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hot story:



"mom lusts for son"

a saucy erotic incest story


been the good girl all her life. She was the type of woman who would walk down the street with an infectious smile, and would regularly call her parents to make sure that they were doing well and that they ate right. With a personality like hers, it was no wonder that she was the darling of her neighborhood and workplace. At 46 years of age, she could still step foot on any college campus in America and turn as many heads as a 20 year old student could.

But despite all her perfections, she still had one dark secret that she could never tell anybody: She secretly fantasized about her own son.

It started soon after Jacob turned 18. She remembered the day vividly when her son was beaming with pride when he first began attending a junior college. He was becoming a young man. But not just any young man, her young man. He was becoming the man of the house, and the most important male figure in her life.

Two years later, when he turned 20, she found herself becoming physically attracted to him. He was everything she ever wanted in a man; smart, handsome, passionate, and caring. He had found his calling in life, and he applied to a university which was a few hours away, where he planned on majoring in environmental studies.

And that's when her 'troubles' began. She found herself longing for him after he moved out to live in a college dorm. Fantasizing about her very own son drove her absolutely wild, as it was the ultimate taboo for the perfect 'good girl'. It became a vicious cycle. The sluttier she was for him in her dirty little fantasy world, the more good she became. For the first time in her life, she was willing to give up control over her body and sexuality.

Secret Slut Soccer Mom

Laura sat attentively in the kitchen and she took a sip of her late night coffee. Her son had just arrived home for his Spring break after his first semester living on campus, and she was sure to soak up every word he spoke.

"Tell me everything," she said to him. "And don't skip on the details either."

He gladly told her about everything he had been doing in his new college life. He told her about his new friends, what they did on the weekends, and his studies. Laura's attention found its peak when Jacob told her about how he joined the Geology Club on campus, and was going out on long hikes with the other students and his new favorite professor, Ms. Goodwin.

"Is she pretty?" Laura blurted out.

He smiled, almost wanting to laugh. "Is she pretty? What kind of question is that? She's my professor."

"Sure, but that doesn't mean she can't be pretty too."

He gave her another playful look, this time, with a bit of skepticism. "Sure, I guess she's kind of hot. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. You speak so fondly of her and you haven't mentioned anything about a new girlfriend," Laura replied.

"Mom, she's my teacher. And we're all having a great time learning about nature and the environment. And if I didn't know any better, I'd say you sound a little jealous of her," he said with a playful tone.

"Maybe I am a little jealous," Laura smiled. "It seemed like only yesterday that I was the one who was taking you out on these little trips. You've grown up so fast and I feel like I have to play catch up with you so that I can still be a part of your life."

"Trust me, you'll always be an important part of my life."

She smiled, "It's reassuring to hear that from you. You've become such a young man. Speaking of which, you still haven't answered if dating anyone or not."

"Maybe another time. But I've got a great idea; at the end of the week, why don't you come visit my campus to see all the cool stuff we have planned for Earth Day. It'll be a lot of fun. I could drive us to campus, and the next day I could drive you back home. My roommate won't be back yet, so you could sleep in my dorm."

"How sweet of you," Laura replied appreciatively. "But all that driving back and forth...I don't want you to be exhausted before your school starts next week. It's a very thoughtful gesture though."

"Don't worry about that mom. Believe me, I'm used to a busy schedule now. And the extra drive is worth it if it would make you happy."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Positive," he replied happily.

"Well, then it's settled. I'd love to come visit your campus to see what you're up to."


Laura didn't go to sleep after their conversation. Instead, she turned on the computer to look up the woman her son was spending so much of his time with.

'Bitch,' she muttered to herself, looking at the picture of the female instructor on her faculty page.

Ms. Goodwin appeared to be in her mid-30's, attractive, with a vivacious smile. Laura couldn't help but feel jealous of her. Jealous, that another woman was taking her place with her son. After all, that was her perceived competition. She couldn't help but think of Ms. Goodwin with her hands all over Jacob, seducing him in private during one of their outdoor adventures and having her way with him. She felt angry at the idea of another woman 'taking advantage' of her only son. But at the same time, she felt excited that her son would be discovering the joys of an older woman.

But it was only a matter of time before he experienced the only older woman that mattered, she thought to herself.


