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04. Aya Sylte's

Source : Special to
My name is Aya Sylte. I am 14 years old. Born and raised in Wisconsin, USA. All my life I have been not religious at all. I believed in God. But I never in my life believed that Issa (Jesus) (pbuh) was the son of God. No, never. In school , although elementary I was a bad student and always got into trouble. Then all of a sudden around in September of the year 2003 , Ii just started to know what Islam was. I never heard of it before. In December of the year 2003, I got on the net one day and ran into a person on the net. I asked his a/s/l (age, sex, location) and he said: " 22,male, Qatar". I asked for his name , and for his name he said " Abid Khan" . He is a Pakistani origin, moved to Qatar. I talked to him , and I told him I had a big problem with my behavior and personal problems. He volunteered to help. So he helped me though my problems, and at the same time while doing that he told me of Islam. I got so interested into what he was saying and explaining of Islam that I promised him that I will go to the library and read of Islam. So I did. I compared what he said of Islam to the information in the books, and they matched. So I started to believe everything he said.
I studied Islam for two months, from Januaray 2004 to March 2004. I met lots of Muslims on the net during the months of December 2003 to March 2004. And they talked to me of Islam. I got hold of this one Muslim Brother , his name is Khalid Sarwar, from Chicago , Illinois, USA. I called him on the phone on the date March 20,2004. We talked for a while then he said I should take Shahadah before I go to the masjid. So I said "ok". He said "One minute let me call my friend, for he shall be the witness; the witness was Brother Amjid". I was so excited while saying the Shahadah that my whole body was shaking. I got congratulated at the end. For becoming a new Muslim. So my official date on becoming a Muslim is : March 20, 2004. And to this day I still learn of Islam an d I'll never stop learning. I been told that now I am the youngest convert that one the brothers ever knew. And I have lots of knowledge of Islam for my age 14. They were shocked on how much I knew. That is my story of becoming new Muslim. My mum's on the hand. I talked to my mum about Islam , and wouldn't stop talking to her about it. Then finally on the same date as me: March 20,2004 she embraced Islam. She took Shahadah at the masjid. I truly to this day don't know why she embraced. One thing before I go, is that to this day at my school and outside I get lots of harassment here, in a non-Islamic environment. More from my family (grandma, aunts, uncles, etc.), and my brothers. They all don't approve of my religion. But to this this I say: ALHAMDULILLAH, and thank ALLAH for making me Muslim, AMEEN.
May ALLAH bless your heart. May ALLAH bless you and your family, AMEEN.

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