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photo - Woman Western

"No. You finish eating and then come help me with the dishes."
I brought my dishes to the sink when I finished. Reaching around her, I dumped them in the sink. Picking up a towel, I reached for a cup to dry.
"No. Just leave them. Stand behind me and watch out the window for your Dad."
I did as she asked. She swirled the water around but she was really wasn't washing. She'd done only one cup and a plate the whole time she'd been standing there. Clearly, doing dishes wasn't on her mind.
I threw the towel onto the counter beside the dish rack. She turned her head slightly to look at it, then back to the sink. I did nothing. Her hands stopped swirling. She just stood there. I reached forward to grasp the sides of the undershirt and slid it up over her hips, baring her ass and leaving the shirt bunched at her waist. I waited again, just taking in her gorgeous butt.
Finally, I said, "Do you like it when I look at you?"
"Lean forward a little." She did, stretching her hands to the far side of the sink, still in the water.
"Open your legs. Just a little." She shuffled her bare feet a little to the side.
"Why did you do that at the table? Did you wantme to look at it?"
"Look at what?"
"My pussy."
"No," I said, grasping her hair and gently tugging her head back. "When you open your legs like that, it's not a pussy anymore, is it?"
"What is it?"
"A cunt."
"That's right. You wanted to show it to me, didn't you? You wanted to show it to your son, didn't you?"
"Yes. I wanted to show it to you, to show my cunt to my son. I can't help it."
"You're a very naughty woman, Mom. You let me fuck you yesterday. You waved your ass in front of me. You knew what you were doing. And you let me fuck you. Didn't you?"
"Yes," she hissed.
"You're going to do more naughty things with me, aren't you?"

11 of 20 in hot story: RIDING WITH MOM

01. Feb 2013 13:47:50 EST
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