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"Is it" she asked perplexed by his answer. "Yes, move closer, you will feel it too" he said. Preeti casually stepped closer to him and Rajesh placing his hands on her shoulders and squeezing them asked "do you feel it." "Yes and I am amazed to feel the warmness without our bodies touching" replied Preeti. "It will be warmer when our bodies feel touch each others" Rajesh spoke softly. "Yes it's true" answered Preeti feeling warmer as she moved close to him. "Get closer" said Rajesh sliding his hands from her shoulders on to her back. Preeti felt his hands slide down from her shoulders on to her back. This made her body grow warmer and she stood still visualizing how it would be if her body touched his. She shuddered at this thought and hesitatingly moved an inch further and asked "will this do." "No, put your arms around my back and hug me" replied Rajesh getting excited by the very thought of it. "This way" asked Preeti as she put her arms around his neck and placed her face on his chest. "Yes, that's it" said Rajesh as he tightened the hold upon her. Preeti's cheeks felt the warmth of his chest and when Rajesh tightened the hold she gripped his neck hard once before coming out of his hug. Rajesh on seeing a blushing Preeti asked "did you feel the warmth." "Yes" replied Preeti. "It will be warmer if you hug me properly" he said. To this Preeti smiled and shaking her head moved towards the bed. Rajesh knowing he had to bid his time went across the room and lay on the bed waiting for Preeti to pull the blanket over him. Preeti took the blanket in her hand and spreading it over his feet she dragged it up to his chest. Rajesh as he felt that Preeti having completed her assignment was sure to walk out of the room held her hand and bringing to his mouth, kissed it lightly. Preeti's body shivered at the touch of his warm lips on her cool hand. She did not know what had possessed her body. Pulling her hand away from his mouth she turned and left the room. This time she did not enter her mother's bedroom but went directly to her own room. There she recapped all that had taken place and when she recalled the scenes her body started to wriggle. Her senses had blossomed and she loved every bit of it. Every part of her body itched to be touched and touching it, she felt moistness between her thighs. Turning her face on the soft pillow and hugging it, she slept peacefully. Next morning a totally different Preeti was awake. As she looked up in the mirror to adjust her dress she saw her cheeks had turned crimson. They were red and glistening with the morning light. Putting the comb through her hair she rushed to the kitchen and brewing coffee took it up stairs. Rajesh hearing her feeble feet outside his room quickly pulled his pajama up, exposing one leg up to his thighs feigned sleep. Preeti on entering his room was presented with the sight of his exposed leg. She stood staring at it and when Rajesh turned; her gaze got shifted on the impression of his half erect manhood.


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