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remoteimage - Woman Western

I had never thought of my sister as a sexual being other than to acknowledge the fact she had given birth to the two sweetest nieces in the world. Nothing in any fantasy of mine couldcompare with what stood in front of me. Colleen was erotic and sexy and earthy and sophisticated and loving and warm and desirable all at the same time. So much so, thatI was having trouble breathing. She was a million times more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined and I was starting to get dizzy.
My sister, the head cheerleader, my best friend,was standing before me with a contented smileon her face. Most women look better naked than clothed but I was not ready for this. Her skin was flawless. It was smooth in texture andcreamy in color. The only mark was a small dime sized birthmark on her right hip just abovethe panty line.
Colleen's waist was slightly thicker than it had been in her cheerleading days and her hips softy flared out and down to her full thighs. Even after giving birth to two children there was not a single stretch mark to be found anywhere. Her stomach was flat from the bottom of her breasts all the way down until it reached her mons. She was all soft curves without crossing the line into chubby.
Her breasts were large and round. Nursing the girls had only added a fullness to them that I had never noticed before. They were not the huge medical oddities I had seen in pictures that gave some women a certain bovine quality.They were in proportion to her body and hung down because of their weight. The nipples werewide and long, and very hard from excitement. The only two words I could think of at that moment were "ripe" and "succulent."
I put my hands on her hips and pulled her forward. Once again I started to rub my face against her panties. She held me there for a moment then stepped back and put her hand under my chin, lifting my head to look up at her. She began speaking in a quiet and very serious voice.
"Bobby, we need to talk. I have already lost one lover in my life and I will not go through that again. If we do this, we are no longer brother and sister; we will be lovers and nothing on this earth will be able to put things back the way they were. If you later decide to move on to some other woman I won't be able to take it. Once this is done, you have to understand that we are both in it for the long haul...the very long haul. If you're not ready forthat, we have to stop right now."
I could hardly get the words out of my mouth."Stop loving you? I don't think so. If by long haul you mean the next fifty or sixty years, then I'm in. I have always loved you, even whenI was a baby. I just didn't know how much until tonight. I have never been happier than I am right now. If I learned anything from Barbara, it was the meaning of commitment. I promise Iwill never leave you...or cheat on you...and anything to hurt you."
The smile on Colleen's face spread from ear to ear as she leaned forward until our noses were touching. "Good. I'm glad you feel that way because if I catch you so much as looking at another woman I will cut your dick off and feed it to the ducks."
"Jesus, you drive a hard bargain. Is it too late to back out?"
"Yes, it is."
"Well ok then...I guess I can live with that."
She took another step back and paused. She pushed her panties down her legs, stepped out of them and tossed them over her shoulder intothe corner. I had never known how erotic and sensual the simple act of removing a pair of panties could be. I thought my eyeballs were going to explode.
She held her arms out to the side and struck a model's pose. "This is it Bobby. This is what you get...this is what a soccer mom looks like...last chance to change your mind. Do you still want to do this?"
There was not a snowball's chance in hell that Iwould change my mind. No soccer mom, or any other woman in the world could look as good asshe did. I wanted to shout with joy, secure in the knowledge that I was going to see this every day for the rest of my life. I would sooner die than give up what I was feeling right then.
There is one genetic thing about Colleen that I have never been able to understand. The hair on her head is golden blonde. I know it's natural because I have lived with her for most of her life. But her eyebrows and eyelashes, and as I could now clearly see, her pubic hair are a deep dark brown. The effect in contrast to her smooth creamy skin was arresting. The thick mass of dark hair created an inverted triangle, forming an arrow that pointed down between her legs.
I tried to speak, to tell her how much I loved her but the words came out as a soft gurgling sound. She laughed in her quiet way and said,"I'll take that as a yes," and gave me a kiss on the lips.
Colleen crawled up onto the bed and arranged the pillows at the headboard. She lay back and spread her legs wide. She looked at me and said simply, "it's time Bobby." I moved until I was kneeling between her legs, looking down where they joined together.
Colleen always shaves her underarms and legs, and the skin felt like satin. But she has never shaved her pussy. The hair continued between her legs and her swollen pussy lips poked through making it look like two black stripes that slowly faded out by the time it reached herass. Her clit was barely visible as it peeked out from under its hood at the top of her slit. Every new feature of her body that I was discovering was more amazing than the last. My dick was like an iron bar and my brain was trying to pump more blood into it. If I dropped dead right then, I would die a happy man.
