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Just some of the jargon explained:

ANAMORPHIC: A widescreen picture that has been squeezed digitally-on widescreen tvs these give the best possible picture quality.On standard tvs the image appears stretched vertically if the player has not been set up correctly for that particular tv.
ASPECT RATIO: The shape of the picture-how wide it is compared to its height.A standard tv picture is 4:3 or 1.33 wide to 1 high. A widescreen tv is 16:9 or 1.77:1. A widescreen film viewed on a standard tv will have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.Even on widescreen tvs some films also have these bars as their aspect ratio is greater than 1.77:1-the most common are 1.85:1 and 2.35:1. If this concerns you, it shouldnt-you have been seeing the film exactly as it was meant to be seen in cinemas.
DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1: The standard surround sound format of dvd players-with a suitable speaker system, it gives cinematic audio in your own home.The 5 stands for the surround speakers, FRONT CENTRE for dialogue FRONT LEFT and RIGHT, and REAR LEFT and RIGHT, and the 1 is the subwoofer.
DTS: A rival surround sound format to dolby digital 5.1. Usually,DTS soundtracks sound slightly better than the DD5.1, but there are currently very few DTS dvds available in britain.
PAN & SCAN: Is unlike letterbox, pan and scan does not squeeze the entire picture into view, as it takes the aspect ratio of the film, ie 1.85:1 and displays the full height of the movie without reducing the size.Although youre spared the unsightly borders, it unfortunately cuts off part of the image as the screen is not large enough to display all the width.The result is usually the loss of key visual elements from the film, so its best to steer clear of pan & scan, as no good can come from it.
DVD: Digital versatile disc, its most commonly associated with movies, but variants include DVD AUDIO for music, DVD ROM for computers, and the three upcoming and currently incompatible with each other - recordable formats, DVD - RW, DVD - RAM and DVD + RW.
REGION CODING: A lock out system created by the Hollywood studios to prevent people in one country watching films from another. The system was designed to protect the studios international profits, but has proven unpopular with consumers. Many players have secret hacks programmed in that allows them to play discs from other regions, and those that dont can be chipped - fitted with a special chip that disables the region coding.

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