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k wl - Animated

This further invigorated her and drawing his body to hers she asked 'does it have any other name?' 'Yes, it is also called cunt' whispered Rahul in his mother's ears as his hand pulled her sari out of her body. Feeling the sari slide down her body his mother spoke 'so you know all the names. Where did you learn them?' She asked sliding her hands on his back and drawing his lower body to hers. On this action his mother felt her son's rock hard pecker brace her warm waist and shivering at the touch asked 'what's that which is poking at my waist?' 'It's my cock' he replied putting his hands over her back and trying to unhook her bra. 'And why is it so hard' she murmured? 'It's hard after seeing your semi nude body' he replied as his hands clasped her bra and unhooked it. 'What would happen if it sees me fully nude' she asked? 'You will see for yourself in a few moments' saying this he drew out her bra from her body. As Rahul pulled the bra from her body and pushed his mother back a little, his eyes feasted upon the magnificent mounds of his mother's breasts. His mother possessed a set of well rounded breasts with dark brown nipple jetting out from the middle. As his eyes devoured the sight of his mother's naked breasts his hands flew over them as if they were magnetized. He first cupped both her breasts in his hands which were insufficient to grasp fully and as her nipples pressed against his palms he held one of them in his fingers and squeezed them. Shobha stood still enjoying his foreplay and when she saw her son dip his face and kiss the top of her swollen breasts she wet her panties again. As she drained her cunt's juice out she felt her son bending down his head to get more access to her breasts. Seeing him in an awkward position saying 'come let me feed you' she went and sat down on the sofa. Rahul was stupefied to hear his mother's words. Disentangling from her he waited till his mother sat on the sofa and when she looked up at him he moved on to the sofa and lying down on it he rested his head on her lap. Shobha held his head in her hand and fondling his hair she asked 'does my son want to suckle his mother's breasts.' 'Yes, I am feeling hungry' replied Rahul. 'But my breasts are devoid of milk' she replied. 'When did they go dry' he asked fondling his mother's breasts? 'You dried them when you were three years old' she replied. 'Now, is there any chance of them being filled up' he asked? 'Only if I get pregnant again' she replied. 'How do you get pregnant' he asked hiding his face on her chest unable to see her face. 'As if you don't know' she replied holding his head to her breasts. 'No, I don't' saying this he brought his lips over the flesh of his mother's breasts. 'It happens when a male makes love to a female' she replied fondling his hair while his mouth was busy on her breasts. 'I have made love to you always and why are you not pregnant' he asked dipping his lips back on to his mother's nipple. 'It's not that love' she said. 'Then what is it' he asked lifting his face from her nipples and looking at his mother. 'It's a different type of love' replied his mother. 'Tell me about it' saying this he went back to suck his mother's breasts. Hearing this Shobha was once again aroused, cuddling his hair she said 'it's when a man enters a woman she gets pregnant.' 'How does a man enter a woman' asked her son. 'It's when he puts his cock in her cunt' she replied taking a deep breath. Hearing her use such words Rahul lifted his face from her breasts and looking at her said 'you mean when a man fucks her' he said. 'You devil, you know about it' she said. 'I have heard a little, but still it puzzles me' he replied. 'What have you heard about that puzzles you' she asked? 'I can't imagine how a big cock can enter the cunt' he said. 'It's a good question. Have you ever seen a cunt' she asked?

33 of 36 in hot story: THE EXAMINATION: PART I

24. Aug 2010 10:44:05 EDT
File type: GIF picture
File size: 306 kB

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