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*=My fAvOuRiTe sOng WorDs=*

Perfect by nature
Icons of self indulgence
Just what we all need
More lies about a worl that
Never was and never will be
Have you no shame don't you see me
You know you've got everybody fooled
Look here she comes now
Bow down and stare in wonder
Oh how we love you
No flaws when you're pretending
But now i know she
Never was and never will be
You don't know how you've betrayed me
And somehow you've got everybody fooled
Without the mask where will you hide
Can't find yourself lost in your lie
I know the truth now
I know who you are
And i don't love you anymore
It never was and never will be
You're not real and you can't save me
Somehow now you're everybody's fool.

Its like you're a drug
It's like you're a demon i can't face down
It's like i'm stuck
It's like im running from you all the time
And i know i let
You have all the power
It's like the only company i seek
Is misery all around
It's like you're a leach
Sucking the life from me
It's like i can't breathe
Without you inside of me
And i know i let you
Have all the power
And i realize im never gonna
Quit you over time
It's like i can't breathe
It's like i can't see anything
Nothing but you
I'm addicted to you
It's like i can't think
Without you interupting me
In my thoughts
In my dreams
You've taken over me
It's like i'm not me
It's like i'm lost
It's like i'm giving up slowly
It's like you're a ghost
That's haunting me
Leave me alone
And i know all these voices in
My head are mine alone
And i know i'll never change my ways
If i don't give you up now
I'm hooked on you
I need a fix,i can't take it
Just one more hit
I promise i can deal with it
I'll handle it,quit it
Just one more time
Then that's it
Just a little bit more to get me through this

Beautiful dawn-lights up the shore for me
There is nothing else in the world
I'd rather wake up and see(with you)
Beautiful dawn-i'm just chasing time again
Thought i would die a lonely man,in endless night
But now i'm high;running wild among
Among all the stars above
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me
Beautiful dawn-melt with the stars again
Do you remember the day when my journey began
Will you remember the end(of time)
Beautiful dawn-you're just blowing my mind again
Thought i was born to endless night,until you shine
High;running wild among all the stars above
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me
Will you be my shoulder when i'm grey and older
Promise me tomorrow starts with you
Getting high;running wild among all the stars above
Sometimes it's hard to believe you remember me

My skin is like a map
Of where my heart has been
And i can't hide the marks
But it's not a negative thing
So i let down my gaurd
Drop my defenses down by my clothes
I'm learning to fall
With no safety net to cushion the blow
I bruise easily
So be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave
Like a love heart carved on a tree
I bruise easily
Can't scratch the surface
Without moving me underneath
I bruise easily
I found your fingerprints
On a glass of wine
Do you know you're leaving them
All over this heart of mine too
But if i never take this leap of faith
I'll never know
So i'm learning to fall
With no safety net to cushion the blow
Anyone who can touch yo
Can hurt you or heal you
Anyoe who can reach you
Can love you or leave you

Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time i've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there
Watching me wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you loving you
I won't let you pull me down
Hunting you i can smell you-alive
Your heart pounding in my head
Watching me wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Saving me raping me
Watching me

Ive been looking for the girl that i once knew
The girl with nothing to lose
Right before she met you
I've been telling her everything that
I've learned since then
Never gonne make them
Same mistakes again...and baby
You know,and i know
You held on
I let go
Now is the times to move on
Let tomorrow be a new day
I'll be running from the heartache
And i won't be there no no
I won't be there no no
As the months turn into new years
Won't be crying any new tears
Hear me say oh no no never ever
Oh no baby
I won't be there no no
I won't be there...
Looking back i remember when i
Used to sit and cry
Everyday,all night
I'm telling you everything that you know has changed
I'll be turning a new page
All the memories erased...
I won't be having bad dreams
Won't be having regrets
Tearing at the seams
They're the things i will forget
Baby when tomorrow comes
You're gonna be the only one
If you'd loved,if you'd have cared
Then babe i would be there...

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