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dwarfdoor - Comics/Fantasy/Anime



*) Dwarves (*

"It was told that in their beginning the Dwarves were made by Aulë in the darkness of Middle-Earth;
He wrought in secret: and made first the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves in a hall under the mountains in Middle-Earth.
- The Silmarillion,
J.R.R. Tokien

Dwarves have wizened faces, skin like parchment, bushy beards and their expression may be jovial or scowling. At the end of a hard day's work, they are not averse to a pint of beer and a good pipe.

According to the Edda tales of old Norse mythology, the dwarf people lived in the deep, underground kingdoms of Niflheim, "Land of Mists," and Svartalfaheim, home of the goblins.

Dwarves are reclusive and rather grumpy by nature and, although they keep out of sight as much as possible, they may sometimes be glimpsed on the borders of woods, creeping trough the undergrowth, crossing deserted moores or disappearing into cracks in the rocks.

They are equally sensitive to cold and intense heat and much prefer the temperate environment of their subterranean world, sheltered from the extremes of weather they call "the world outside" where they only venture in autumn to gather their annual supplies of mushrooms, walnuts and chesnuts.

Whether good or bad, all dwarves posses magical powers. They are hard-working and the masters of the soil and subsoil, supervising the germination of plants, excavating tunnels in search of minerals, watching over deposits of precious stones and guarding buried treasure.

They are painfully over-sensitive and any offence - such as mocking their diminutive size - will surely meet with retribution. But provided you know how to handle them and coax them with gifts and flattery, then they can be steadfast allies.


Dwarves are master goldsmiths, capable of producing exquisite jewelery that no human artisan, however gifted, could ever rival. They are also formidable blacksmiths whose swords are so strong and light that they render the bearer invincible.

The fabulous Durandal was a sword so robust it could split the mountain in two without shattering. It was forged for the hero Roland by a dwarf called Wieland (or Geland) assisted by other dwarves from the mountain Kallowa.

Other legendary swords made by dwarves were the Doolen of Mayence and especially the infamous sword Dainsleif that "shall be a man's bane every time it is drawn; and its stroke never strays from the target, and the wound dealt by it never heals"

(from The Saga of King Heindrek the Wise, translated by by Christopher Tolkien, 1960)


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