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dangerous addiction


She knew nothing of marriage life, so brother-in-law teachers her.

A naïve bride – She was Preeti Sehwal, young lass of 21 years having married a week ago to Prakash Sehwal, was on a trip to her mother's house, accompanied by her brother-in-law Rajesh who was 23 years of age.

Preeti had taken this trip on the advice of her husband Prakash, who earlier having spoken to her mother Sheetal had sent with her a sealed envelope addressed to her. Preeti was delighted to go to her mother's house and after traveling for 24 hours they reached the farm house situated some distance away from the nearest village.
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Preeti was born and bred in this farm house and as it was on the outskirts of the village she did not have any friends except the few children of their housekeepers and gardeners. As she was the only child of Rajiv and Sheetal she was pampered a lot and when Rajiv met with a fatal accident six months ago, his wife Sheetal saw that Preeti was married off. Sheetal had found in Prakash, a well established business man, most suitable partner for Preeti and soon she had celebrated their wedding with pomp and gaiety. This day Sheetal waited for her daughter and her brother-in-law Rajesh eagerly. She wanted to go through the letter which her son-in-law had talked about on the phone. She was a bit nervous and when she saw Preeti she was relieved. Rajesh was also happy to have accompanied his sister-in-law to this remote farm house. Earlier as they were traveling in a crowded train he has sat nudged to his sister-in-law and this nearness had sent warm sensations down his body. He looked forward for such close encounters. Late in the evening as Preeti handed over the sealed envelope to her, Sheetal on going through it both cried and laughed. She cried for not having spoken to her daughter about sex and smiled because it was going to be a new experience teaching her. After she read the letter, Sheetal approached her daughter and casually asked "how is Prakash" Preeti went red in the face hearing his name and said "he is a rogue" "Why do say so" asked her mother. "Because he is a shameless creature and he has no manners" shot back an angry Preeti. "Why, what happened" asked her mother. "He acts like a rogue during nights" replied Preeti. "And in the day" asked her mother. "In the day he behaves normally" replied Preeti. "What does he do at nights that you are so angry with him" asked her mother. "He has no shame and his acts are embarrassing" replied Preeti. "What does he do that is so embarrassing" asked her mother?

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"I can't tell you what he does" saying this Preeti walked away from her mother. Sheetal smiled at her reply and when she looked up she saw Rajesh approaching. Rajesh was a sturdy young guy very much like his brother. Seeing him coming down, Sheetal felt as if she was seeing Prakash striding down the stairs. He resembled him so much. As the three sat and had their supper, Rajesh excused and went to this allotted room upstairs while both Preeti and her mother sat back chatting. When fifteen minutes passed since Rajesh had gone to his room, Sheetal looked at Preeti and said "why don't you go up and see if he needs anything" Hearing this Preeti immediately got up and fetching a glass of milk took it up to his room. Sheetal was glad to see her daughter take interest in her duties. Preeti in her eagerness to hand Rajesh milk entered the room without knocking. At first she did not see anything but when her eyes got accustomed to the room she saw Rajesh pulling his pajamas up standing at far corner. Preeti was shocked to see her brother-in-law dressing up. She waited till he pulled his pajama up and tied the cord. Coming forward and accepting the glass of milk Rajesh looked at his sister-in-law with want in his eyes which she could not muster. His eyes wandered over her body and when they devoured her figure he drew his eyes back to her face and said "how kind of you" To his Preeti smiled and asked "do you need anything" "Yes, something to keep my body warm" he replied looking at her body. "I will get a rug for you" saying it Preeti turned and went out of the room. Rajesh lying on the cot waited for her and when she entered without knocking, he had to adjust his erectness in his pajamas quickly. Preeti did not notice it and casually spread the blanket over Rajesh's body and tucking it over said "do you need anything else" Rajesh was pleased to have Preeti tuck the blanket under him and overwhelmed by her action he smiled at her said "so nice of you, no thanks." To this Preeti blushed and said "call me if you need anything" "I need a cup of hot coffee in the morning" saying this he wished her goodnight. Wishing him goodnight Preeti went out of the room. Once inside her own room her thoughts drifted to her husband wondering what he would have done if he was present here. On the other hand seeing her brother-in-law who was so polite made her heart warm up to him. As she felt drowsy the last scene which came into her mind was Rajesh pulling his pajamas up over his bare legs. This vision haunted her and as she could not sleep she went to her mother's room. Sheetal was awake when she heard Preeti come in and lay beside her. The mother in her suddenly felt that she was disturbed and to soothe her she pulled her close. Preeti on lying close to her mother felt relieved and soon sleep took over her. The next morning Sheetal was surprised when she saw her daughter get up early and run to the kitchen. When she followed her she was pleased to see her brewing coffee and as she watched, Preeti filling up one cup carried it upstairs. Sheetal watched her and felt relieved. Carrying the cup of coffee Preeti entered Rajesh's room without knocking. This time she saw him sleeping his body fully covered with the blanket. Keeping the cup at the table she moved closer to him and shook him awake. Rajesh who was still dreaming of her was overjoyed to see his sister-in-law waking him up. Her hair was messed and her dress shriveled. When Preeti presented him the cup of coffee she could not hold the sari which was slipping from her bosom.

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