I stroked the insides of her thighs once or twice then leaned forward to taste the sweetness of the juice I could see dripping out of her. Before I could get close enough to do that she put both hands on the sides of my head and pulled me up over her until we were face to face. She reached down between us andbrought the head of my cock up until it was touching the lips at the opening of her cunt.
"Baby, you will get plenty of chances to taste that, but right now I need your cock inside of me."
She let go of my cock, placed her hands on my hips and slowly but firmly pulled me forward until I was buried as deep as I could go. We fit together like the first two pieces of a puzzle that had finally found each other. I could feel the muscles in her cunt grasping, holding on to me, trying to swallow my dick even further. She was wet and hot and tight inside. Not so tight that I had trouble going in but tight enough that if she kept flexing her cunt like that I would orgasm instantly. The only sound that either one of was capable of making was that low inarticulate moan of pleasure that only lovers can make when they first join together.
We lay there without moving, not speaking, my cock deep inside my sister. The feeling was glorious and I was afraid that I would awaken from a dream and loose all of this. I dropped my head down and began to kiss my way up theside of her neck until my lips reached her ear. Even though we were the only people in the house, what we were experiencing was so intimate that we could only whisper to each other.
"Colleen, you feel wonderful."
"I know baby, but please, just fuck me. I've needed you for so long."
"My God, I can't believe how wet you are."
"All for you baby, all for you. Now shut up and fuck me before I go crazy."
I pulled back until I was almost out, then slowly pushed forward to be inside of her again. The inside of her sheath felt like velvet that had been soaked in warm oils. Her hands were still on my hips and she began pulling on them, helping me set our rhythm. She would grunt at the end of each stroke and sigh as I pulled back. She planted her feet flat on the mattress to use her legs as leverage to push her hips up to meet each of my downward strokes. Soon we began to pickup speed and she started to whisper frantically in my ear.
"Oh god this is good...please don't ever stop fucking me...dear god I love you so much."
I don't know if we were pumping against each other for five minutes or five hours, all we knew was that we couldn't stop. We were goingfaster and faster until we were thrashing around uncontrollably on the bed.
Suddenly Colleen arched her back and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her body started to convulse then she snapped forward, throwing her arms and legs around me. She held on to me as tight as she could and began sobbing as the orgasm overtook her. She was practically screaming, "Oh it...put your cum inside me...put it inside."
At that moment my own orgasm exploded and my balls began to pump all of the pent up semen out the end of my dick and into her waiting pussy. Her cunt muscles were flexing, trying to swallow every last drop I could give her. The feeling was so intense that while Colleen was sobbing, I was still pumping and gave out one last low moan of pleasure when I was completely drained.
We finally let go of each other and collapsed onto the bed, lying on our backs looking up at the ceiling. Colleen reached over and grasped my hand, squeezing it as hard as she could. After several minutes she whispered, "I feel like I'vejust been hit by a freight train. Sweet Jesus thatwas good." She turned on her side and propped her head up on her arm and looked at me. I turned my head to look back at her.
"That was fucking amazing," I said.
"Damn right it was." She began planting soft kisses on my face and neck and lips. She reached down to hold onto my cock using slow sensual strokes and whispered, "we are going to be doing a lot more of hell of a lotmore."
I pulled her closer to me and started returning her kisses. "My god, why didn't we do this yearsago?"
"Because we would have been arrested. But now that we've started, I have no intention of ever stopping. How soon can we do it again?"
"Jesus woman, give me a break. I need to get my heart rate back to normal before I have a stroke."
"Ok, but don't take too long, just remember what I'm holding on to. I wouldn't want anything to get hurt while I'm waiting."
"For a sister you can be very demanding."
"I know, that's why you love me.
She gave me a deep kiss and tried to shove her tongue past my tonsils. She gently laid her headon my chest and kept sliding her hand up and down, squeezing my cock. We lay quietly with my arms around her, slowly stroking her back. Iwas about to drift off to sleep when I felt Colleen moving around. I opened my eyes to see her with her head raised, smiling and watching my face.
"What?" I asked.
She said nothing, but slid sideways and rolled on to her back. She spread her thighs wide again and said, "I'm ready."
I rolled over and lay on top of her, my hips falling between her legs. This time Colleen did not ...

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