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BBW Girl

Hi readers! Zeenat here from Bangladesh but educated in USA. First, a little information about myself: I'm a twenty-seven year old female, unmarried, short and chubby with long black hair and a fair complexion. Other details are my 34D bust, 38 panty size, pierced nose, thick puffy slit, sultry looks and a loose pussy after my experiences with Bob. Shortly after earning my accounting degree, I was fortunate to find a job which required a lot of traveling around the globe. Last year I traveled to Florida with a coworker to audit a client. Bob is an African American in his 40s, bald and married. One evening we chilled at our hotel bar where we met for appetizers and started drinking. We had discussions on various topics, and during that time I noticed on many instances that Bob glanced at my cleavage, visible due to my low cut blouse. He mentioned about his wife being pregnant and inquired about my personal relationship with guys etc. I told him it's tough for a lady like me to have a steady because I travel so much.

My panties were becoming soaking wet because alcohol always makes me horny, so I had to pardon myself and go to my room. As I entered the room, I started stripping and took off my blouse and skirt; now I was wearing just a black thong and bra. I opened my luggage to find my faithful dildo which I'd named Raj. He accompanies me all time, stays hard and ejaculates when I need to feel his cum. I had got into bed and started chatting online with my Indian lover when I heard a gentle knock at the door. Feeling aroused, I hurriedly looked for a short robe which exposed my thighs. I opened the door. It was Bob. A client had called him about some files which I had in my bag. I let him in and he started looking for the files he wanted. As Bob was sifting through the pile, he stopped when he saw the dildo on bedside table.

He held it in his hand and commented that this model wasn't big enough in size. I told him that this one travels with me and I didn't think I could take a bigger size. He told me it had been a while since he had sex since his wife was pregnant. While saying that, he guided my hand to his crotch and I felt his monster snake in his trousers. He kneeled on floor and moved aside my panties. Now my shaved puffy pussy was exposed. Bob French kissed my pussy lips and slipped his tongue between my slit. He suggested I should sleep over in his room because his wife calls him on the room phone to make certain he's not cheating on her. I followed him to his room in my robe, and as we entered he disrobed me and caressed my body. I was his first desi * girl and he caressed my thighs and squeezed my ass. Then he undressed himself down to his boxers and sat on the bed side. Kneeling between his legs, I unbuttoned his boxers and found the darkest, thickest veined cock with purple head. I squeezed his fat cock and a glob of pre cum started oozing from its tip. I tasted his salty gooey pre cum and licked his entire cock, then I took his cock head in my month and started sucking him up and down.

Suddenly the room phone rang. He picked up and started talking with his wife. I stopped sucking but he motioned me to continue. As a slut I was giving him a blow job while he talked with wife for few minutes. After he hung up the phone, he suggested I should get naked because he wanted to taste my thick-lipped puffy pussy. I unhooked my bra and pulled down my panties. The aroma of my wet pussy was spreading in his room which turned him on more. I sat on his lap so he could suck on my perky nipples while I massaged his cock which was so big it wasn't fitting in my fist. While sucking on my nipples, with his other hand he caressed my thighs and started to finger my pussy. His fingers were very thick and rough, and I was squirming over his touch. Soon we got into a 69 position with me on top. Bob was licking and tongue fucking my pussy while I sucked his cock. I kept grinding my pussy over his long tongue while he kept darting it in my hole.

All this made me hornier, so I got off him and held him as I started to sit on his fat ugly cock. I kept pressuring my pussy over his cock head which I was able to take in after a couple of minutes. My opening was stretched as I felt the head slide in my hole. Holding my tits with both hands I kept taking in more and more of this cock and started fucking him. Bob was moaning as loudly as I was because my pussy was too tight for him; my pussy lips were tightly wrapped around his cock. We fucked for good few minutes in this position. Bob ordered me to bend over doggie style and warned that I'd better hold onto the bed headboard. I bent over, sticking out my juicy ass with our mingled precum running down my thighs. He rubbed his cock on my slit and throbbing clit then entered my pussy from behind. I was in pain but also in pleasure. His cock was deeply plunging deeply in and out of my pussy with a lot of squishy noises due to my pussy being so juicy, while my tits were swaying in all directions.

Bob was pulling my hair as he kept spanking my butt which is bouncy. He started calling me dirty names like fat ****** slut and told me that the first day he noticed me at the office he decided to fuck my brains out. I was shocked, but the pleasure was unbelievable. Again the phone rang. He covered my mouth with his hand and started talking with his wife while was cock deeply buried in pussy. I started to move on his cock, which he enjoyed, and after Bob hung up the phone he laughed. "Oh, you fat bitch. You really love fucking black cock!" He ordered me to fuck his cock hard. I fucked him for twenty minutes when he pulled out his cock out of my pussy and asked me where I wanted him to unload his jizz. I picked up a nearby glass, pointed his cock into it and slowly massaged while he shot loads of thick white gooey cum in the glass. I lay next to him and took a small sip from the glass to taste his cum. It tasted delicious to I went ahead, drank it all down and slept next to my new lover.We had many wonderful, memorable adventures during that trip which I will post soon. Please provide your feedback of how I can improve for my next posts.

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