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39. Tiffany L. Williams'

Source : Special to
It started on September 11,2001. I was in class when my fellow class mate ran in asking,if we heard the news,so we turned on the t.v. and saw where one of the planes hit the world trade tower. At, first we thought that it was a freak accident, we just figured that a pilot went to sleep or lost control of the plane. But, then it happened we saw the 2nd plan hit the second tower, which left us very bewildered. We didn't know what was happening after that, but I have never cried like that day in mylife. We were all crying, it was upsetting to see people dying the way they died for nothing,it really hurt us. There was a few students who knew some people that were going to be there that day and they were so worried that they left school, to be home with their families. I was still confused and didn't know why it happened. But,later that night I saw were they had said that we were under attack by terrorist. I didn't understand why they hated us so much to the point that they did not only kill themselves, but others in the process. I had friends who were muslims, so I asked them why do muslim hate us, and why were they on t.v. cheering and celebrating what happened to us on that terrible day. They had explained to me that not all muslims were like that, they said that Islam is a peaceful religion,and that those terroists were radicals who know nothing about the true religion.
After that I decided to understand the muslim people and Islam, while others were trying to hate them and hurt them for what a few bad ones did. But, I always thought that you must treat people as individuals not as a whole, so that's what I did. I decided not to treat them as a whole, but as individuals. So, during my research, I went on-line to different islamic chat rooms to get more understanding about the religion. I was taught growing up that muslims worshipped a different God, because others thought that Allah was an idol god that muslims worshipped instead of the only one God. So, as I started to do my research, my first question when I went in the chat room was who is Allah. That's when I met this wonderful person by the name: Soften. He had explained to me that Allah is arabic for God. He also told me that they (Muslims), believe in only one God, the creator of the universe. I was so suprised how eager the people in the room were. They were so happy to explain to me their religion, I felt really comfortable and pleased with what they were teaching me. But, they all wanted "Soften" to help me, because he I guess was a little bit wiser as far as explaining it to me. After that wonderful lesson, that he taught me about Islam, he even asked if he could have my e-mail, so that he could help me understand it more. But, after that I continued my research and each day I found out something even more beautiful about Islam. It was so easy for me to understand. I started to feel kind of bad though, I was born a Christian and I was taught that there is only one God, but I was also taught about Jesus being the son of God. And by me learning that Muslims didn't consider Jesus the son of God ,but a prophet I felt that I would be turning my back on him as well. Then I was told about the prophet Muhammed .Which in the beginning I never understood who he was or the role he played in the Islam religion, so after finding out that he was the last prophet after Jesus I still didn't feel comfortable about it, to me I thought that it would be a problem for me to understand that. So, once more I asked more and more questions about the prophet Muhammed and was told from new Muslim friends about the role he played in the religion. Once I started to really understand it and the role he played, it made me feel better about the choice I was going to make. But, before I started to convert to Islam I had to make sure that this is something that I really wanted to do and I needed to feel comfortable about my decision. So, I just decided to join the Islamic chat rooms each day to learn and understand more and more.
I was also recieveing e-mails from some of my new friends that I had met. Which one of them happen to be a Islamic writer, so he would e-mail things to help me understand. I also had a friend who actually mailed to me 2 Qurans in both English and Arabic texts, and ever since then I have been reading and reading the Quran religiously. I like the fact that I can understand what I am reading, it's not confusing to me or anything. I grew up in the church and sung in the choir, but I never really understood what was being taught to me, besides the fact that there is only one God and Jesus was his son, but other then that I didn't understand that nor the Bible. It was all so confusing to me, but now I am glad to say that I finally got a hold to something that I can enjoy with a lot of understanding. On October.25, 2003, the day before Ramadan I had decided that I was going to convert to Islam, at first I was afraid to tell my family, because I knew they wouldn't understand. But, just recently I told my grandmother who is a chrisitan minister, that I was a new muslim. At first she was like are you serious, but then she realized that they believe in God and that they are trying to get to the same place that everybody else want to be which is with Allah in paradise. So, I felt great knowing that my grandmother knows and accept it. But, now the only thing left for me to do is figure out a way of telling my mother about my new religion that I have learned to love and enjoy. I am so thankful to Allah for showing me the true religion, and for creating me to be curious and open minded to new things in life, and because of that he brought me to Islam and I truly love it with all my heart.

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