake - A wooden stake through the heart could kill a vampire

Sunlight - A vampire that faces sunlight will burn.

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