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23 FEB - 23 MARCH

AQUARIUS= 21 Jan - 19 feb. PISCES= 20 Feb - 20 march. ARIES= 21 March - 20 april. TAURUS= 21 April - 21 may. GEMINI= 22 May - 21 june. CANCER= 22 June - 23 july. LEO= 24 July - 23 aug. VIRGO= 24 Aug - 23 sep. LIBRA= 24 sep - 23 oct. SCOR= 24 Oct - 22 Nov. SAGITTARIUS= 23 Nov - 21 dec. CAPRICORN= 22 Dec - 20 jan.
U: Plan tingz dnt ova do work!
IF UR SINGLE: Brown eyes r lucky 4 u
IF UR D8ING: Prove u luv em. sort out friction on 13th March
LUCKY DAYS: U meet a old m8 on 17th or memories of past cum back
GENERAL: U feel let down. anxious wid anxiety. b careful not care free.
U: U mite b independant dnt b disrespectful. vengance is on itz way
IF UR SINGLE: Take it ez & get 2 no da person 1st. dnt rush. go wid da flo
IF UR D8ING: Dnt get emotional ova ur ex. dey can use u agen & dnt let dat hapen.
LUCKY DAYS: 5th & 8th March ur havin a gud day.
GENERAL: Keep an eye on ur so called ´m8´
U: Focus on dreams & u´ll reach ur goals. trust, yea!
IF UR SINGLE: U got a admirer u no v.well! it mite b a v.close m8. u neva thought of dat person in dat way, until now. go 4 it!
IF UR D8ING: Dnt let go of ur luva.
LUCKY DAYS: Get healthy on 6th.
GENERAL: U r a caring person so dnt let pps get u down!
U: Dnt b shy & make a move. dnt make big promises u wnt keep.
IF UR SINLE: Make a risk & ask em out.
IF UR D8ING: All romances go thru a bad patch but make a effort 2 deal wiv ur problems. sort it out unless u want friction.
LUCKY DAYS: 12th March iz a day 2 relax.
GENERAL: It takes time 2 make pps listen 2 u. dnt giv up
U: Pps r bein stubborn. so r u. but it cud b worth listenin 2 em.
IF UR SINGLE: Da more u expect da more u get so chat up da fit guy or tik gal u like!
IF UR D8ING: Dnt rush in2 dumping ur bf/gf. u may regret it & dnt listen 2 othas.
U: Get organised but b H-A-P-P-Y
IF UR SINGLE: U mite neva get askd out or u got dumped or knocked back. mayb ur jus not ready 4 a relationship, but 9th March is perfect 4 match makin & luv iz in da air!
IF UR D8ING: B honest dis month 2 ur lova.
LUCK DAYS: If u need 2 find a job, 8th March iz a gud day.
GENERAL: U got a fantastic idea so speak up
U: U got a fun month ahead. enjoy & P A R T A Y!
IF UR SINGLE: Ur a luv magnet. make ur pick soon. dnt hang bout & flirt! time 2 pick....
IF UR D8ING: U find it difficult 2 get thru 2 ur bf/gf. keep on @ em. u´ll get der in da end.
LUCKY DAYS: Perfect day 2 chill on ne sunday dis month. get ready 4 excitement on 27th feb +
GENERAL: Ur dreamy & creative, so use it dnt loose it!
U: Dnt dwell on da past & look @ da future.
IF UR SINGLE: 20th March is ur lucky day. da gal/guy of ur dreams cud b here!
IF UR D8ING: It mite not work out so spend time wiv some1 new.
LUCKY DAYS: 16th March ur in a romantic mood. u mite find dat person dat iz ur soul-m8.
GENERAL: Bware of dat person u had a grudge against. dey cud b bad news & ur doubts can b rite.
U: Some1 hasseles u. ignore it!
IF UR SINGLE: A fone call will giv u a sign.
IF UR D8ING: Stand by ur bf/gf on 7th March. dey need u.
LUCKY DAYS: March 6th u shud b active.
GENERAL: Time 2 party on 23rd March. give a m8 space.
U: U gota make changes & find ur tru talents.
IF UR SINGLE: A m8 will match make 4 u!
IF UR D8ING: U need 2 b commited 2 ur relation ship. u dnt wana get dumped!
LUCKY DAYS: March 1st ur useful & honest!
GENERAL: Have faith in dat person. u mite not trust/blieve em but 18th March it will b cum clear!
U: Wat r u tryin 2 achieve? dnt b distracted. u can deal wiv tingz dat go rong.
IF UR SINGLE: U & ur crush r opposites. u do like 1 anotha. so go 4 it!
IF UR D8ING: A exciting new romance iz cumin. time 2 choose!
LUCKY DAYS: Feb 26. time 2 gossip & chill.
GENERAL: Luck & love is heading ur way on March 8th.
U: Feel unsettled but u feel moody 2.
IF UR SINGLE: Dnt get a bf/gf coz ur bored!
IF UR D8ING: Tel ur guy/gal da 2rf. dnt b ignored. riskin a argument is beta than bein ignored.
LUCKY DAYS: Feb 27th. time 2 party & snog! u have most fun dis day as its a chilled day.
GENERAL: Use ur imagination on 12th March. use ur energy & enthusiasm.

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