A few days had past...

After getting up early that morning to cook her son's favorite breakfast platter, she went up to his room to wake him up.

"Breakfast is ready," Laura called.

"In a minute mom," he replied through the door.

Thinking that her son was too lazy to get out of bed, she flung the door open to see him sitting in front of the computer, and he quickly pulled up the top of his sweat pants. He was clearly masturbating.

"Mom!" he shouted. "Don't you know how to knock!?"

"Oh...I'm sorry. I thought that..."

"I'll be down in a minute.."


"So am I still invited this Friday to come see your Earth Day stuff around campus?" she asked innocently, watching him eat.

"Of course you are, I'm not mad at you or anything. I just wish you'd respect my privacy and knock first."

"Fair enough. And I just want you to know that what you were doing up there is perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of," Laura stated.

"Jeez, I was hoping that we'd avoid this part," he groaned.

"It's not that big a deal Jacob. I don't want you to be upset with me just because I interrupted you doing that. It's healthy for a young man your age."

"Thanks I guess," he replied gently. "A friend of mine got caught doing, you know, and he told me that his mom wouldn't let him use the computer for a week. So I kind of freaked out when you swung the door open."

"Well, I'm not like most moms. I'm a little more open about certain things."

The tension around the kitchen table was apparent, and Jacob didn't know how to react to his mother's words of candor.

"By the way, I'll be going out this afternoon with my friend. I'll be back by this evening."

"No problem," Laura said happily. "Have fun."


Once Jacob left the house that morning, Laura found herself struggling with what to do next. A part of her wanted to go about her day as she normally would. But another part of her, the devious part, wanted to turn on her son's computer to find out just what kind of 'material' her son uses to get off. After all, Jacob was never very good at cleaning up after himself.

Her mind was quickly made and she headed up to his room to turn on his computer. Laura wasn't a computer savvy by any means, but a friend of hers, a fellow mother, gave her tips on what to look for when it comes to monitoring a child's online habits. In this case, all it took was a few clicks; she opened his web browser, clicked 'history', and then clicked 'show history in the past 30 days' to reveal everything she needed to know about her son's internet history.

In between websites of her son's school activities, sports, and video games, were websites that were blatantly pornographic at first glance. One by one she opened links to reveal pictures of naked women her son had been masturbating to. But they weren't just any naked women- they were slutty women. The main thing each website had in common is that the women were all wearing an assortment of different high-heeled stilettos, garter belts, panties, and skimpy lingerie. There was no doubt that the women were all beautiful, but it was their demeaning poses and their vixenous 'clothing' that made them so low class in her eyes.

Laura couldn't believe what her son was getting off on. It was especially shocking because, as a self-proclaimed feminist, she had always considered such images to be vile and particularly degrading towards all woman. And here it was in front of her, a centerpiece of her son's erotic fantasy.

For a moment, Laura wanted to laugh. There she was, judging her son who fantasized about whorish women, yet she herself was guilty of fantasizing about HIM of all people.

She was about to close his web browser before saw a particular website in the corner of her eye that she hadn't opened yet. It was an erotic story website. And when she clicked it open, she was taken aback by the fact that her son was reading incestuous material.

'Oh my...' she gasped.

Skimming through his search history once again, she found that her son had read different stories of incest, ranging from mother/daughter, father/daughter, all the way to MOTHER/SON.

Her heart began pounding and a flood different questions came to mind. 'Did he actually enjoy incest or was he just browsing that section? Are mother/son stories his favorite sub-category of the incest theme? Does he think about mother/son incest often? Did he ever fantasize about his own mother?'

Laura couldn't help herself anymore. Her lust and imagination couldn't be controlled. She slid her right hand down her sweat pants & panties and began fingering herself in her son's room, in his chair, in front of his computer. She imagined that she was the one of the slutty women that her son liked to look at, dressed in nothing but the whorish attire. She imagined that it was she who was causing her son's penis to become erect. And she imagined that it was she who was on her knees services him, the same way those women were sucking off the male models.

The explicit thoughts in her head along with her clitoris being furiously rubbed by fingers were more than enough to bring Laura to a quick orgasm. It was strong. Her eyes squeezed ...
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