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CHAPTER IV:: The sun was shining brightly when Rahul came down from his room. Shobha had just finished preparing the breakfast and was laying it on the table. As Rahul was hungry he straightaway sat on the table and started eating. Shobha silently slid beside him and started nibbling at the food while her thoughts lay centered on what would happen after Rahul had his breakfast. As she finished her breakfast she looked up to see her son who was busy having his. Leaving him to finish she went and stood near the window letting the sun's rays fall on her and watched the people moving around in front of her house. As Rahul got up and looked for his mother he saw her standing by the window. She looked dazzling as the suns rays were falling on her. Her loose hairs were fluttering and the skin color sari which she had worn was showing off her charms.

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hot n sexy

Rahul stood staring at her body. His eyes feasted on her lush back, her heavy waistline and coming down they were focused on her buttocks which were prominently cushioned in her sari. Seeing her long legs Rahul felt the desire to see them unclothed. Though he had taken a look at her nude body yesterday night, today she looked different in the bright sunlight. He strode silently towards her. Shobha felt Rahul approaching her. She shivered when Rahul held the loose end of her sari and as he finished wiping his hands, she felt his hands circling her waist and when he leaned his head on her shoulders and planted a kiss on the nape of her neck she said 'what are you doing, people outside may watch us?' 'I don't mind, let them watch' he replied inhaling the aroma from her body. 'Are you crazy' she asked getting excited on seeing people move in front of her house. A new sensation started creeping over her body.

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'Don't worry, they are quite some distance from here and they can't see below your face' he said. 'What if someone tries to come in and take a peep' she asked? 'They will be thrilled to see the show' he replied. 'What show' she asked getting excited? 'The one that is about to start' he replied tightening his hold on her and caressing her waist. 'So you are in a mood to start again' she asked? 'Yes, feel it' he said pushing his body on hers. As Rahul moved his body closer to her, his mother felt his hard cock press on her back and said 'the devil is up again.' 'Yes, and he has not lost its strength since morning' he replied nuzzling his cock and embedding it on her back. 'And what's the reason for it' she asked? 'It's after seeing you standing here' he said and started kissing the nape of her neck and moving up. 'Why? What's the difference' she asked again turning her face a little? 'Your body looks gorgeous with the sunlight falling' he replied as his lips crawled over her cheeks.

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'So what do you intend to do' she asked. 'First I am going to kiss your luscious lips' he said moving his lips further up. 'Rahul people can see' she squirmed in delight as she felt sure that anybody could see them kissing. 'Having people watch, gives immense pleasure' he said as his lips found hers. Shobha was thrilled by his words. In fact she was hoping for the same. Bracing herself as warmth took over her body, she allowed her son to kiss her lips. Rahul jammed his lips on hers and ravishing them with his kisses, he slid his tongue deep into her mouth. As Rahul pushed his tongue inside her mouth, his mother opened her mouth wider and allowing his tongue to penetrate deeper as she looked out the window she saw an old beggar with broken spectacles straining his eyes to look at them. This added more steam to her already heated body and making sure he was watching she kissed his son hard on his lips. The poor beggar with failing eyes could not see them clearly and when he came in to collect the alms, they had stopped kissing. Seeing him come to collect alms, Shobha rewarded him substantially and the moment he turned his back she felt her son's lips on hers again. Shobha threw all precautions to the wind and enjoying her son's kisses; she turned facing him and embraced him in her arms.

picture by pink
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