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And as Rahul moaned his mother pulled his face to hers and bringing out her tongue she slid it into his mouth and kissed him hard. This, Rahul would no longer sustain and he shot his cum which landed on his mother's chest, breasts and waist. As Shobha was kissing her son she had missed watching his cock shoot his cum and when she saw the thick cum on her body she regretted not watching it. Leaning on her son she pushed him down on the sofa and embracing him she plastered her upper body over his chest and cried out his name. Huddling in each others arms for some time when Shobha looked at her son, his eyes were still burning with passion and as she tried to get up, Rahul pulled her down over him and said 'you are not going anywhere.' 'Why? Are you not satisfied?' she asked thrusting her body over his. 'No' he replied. 'Then what was it that shot from your cock' she asked smiling and lay on top of him. 'I did not shoot by itself, but you made me do it' he said. 'I made you do it. How?' his mother asked getting thrilled. 'You jacked me with your hand' he replied. 'So' she said and waited for his reply. 'So I want to do it by myself' said he. 'How do you intend to do it' she asked naughtily? 'By denuding you' saying this he flipped his mother down on the sofa and lay upon her. 'You are a devil' said his mother getting thrilled. 'Remember you have birth to him' he replied. 'And you want to see from where you popped out' she asked in a lewd manner. 'Yes, I want to see this' he said putting a hand over her hot womanhood. Shobha's body sizzled as she felt her son's hand on her sex. She shook her body in delight. Feeling his mother's body shudder Rahul lifted his hand and placing it on her waist he pulled the cords holding her petticoat. Shobha moaned as she felt her son pulling the cords of her petticoat. Rahul slid his body down and as this gave him enough room he pushed his mother's petticoat down her legs. Shobha's heart leapt in her mouth. Only a piece of cloth lay on her body from being totally nude. Rahul was enchanted when he pulled his mother's petticoat out. He had only one more obstacle to remove before his eyes would be feasted. As he put his hand on his mother's panties his hand encountered a wet patch on them. This surprised him and feeling its wetness he looked up at his mother. Shobha closed her eyes when confronted and smiled. 'So you too have wet your panties' he said. Shobha nodded her face. 'Happy' he asked. 'I am thrilled' she replied coyly. 'How are you feeling now' he asked as he put his hand again on her wet panties? 'Excited' she replied. 'Now' he said as he pressed his hand over her sex. 'I am aroused' she said. 'Now' said Rahul cupping her wet sex with his hand. 'My body is on fire' she said. 'What would you like me to do to you' he asked. 'Continue what you are doing' she replied. 'Will you come again' he asked. 'Why?' hissed his mother. 'Because, I want to see you wetting your panties' he replied. 'Do you know what wetting your panties means' she asked laughing? 'Why? Is there any other meaning' he asked. 'Come closer, I will tell you' she said. Rahul brought his ear up to his mother and when he heard what she had to say it aroused him to a greater extent. Withholding his feelings he said 'I want to see you cum.' 'You would not be able to see much as we don't shoot like you' she replied. 'But still liquid seeping out of your cunt will be a sight to watch' he said. He was thrilled as it had a double meaning to it. 'I am almost there' she said. Hearing it he was excited. Sliding down her body he brought his face near her hot mound. He could clearly see her thick pubic hair covering her sex from above the wet panties. He put his hands inside her panties. His mother's body trembled. Rahul slowly slid her panties down allowing his eyes to devour his mother's sex. As the panties slid revealing her pubic hair, Rahul put his fingers over it and caressed her wet pubic hair. Then as the panties bared her sex, Rahul was flabbergasted on seeing its pink lips almost hidden behind her pubic hair. CONTINUED TO PART-2

35 of 36 in hot story: THE EXAMINATION: PART I

24. Aug 2010 13:24:19 EDT
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