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We brought out the presents that Santa was bringing and put them under the tree, and wrapped the last three or four presents that wehadn't gotten to yet. Then we started locking upthe house so that we could go to bed ourselves.Finally we were in the living room where the only lights that were on were the small twinkling lights on the tree.
Colleen was on her hands and knees in front of the tree with her nightgown and robe pushed up over her hips. I was behind her in between her spread legs with my cock held tightly in her sheath. I leaned over her and reached around to hold and massage her breasts that had been growing the last few days in preparation to produce milk.
Of all the times that Colleen and I have made love, this is the one time I remember and cherish the most. This was not sex, it was not fucking, this was making love in every sense of the word. My stroking inside of her was not fast, it was not hard, it was not frantic. It was slow and tender, every touch, every feeling an expression of our love for each other. There was very little of our normal grunting and moaning, only the soft sighs of lovers. When our orgasms came at the same time, it was not one of the freight train experiences that we are capable of producing. It was a quiet gentle expression of emotion that far out shown any physical pleasure.
When we were done, I helped Colleen stand up, turned off the Christmas tree lights and we went to bed. As I turned off the bedside lamp, I looked at the clock and saw 12:27
At 4:30, Colleen and I were waking up the girls, trying to get them dressed as quickly as possible, then loaded them into the car and headed for the hospital. At precisely 7:03 AM Colleen gave birth to our child, a beautiful girl.
I had written Mom's telephone number on a card and I handed it to Meghan as we went intothe delivery room. One of the nurses helped hermake the call to Santa Teresa to tell Grandma the news. By 11:30 Mike's wife Sharon, and daughter Patricia, had driven Mom to the hospital. Jimmy and Mike would drive up with the rest of the kids that afternoon. Colleen wasasleep so we all went to look at the baby through the nursery window. While talking to Grandma and Aunt Sharon, Meghan and Molly kept calling me Daddy. Mom gave me a questioning look and then the exact same half smile that Colleen uses to show that she approved of that concept.
After several minutes, the nurse indicated that Colleen was awake and was taking the baby to her. We walked to Colleen's room to find her sitting up in the bed cuddling the baby to her chest. Everyone crowded around to get a look atthis new member of our family. Patricia was too small to see over the top of the hospital bed so I picked her up and held her as she leaned forward to look.
"The baby's beautiful. What's her name?" Patricia asked.
"Well, we were thinking that Rose was a pretty name," Colleen replied.
Then Meghan spoke.
"No. She was born on Christmas day so her name is Noelle."
Colleen and I looked at each other. Smiling, Colleen kissed the baby on her forehead and said, "girls, meet you new sister, Noelle Rose O'Conner."

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