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cfa b fffc a a b b d mediumres - Woman Western

'You said you would wear some new dress' he replied. 'I am wearing a new sari' she said. 'No, not that' he said. 'Then what' she whispered? 'Something like the singer wore' he replied. So he had not forgotten it thought Shobha. She did not know how to reply back to him and said 'that, I will do when I feel like.' 'Why not today' he asked her moving closer. 'Because I don't have any' she replied. 'I know you have' he said putting his arm over her shoulder. 'What do I have you know of' she asked him? 'You have costumes like the singer wore.' He said pulling her closer. 'Have you seen any' she asked him? 'I have seen it' he lied. This was shocking to her. She sat thinking when he had been to her room and looked in her cupboard. The thought of her son searching through her intimate dresses made warm sensations creep up her body and to stall him she said 'You were not supposed to peek at your mother's cupboard. You should know it.' Hearing it Rahul said 'I did not do it Mama, I lied to you' he said. 'You liar, you had me worried for some time' she said brushing his hair. 'Then you agree you have some' he said. 'What?' 'Some scintillating dresses' he spoke in her ears. 'So what if I have' said his mother teasing him. 'Why don't you wear them' he spoke in a low voice. 'Why' she asked in the same tone? 'I would like to see how you look in them' he said. 'And' 'And compare you to the singer' he replied. 'What do you want to compare, my dress or what' she asked? 'Leave that to me, I will tell you later' he said. 'Rahul you are too bad' saying this, his mother got up and left him. As his mother left him, Rahul cleared some space by pushing the furniture aside and set up the sofa to one corner and switched off unwanted lights. His mother took fifteen minutes to change and when she stepped into her son's vision he sat gaping at her scintillating figure. Seeing her son gape at her she moved to the darkest corner of the room and did not make a move till Rahul signaled her to come close. On seeing his mother shaking her head Rahul got up and moved towards her. The first thing his mother saw was Rahul's eyes, which were riveted on her body almost popping out of their sockets. His gaze was so intense, she felt as if could see her body through her dress. She felt as if she was standing naked in front of him. Coming closer to his mother Rahul extended his hand and without any hesitation she moved her hand forward to be held by his. As Rahul took her delicate soft hand in his, he dragged his mother until she came under the dim light. As his mother came under the light, Rahul eyes devoured every nook and corner of his mother's body. The light colored sari which she had worn could do nothing to shield her curvaceous body. Rahul's eyes feasted upon her swollen mounds of breasts to the plump waist of hers and going down he could even see panties she had worn between the frills of her sari. Rahul did not stop there. He moved behind her and when he saw her back which was almost naked, but for a strip of cloth acting as her blouse his gaped at it. And when his eyes where focused on her buttocks he could not take them away from it. Shobha on feeling his gaze at her exposed features was shuddering in delight. A current passed through her body and engulfed it. She could feel his eyes penetrating deep through her dress and as her son continued staring at her she could not stop from saying 'what's so engrossing.' 'You have the most fascinating back' replied her son. 'Which part' asked his mother getting excited? 'Your buttocks' replied Rahul. Shobha's body convulsed on hearing her son utters the word 'buttocks.' She slowly turned and facing him said 'now that your wish is fulfilled can I go.' 'I have yet to compare your charms with the singer' said Rahul putting his hands on her shoulders. 'Can you not do it from what your eyes have seen so far' asked his mother?

31 of 36 in hot story: THE EXAMINATION: PART I

24. Aug 2010 10:35:37 EDT
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