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bold girl - Woman Indian



A girl standing in front of an unknown boy,speaking very fluently ,
has an amazing power of confidence.
If she fights for justification, when something wrong has happened to some one,
makes her to feel that "she is bold".
If she beats a person when following her with some bad motto,
she gets the title of "very bold girl".
But there remains a small doubt, of these bold labeled girls .
Really bold girls mean is it to be characterless to be bold?
No , not at all. the girls who are off the morality
should not be compared with all the bold girls.
Being bold does not mean that she is of low character.
Bold girl really means that she will come out of the shell of shyness
but never leave their moral way.
It is a very common thing that many girls prefer to live in the shell,
do not talk much, will not usually mingle with all,they remain of their own
and they will talk to girls of the similar mentality.
They fear a little to talk to boys, even when the boys start talking ,
they reply with fear.
But the girls who surpass all these limits
may termed bold but with character and morality .
Then who is bold?? Boldness is in mind.
when a girl start asking the meaning of culture,
they can be said that they are bold.
On the day of "MANGALAGAURI" , if a girl wears a saree means ,
we can not say that she is not bold.
It is of her thinking and idea makes her a bold girl
not by her dressing and wearings.
Usually if a girl is bold, many doubt of her character.
Even if a girl is too soft, then also people comment about her..
even if some girl weeps every time she whenever speaks,
then also people will label her . Being soft is not fault.
But being in the shell and for everything she should not be dependent
on others, makes her personality weak.
It is not fault of her, to put forth her strong argument with soft words.
this shows her boldness.
Even girls coming forward and making friendship with boys by telling of them,
is also a mark of boldness.
Being bold is not wrong.
It is very much required for a girl to be bold
and feel their self existence in this modern age.
Else girls have to be behind the doors
keeping their existance with in four walls.
The bold girls are attractive compared to the girls keep shy and away from all. .....
(..written in kannada by n. k suprabha and translated by ramesh.g.)
How a girl to be bold?
You have to develop thinking of your own.
Hence start developing good thoughts.
You have to ...
...thinking without any hinderence in a clear cut way.
Keeping away the fear is the first and the foremost step to be bold.
Speak audibly and clearly. when speaking,
your body language should tell that you are to your words
and speak with an eye to eye contact.
You get the correct meaning of the one who talks to you
and then reply in coherent way.
you stick on to your views and put forth your argument
with soft words but in a strong way.
The person who is hearing feel your confidence.
Do not hesitate to make decisions.
Express your feelings and your personality , through eyes.
Eyes should exress your self-confidence.
The best way to express your boldness is to do the work,
which others should not have expected of you.(only good things....)
Do not think much of those who envy you. Neglect them.
You act as per your mind and your wisdom.
You always believe in yourself.
When you have to move with serious matter,
take a deep breath and put forth your views.
Take care of your character in the process of being bold.
You have to develop your personality.
No one can help you to do it.
By copying others , you can not be that person.
It is of the common thinking that
girls to respect much more to elders and men.
and expect that to do the things as per their parents expectation.
But boldness is quite different.
Boldness is to put forth her own thinking before all ,
without any hesitation.If a girl is in a high position
or power in the society, she should be able to decide of her own wisdom ,
without any others ideas, is also shows boldness.
For a girl,in the modern world it is very much required to be bold.

(¯`°*`.)(.·мυšτ νίšίτ·.)(.´*°´¯)

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