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spirit - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

Strange Ladies


*) Strange Ladies (*

The white lady is usualy a good spirit that helps travelers and lonely shepherds that are lost in the woods find their way.

White ladies are regarded as resident spirits that haunt the places where they lived and died, sometimes in tragic circumstances.

They are usualy dressed in white and more rarely in green, red or black when they come as harbingers of misfortune, like the Lady of the Lamenting Heather of Lüneburg (the klage Weib) that visits humans to warne them of impending death. Ladies wearing black gloves bring ominous tidings while those wearing white gloves come with tidings of joy.

Still today in Germany there is a white lady known as Bertha that appears at the birth of crown princes to protect them with blessings. She is closely related to Holda, Queen of the Woods who bathes under the noon sun while combing her long hair, and to Ostera, to whom it wass customary to offer lilies of the valley.

~ Le Folklore de la mer
Paul Sebillot (1843 - 1918)

"Often at sunset of sunrise, strands of whitish, bluish, pinkish, greenish vapor may be seen to emanate from the grotto of the Faery of the Bec Dupuy, near Dinan, in Brittany, rising and falling, thickening and then finally dissipating to reveal a woman of devine beauty.
She is known locally as the Faery or Lady of Le Puy and wanders along the shores dressed in clothes that shine with all the colours of the rainbow. Sometimes she sits on the grass on the cliffs or flies as a bird over the grassy moorlands.

She speaks to no one and flees at the sight of man. Today she languishes among the rocks, lamenting her lost powers. For once her voice was enough to calm the raging winds and soothe the violent storm.

Every morning, fishermen preparing for a day at sea would leave offerings for her on the shore and she would grant them favorable winds and plentiful catches. The women, sisters, lovers and daughters of absent men would lay garlands at the entrance to the Lady's grotto, which was guarded by a pack of invisible barking dogs ready to devour anyone foolish enough to enter.

But now that people have stopped worshipping idols, the Lady is seldom to be seen. Her rare apearances today bode ill, and the shore is often strewn with the bloody reminders she has left in her wake. Her last appearance was to tell a shepherdess that her lover had drowned swimming the mouth of the River Rance on his way to see her and she too would die.

Since the clergy in Saint-Suliac exorcised the Lady from her grotto, she may occasionally be seen wondering on moonlit nights. But she flees as soon as anyone approaches and all her powers have deserted her."

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