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Yo, I´m tryin´ to be the man of the day
Three six five a year
See the bullshit you sayin´, Skam ain´t tryin´ to hear (Fuck that!)
Bustin´ lyrics in the air
Keepin´ some up in the chamber

Yo Skam, what the fuck you doin´?

Man, I´m releasin anger!

I´m tryin´ to be the illest of the day
Three six five a year
See that bullshit you sayin´, Shady ain´t tryin´ to hear
Spittin´ lyrics in your ear
Keepin´ some up in the chamber

Aiyyo Shady what the fuck you doin´?

I´m releasin anger!

Man I´m tired of bein´ tired, everytime I wake up
Tired of these fake ducks, tired of bein´ late for the bus
Tired of all be blendin´, and endin´ up datin sluts
So my facial expression stay stuck up, and shut the fuck up!
To the pity ass rappers, that ain´t shit with out make-up, wake up
Gold diggin´ bitches, the buck stops here
The road to riches is closed for repair
So if the shoe ain´t fittin, girl leave that shit alone
You aint Erykah Badu, what I look like Tyrone?
I rip your tissue out your ear
Spittin´ like I don´t care
My hair look like I ain´t come it, shit a damn near year
So I burn, zig-zag, I leave the next man with his heels up
Brain dead, and be reincarnated at a speed bump
When we done we stay hard, so you don´t land shit
Suck Skam´s dick, off of what a dead man spit
Yo that´s it, I don´t plan shit, you know how we go down
They need to slow down, and take a look who the hoe now
At every industry party, gettin´ so damn drunk
Can´t remember the lass ass you kissed, or dick you sucked
Remind me of my ex, in the street got me veck
Tryin´ to roll up on Miami, leavin´ with a broke neck
Oh shit, leathal lyric equal land mind
I be stackin´ up white rappers like im throwin´ gas signs
And I´m, buck wild exposin the plain truth
You couldn´t mess with me, fuckin´ shit up in the same room
Hey you, I don´t know you but fuck it, let me get a dollar
For this bad car, that go along with the breath
Some show the mad bomb, and steal the show like a theft
Cause in Miami, the baby jammin like three up in the chamber
(Yo Skam what the fuck you doin?)


Some people say I´m strange, I tell them ain´t shit change
I´m still the same lame asshole with a different name
Became late to the last show with a different dane
Brain ate from the last ´O´ that I snifed off caine
You know you´re spaced the fuck out like George Lucas
When your puke is turnin´ to yellowish-orange mucus
So when I grab a pencil and squeeze it between fingers
I´m not a rapper, I´m a demon who speaks English
Freak genius, too extreme for the weak and squeamish
Burn you alive till you screamin´ to be extinguished
Cause when I drop the science, motherfuckers tell me to stop the violence
Start a fire and block the hydrants
I´m just a mean person, you never seen worse than
So when Slim gets this M-16 burstin´
You gettin´ spun backwards like every word of obscene cursin
On the B-side of my first single with the clean version
Stoppin your short life while you´re still a teen virgin
Unless you get a kidney specialist and a spleen surgeon
In the best hospital possible for emergancy surgery
To try to stop the blood from your ruptured sternum iternally
I´ll take it back before we knew each other´s name
Run in a ultrasound and snatch you out your mothers frame
I´ll take it further back than that
Back to Lovers´ lane, to the night you were thought of, and
Cock-block your father´s game
I´ll plead the fifth like my jaws were muzzled
So suck my dick while I take a shit and do this crossword puzzle
And when I´m down with ten seconds left in the whole bout
I´ma throw a head-butt so hard, I´ll knock us both out


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