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Folk Wisdom


*) The Wisdom of Folk Memory (*

Sadly, the knowledge to use this magic, once handed down through the genarations by the women, has reduced in the past hundred years, because with increased urbanisation many of us have lost regular conection with the countryside where these energies are easily tapped

Folk magic is based on the natural world, there is a great deal of ritual knowledge that has attached itself to particular plants and trees. The oak tree and rosemary, for example, hold the cumulative energies of the men and women from different lands and ages who have danced oak groves or made rosemary sachets to attract new love. Each plant has its own symbolism that can be used to galvanise and direct our own psychokinetic energies to bring love, abundance, success, health and harmony into our lives.

(see herbs and spices on main page for a detailed description of their properties)

Dried herbs can be placed in smal purses or sachets made by tying or sewing up a rectangle of cloth. The herbs can be empowered to amplify their specific powers. One way this is done is to crush them in a mortar and pestle, while chanting with increasing speed and intensity the purpose for which the herbs will be used.

* You can use fresh or dried culinary herbs in food and teas. In this way you will absorb the magic in an age-old tradition.

* Empower pots or bunches of fresh herbs by placing them on a table in front of a lighted candle of the appropriate colour until it has burned down.

* Strained infusions can be added to a bath to give confidence, increase inner radiance, bring personal harmony or give courage, depending on the herb used.


Delicate leaves and blossoms are best infused to prevent their healing powers from being destroyed. It is important to chant over them as you stir as previously described for sachets. You can use herbal teas or tea bags.

You can make an infusion to focus specific energies in a cup, teapot or jug according to the amount of liquid you will need.

* To make an infusion place one teaspoon of dried herbs or tree teaspoons of fresh herbs in a cup and pour on boiling water. Cover with a saucer and alow to stand for five to ten minutes without stirring, then strain.

* For enough to add to water to wash a floor for example, use 30 grams (1 ounce) of the plant or substance to 600 milimeters (1 pint) of water.

* stir the infusion, chanting to empower the herbs.

* Let the solution stand for five to 10 minutes, stiring occasionaly.

* After this time has elapsed, strain the infusion and use the liquid. Bury the herbs, if this is not possible, put them in a biodegradable bag and dispose of them

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