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Dad looked at the horse, picking her foot up, examining its hoof, and so on. "Well, we can't do anything here," he said. "You two will have to double up. You have to take things instride out here," he said, "You can't whine about things, you just have to handle them." He seemed almost happy at the opportunity to 'rise to the challenge'.
So Mom got up ahead of me and we tied a lead for her horse to follow behind. Dad led the way. Doubling upsoon became uncomfortable for me. Mom's ass was right against my dick, moving back against it with each swaying step of the horse. I couldn't help but get an enormous hardon. After a while, she leaned forward over the horse's neck, grasping its mane to steady her self, as she had done the day before. This raised her ass allowing me to fit even tighter under her, closer to her pussy.
Soon, unable to stop myself, I started rocking my crotch forward into her, thinking I could blame it on the horse's movement. Mom didn't call me to task, so I became bolder until I was rocking into her hard enough to shove her forward a little along the horse's neck. She turned her head to look back at me. Oh, oh, I thought, I'm going to get it now. But she only said, "'Grab hold of me so I don't fall off."
I put my hands loosely around her waist to steady her but she put her hands over my wrists and pulled them forward, higher up above her waist until my hands were grasping the sides of her chest, right beside the swell of her breasts. Mom turned her head back down onto the horse's neck and grasped its mane in her hands again. I slipped my hands further in and slid my fingers around the front of her breasts, splaying my fingers on either side of the nipple ofeach tit. I pushed my cock into her. She squeezed her legs on the horse's shoulders and lifted her ass higher, providing even greater access for my bulging jeans. The lump there matched up with the rear of her pussy, and I pushed it in hard to make contact. I stood in the stirrups and started pushing against her, rocking her forward. There was no question about horse movements now, I was dry humping my Mom andshe was letting me do it. I leaned forward, resting my head on her back, increasing the tempo of my thrusts, grasping her tits in my hands.Panting wildly, I finally came, pullingher back hard on my jean-covered cock.

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04. Dec 2010 07:13:12 EST
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