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Mc 2 reassurance (c)

Dear moma, this is for you, stay happy, we love you.

Cos moma you aint got a thing to fear, no matter what your familys here, to watch over you and stand by your side, to be tgere with you when you fly so high.
Verse one
Even though nothings going your way, dont never stop dont go back today, all you need is will power and friends, dont try to talk cos you wont make amends, dont feel alone moma your familys here, well try our best you wont cry a single tear, cos we love you mom and you know we do, whatever happens were all here for you, no matter what we will all stick together helping each other staying close forever, we will all be there incase you fall, to take care of you and help you stand tall, but whenever you feel
That you cant go on take a break from reality and look back on this song, sit back in your room and watch the world go by, thinking for a minute and you will know why, why, why everything has to be this way, why, why everything is better today, when everything is set up and sweet, when youve got all your shit and youve found your feet, when things are fine and life is great, youll realize theres no one for us to hate, but incase these words are not the truth, i will stop writing and come up with some proof
And try and help to make everything right, give you something to look at through your sight, we try our best to shorten this height, just so you can sleep at night.
Chorus x2
Verse two
Member in that house singing the same old song, what do i do when things go oh so wrong, but never mind that cos its all hn the past with hope in the future coming up so fast, maybe not yet can people see what im sayin, but im hoping that if �� keep on prayin, some good will come of it in the end and no more rules will we have to bend, cos i know your tired and sick of it all, but in the end we can stand so tall, so so tall taller then a cloud, and then for once you will be proud, of everything that we have
Accomplished, and no more will we have to be punished, we gonna take this pain and drive it away, and then happiness will be here to stay, it will stay with us and never leave our side, then nothing will take away our pride, but nothing will nothing can touch us now, if you dont believe me i will show you how, the pain may be hard and yet you still have to struggle, it will be worth it in the end with no fear or no trouble, the love for you that we feel each day, will never end or ever go away, youll be in
our hearts till our dieing day but the memory of you will always stay.

Chorus x2

Verse three.

Although i may often make things hard, i hope all my shit hasnt left you scarred, but moma you have to understand, come over here and take my hand, we will all show you the way each and every single day, aint no need to run aint no need to scurry we aint in a rush we aint in a hurry, but whatever goes on inside ur head jus take notice of all ive said, cos in the end its for the best so you can shine better then
The rest, cos ynu deserve it better then anyone, this track is better then ive ever done, cos its from the heart from me to you, for your birthday its all i can do, but im hoping these lyrics will be enough, so you know i never meant to make life tough, if i did all i can say is sorry,try damn hard not to make you worry, nothing that i ever may do was ever meant to hurt you, but if i did then im sorry im chokin please listen to the wordz ive written and spoken, im nearin the end its my final page, you
speak words of wisdom as you cme of age, know a lot indeed you do but know this WE LOVE YOU.

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