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remoteimage - Woman Western

No matter how many times I see it or taste it, I am always dumbstruck by how wonderful Colleen's pussy is. The hair is dark and thick andfeels like silk. When she gets excited the flesh between her legs swells up forcing the slit to open ever so slightly, allowing her juice to leak out. The clit starts to escape from its hiding place and sits there like a big pink button coming out of the hair.
I leaned forward and began kissing, nibbling, nipping at the lips of her cunt. Using the flat ofmy tongue I gave long, wide strokes along the length of her inner lips, stopping occasionally to push it inside as far as it could go. When she started the quivering motion that I now knew was the beginning of her orgasm, I moved to the top of her slit and took the clit between my lips. I pulled it in, sucking it like a nipple, massaging it with my tongue. I opened my mouth wide and tried to cover as much of her pussy as possible, sucking and swallowing all ofher juice. Colleen put her hands against the back of my head to push my mouth even harderagainst her as her thighs clamped around my head. She suddenly pulled me up until I lay on top of her.
"Oh god Bobby, get your dick inside me quick. I need to feel your cum."
I always obey my older sister.
We were slamming against each other for only a couple of minutes when we screamed out together the arrival of another freight train orgasm. My balls are only average sized, but they should have been the size of grapefruits for the amount of sperm they were producing. It completely filled Colleen's womb and started a back-flow out around my cock and was oozingdown her ass on to the sheets. The major wavesof pleasure had stopped and my balls were still pumping out thick cream.
When everything had subsided we lay still with my cock still inside of her, hoping that the moment would never end. I held most of my weight on my elbows and dropped my head to whisper in Colleen's ear.
"You realize of course that I am living out everyboy's fantasy."
"What, every guy wants to screw his sister?
"Not that fantasy, the other one."
"Which is...?"
"I am the high school freshman geek that gets to fuck the head cheerleader."
"Hey, the only reason I let you do that is because you promised to respect me in the morning."
"Sweetheart, what I feel for you goes way beyond respect."
"I haven't led a cheer in years, but if that makes you drop your socks, I just might have totake it up again."
We couldn't match our record from the night before and were physically capable of doing it only two times before falling asleep for the night.
I woke up the next morning to find that we were spooned against each other; Colleen was behind me with her cheek resting on my shoulder blade and her arm around my waist. After several minutes her arm casually drifted down until her hand rested on my dick and started to squeeze and pull. I rolled on to my back to give her better access and she lay her head on my chest. Just as things were starting to get serious, she let go and sat up.
"Ok bub, time to get up."
"I am up."
"Not that kind of up, get out of bed."
"WHAT! What I supposed to do about this?" I pointed down to my rock hard cock that was standing straight up.
"Don't you dare touch that. Just think about it all day, that will make it twice as good tonight."
"So there's going to be a tonight? I like the sound of that."
"Get a move on. We've got a lot to do."
"What could we possibly have to do at..." I looked over at the clock, "oh Christ it's only 7:30 in the morning."
"We have to pick up the girls by 10 and we needget the house in shape before they get back. I don't want the girls coming back with the housesmelling like a bordello."
"And exactly how is it that my two nieces know what a bordello smells like."
Standing, Colleen reached down and cupped herpussy. "If you expect to see or touch this any time in the near future, you'll get your ass out of that bed by the time I count to 3. 1...2...ok that's better."
"You can be such a tyrant at times."
"I know sweetie." She bushed the hair back from my face and kissed me on the lips. "We'll start with a shower. You're starting to get a little ripe."
I lifted my arm and took a whiff. "Don't know what you're talking about, fresh as a daisy here. You in the other hand..."
Laughing, she took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. It was a good thing that Colleen had started us so early because the shower took much longer than it should have. Showering with Colleen was definitely going on to my list of things to repeat.
We got the house in order, changed the sheets on the bed and opened the widows to air out the bedroom. To be honest, it was smelling a little rank. We arrived at the high school with five minutes to spare.
We got the girls signed out, collected up their gear and all the crafts projects, said good-bye to their friends ("see you at school tomorrow"),loaded up the car and headed for home. Meghan immediately leaned over the back of the seat and said, "Mom, how come you're smiling so much?"
Colleen shot me a quick glance, wiggled her eyebrows and replied, "Uncle Bobby told me a funny story."
