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'No, they just had a glimpse and it is not relayed to my mind' replied her son. 'How long will it take it to be relayed' asked his mother stepping closer. 'May be an hour' replied Rahul pushing the top of her sari to fall from her shoulders. 'Is it necessary to do what you did just now' she asked. 'What did I do' said Rahul sliding the sari away from her chest. 'You are pulling my sari away from the body' she said nibbling his ear. 'The singer had her chest uncovered' replied Rahul bringing his hand down and caressing the top of her breasts. 'She was also not wearing much of a skirt. Do you intend to pull out my sari' she asked pressing her cheeks on his. 'Only after having a look at your breasts' he replied. 'But the singers breasts were not exposed' she said. 'With you it is different' he said as his fingers slid down to unhook her blouse. 'How different is it' she asked? 'She was untouchable while you are not' he replied after unhooking her blouse. 'If she had allowed you would you have touched her body' she asked biting his ear. 'Maybe, but if I had to decide between you two, I would have preferred yours' he said as he slowly pushed her blouse away from her body. 'Why? What's the difference between the two of us' she said looking straight in his eyes. 'You are the most voluptuous woman I have ever seen and she stands no comparison' he replied putting a finger to her lips. 'Now that the comparison is over, can I go' she said biting his finger? 'I have not seen what my eyes are hungry for' he replied pushing his finger into her mouth. 'And what is that your eyes are so hungry about' she asked sucking his finger into her mouth. 'They want to feast on your naked breasts' he replied. Shobha on hearing her son utter the word 'breasts' again felt her body convulse with passion. She knew she had wet her panties and if this continued any longer her panties were sure to be soaked. As her body was stimulated she continued the conversation and asked 'Are my breasts the only thing your eyes are interested in seeing?' The moment she had uttered these words she knew she had committed a grave mistake in the heat of her passion. Rahul too felt it that was a slip of the tongue and taking advantage of it he said 'it would be my last wish to see yours.' As he said this, his eyes were riveted on the frills of her sari covering her womanhood. Shobha saw him staring at her womanhood. Though it was well covered she felt his hot gaze penetrating her dress. She knew she had made a mistake but on the same side she tried to reason it out. When they had gone so far she did not mind taking one more step in that direction. Thankfully she had asked whether he wanted to see something else. She had not committed for anything more than it. What's wrong in showing him she thought? Seeing Rahul's eyes focused on her womanhood and to continue the conversation she asked mischievously 'what do you mean by yours.' 'I mean I want to see that part' he said looking down below her waist. 'What is there to see' she asked biting his finger hard and leaning forward. 'It is the most fascinating part a woman possesses which is also heavily guarded' he replied. 'How can you say it is heavily guarded' she asked. 'You have three layers covering it' he replied thrusting his hand down to her abdomen. 'Name them' she said as her body was burning with hot desires. Pushing his hand between the frills of her sari above her warm womanhood Rahul said 'First you have it covered by this sari, followed by your petticoat and you have your panties snuggled on it. Shobha on feeling her son pulling her sari drew closer to him and embracing him she asked 'on what are my panties snuggled on?' 'On your hot pussy' Rahul replied.

32 of 36 in hot story: THE EXAMINATION: PART I

24. Aug 2010 10:39:23 EDT
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