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I still held her hair in my left hand, keeping herhead back, her face looking up at the ceiling. She was breathing very hard. She looked so awesome! I was now getting three fingers into her and pushing my thumb up to the knuckle onevery pass. She was incredibly slippery. She grunted a little each time my thumb pushed into her little hole.
"That's right, Mom. Grunt. I like the sound of that." I pushed forward again but this time I didn't stop my thumb at the first knuckle, I slid it in all the way, and held it there. She rewardedme with a longer grunt. Keeping my thumb completely in her, I started moving it around in a small circle. I pushed all four of my fingers into her, and started pushing into her, pulling back but never out because her ass followed my hand as it withdrew. She really wanted it, at least her body did.
I pulled her upright, sliding my left hand around to the front of her throat. I rasped into her ear, "If Dad wasn't here, I fuck this right now," wiggling my thumb in her ass to emphasize my meaning.
"He's gone," she gasped, "He went to get help because your horse was lame this morning, too."
"What? He's not here?" I almost shouted. So that's why I was treated to the undershirt display. Well, I guess things were going a little beyond what Mom had expected. I turned her and steered her over to the bunk, Dad's bunk. I saw that he'd actually rolled the mattress and placed it neatly in the middle of the bunk.
Standing before the bunk, mother in front of me, I told her, "Grab the rails."
She leaned forward to bend over for me.
"No, on the top bunk."
She stood back up and did as I said. I pushed her legs wider apart, kneeled down slightly and brought my cock up into her pussy from behind.I stood, shoving her up with me. Grasping her hips, I pulled her a step away from the bunk, and started fucking her in slow, hard thrusts. Within a minute the thrusts turned into lunges, and a minute later I was jackhammering into her. Then I stopped, ordering her to hang on to the bunk, I pulled her back farther until her feet left the floor. Holding her thighs, I held her splayed out and started lunging into her again. I didn't speed up but I really slammed into her.

13 of 20 in hot story: RIDING WITH MOM

01. Feb 2013 13:58:01 EST
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