"Goody, tell us the story Uncle Bobby."
Colleen watched me with a grin as I struggled to come up with an answer to that one.
"I can't. It's a grown up story and little girls aren't allowed to hear it."
"OK...Mom, Brittany is going to get a pony and she said we could come to her house and see it,is that all right?"
"Sure, I'll call her mom and make arrangements," she said, then leaned over and whispered, "Nice save."
All the way through lunch, the rest of the afternoon and then dinner, Colleen and I were treated to a constant stream of consciousness description of every activity they did, every craft they made, every song they sang and everything their friends did. By the time they were done, we were as exhausted as the girls. By 7 that evening Meghan and Molly were soundasleep on the sofa. We picked them up and carried them to their bedroom. You haven't lived until you've tried to put pajamas on to a limp child.
We watched a little TV, waiting for several hours to guarantee that the girls were not going to wake up until the morning then went to bed ourselves. Colleen was right, thinking about it all day did make it that much more intense. This time we both had to bite the pillows to silence our moaning and screaming. The next day I would have to move the bed and headboard away from the wall.
The next morning I was rudely woken by Colleen shaking my shoulder. "Bobby, wake up. You have to get out of here."
"Because you can't be in here when the girls get up."
Ok, ok, ok, ok, I'm up."
I went in to the kitchen to start the coffee while Colleen got the girls up. We spent the next hour doing the things we normally do on a Monday morning in order to get out the door to school and the office. As I was heading out the door, Colleen was there as usual to hug and kissme good-bye, still wearing her nightgown and robe. While she was hugging me, I looked over her shoulder to keep an eye on the girls. I pulled up the front of the nightgown and slid my hand down into her panties. I inserted two fingers into her hole and wiggled them around, using my thumb to rub her clit. I whispered, "Doyou realize that we spent thirty-six hours without a single stitch of clothing on?"
"Yeah, that was a lot of fun. We'll have to do it again the next time the girls are away."
"Well, you know, they really like getting to see Mom and the twins..."
"I'll call Mom tonight and see how soon we can arrange something."
"Maybe we should join one of those nudist society groups."
"In your dreams buster." She pulled my hand out, gave a small push on my chest, and said,"We'll finish this tonight. Now out."
As I went through the door I called out, "good-bye girls."
"Good-bye Uncle Bobby."
I had just sat down at my desk with a cup of coffee when Peterson walked into my office. He started to tell me something then stopped and looked at me.
"Robert, you look like the village idiot with that grin all over your face."
I clasped my hands behind my head and leaned back in the chair. "Feel as happy as the village idiot, sir."
He smiled and said, "Good. Glad to see things are looking better."
Right then Miss Jennings walked in and droppeda stack of papers in my in-box. Without looking in my direction she said "somebody got lucky this weekend," then turned and walked away. Peterson was roaring with laughter as he followed her out.
That evening we did our normal weekday routine. During dinner everyone discussed their day, told jokes, planned the next day's activities and created general chaos. After dinner, the homework was finished early so there was time for the four us to play a quick game of Candyland before sending the girls offto bath time and bed.
Once we were assured that the girls were definitely down for the night, I was headed to my bedroom when Colleen grabbed my arm and pulled me into hers. As she was taking off her clothes she started talking.
"Bobby we need to talk."
"I hate it when you start with that phrase."
"Just shut up and listen. I've made a decision. From now on, you're not going to sleep anywhere except in bed with me. If you're in the other room at night I'll go crazy, I want youin here next to me."
"What about Meghan and Molly?"
"Think about it for a minute. They always go to bed before we do and always get up after we do. If we're careful they will never know."
"What about Saturday morning cartoons?"
She got into bed and pulled the covers up to herneck. "We have four more days to figure out the weekends. So what do you think?"
It didn't take me long at all to think about it.
"Ok, on one condition. You have to promise me that you will never wear any clothes to bed, nothing, nada, nine, nyet, zilch, zippo."
She smiled and pulled back the covers to show me the thick bush surrounding her pussy. "Deal.Now get your clothes off and get in here."
I slid into bed, settled in between her legs and whispered, "I must be the luckiest man in the world."
The next two weeks were like a dream come true. During the day we were focused on the girls, laughing and telling jokes, crying over skinned knees and struggling with homework. The big family project was teaching Molly how to ...

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