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gisele bbundche - Woman

Shobha coming over sat next to him, her thighs touching his. Rahul was delighted to have her sit next to him and after some time to attract her attention, he started to scratch his head. This made Shobha lean forward to enquire about his problem. Rahul on seeing her falling prey to his plan said 'Mom this problem is too much.' Shobha could do nothing as she did not understand the ABC of mathematics. She moved closer to him and putting her hand over his head and pulling his face to her cheeks she hugged him. This was what Rahul was hoping for. As his mother pulled him up, he nuzzled his cheeks deeper to hers and putting a hand across her shoulders he started playing with her loose hair. Shobha was thrilled to see her son nuzzling closer and playing with her hair. She then turned her face and brushing her lips on his cheeks said 'try again, you will succeed.' 'If you hold me like this, I will try,' he replied. Hearing those words Shobha put her hand over his shoulders and drawing him closer and hugging him said 'Yes. I am here, try again.' Rahul on being hugged by his mother was exalted. He went back to his math and in trying out the sum, many a times he either dug his elbow or brushed his hand over his mother's thighs. Shobha felt the pressure of his elbow over her thighs but as she saw him engrossed in the sum, she let it pass. Rahul could not continue feeling his mother's thighs for a long time without raising suspicion. After a lapse of five minutes he let out a gasp and saying he had worked out the problem he turned his face to his mother's and kissed her cheeks, thanking her. Shobha was pleased to see her son get through the difficult sum and in a way of reciprocating his actions; she held his head firmly and planted a deep kiss on his cheeks. 'Thanks Mom,' yelled Rahul on being kissed hard on his cheeks and holding the kissed part of his cheek he looked up at her. Shobha seeing Rahul looking up at her said 'Happy.' 'Yes Mom, please stay by my side till my exams are over,' he said. 'Why?' questioned Shobha a little mischievously? 'Because you are a source of inspiration,' he said patting her cheeks. Shobha was exalted to have felt him patting her cheeks and if she had not stopped from saying out loud she would have said 'inspiration for what?' She did not say so and as Rahul had completed his work, he got up. Shobha kissed him a motherly goodnight before leaving him. After her departure Rahul lay awake for sometime visualizing the events of the day and when sleep took over him he dreamt of his mother. It was no different with his mother. Today after a lapse of some years she felt light at heart. Her body was singing new tunes and this made her sleep at ease.

16 of 36 in hot story: THE EXAMINATION: PART I

08. Mar 2010 08:10:26 EST
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