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"And I'm going to keep it too. I'm going to get a good sleep tonight, so don't get any ideas. So fill up my glass before you get yours, young man," and she held her glass out to me.
"Yes, ma'am," I saluted, and poured two large glasses of wine. Standing behind her, I held herglass ahead of her. When she reached for it, I leaned forward, pulling it away.
"Oh, you tease," she grumbled, not yet realizingthat my crotch had pressed against her ass, nestling my cock lightly in the valley between her cheeks. She made a grab for the wine and Ispilled a little but was compensated by her action which also parted her cheeks, allowing my now stiffening member to lodge securely, still pointing down but pressing up with vigorous anticipation.
"OHHH, YOU! You bad boy," she berated me, trying to push me off, but finding that this simply worsened her situation (or improved it, depending on your point of view). She stopped, submitting to my pressure forcing her against the counter, but said, "No way, Roger. I have to eat, and I don't think I'm up to any more tonight. Maybe in the morning, ok, hon?"
Not to be deterred, I responded, keeping it lighthearted, "Ok, dear lady, but I demand a kiss in reparation." I set her wine down and pulled her face back and to the right so I could kiss her from behind. I put all my effort into the longest, sexiest kiss I could muster, all the while swaying my hard cock gently from side to side in her cheeks.
When the kiss ended Mom whispered, "That's very nice but I just don't have your youthful stamina."
I kissed her mouth quickly several times, slipping my tongue just a little inside. "You might find that you do if you just let something get started," I whispered back. I plunged my tongue down into her mouth before she could answer. After a minute, I slid my hands slowly up her sides, cupping her breasts and squeezingthem a little, then bringing my fingers up to squeeze, roll and tug her nipples. Ending the kiss prematurely, I said, "But let's eat first anyway." And turned away. "I'll get extra wood for the fire."

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01. Feb 2013 14:26:11 EST
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