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Maintaining a disgusted tone, I stated, "My God,do you have enough pussy hair, or what? You should think about shaving that jungle down there sometime." Her cheeks flamed red at thiscomment and her hands began to clench and unclench at her sides. She was definitely upset about the comments I'd been making.
"OK, Becky, we're almost done here. Keeping your hands at your side, I want you to turn around slowly and stop when your back is to me."
"My God, haven't you seen enough?" she exclaimed.
"Hey, you want to call off the deal now, just sayso, and I'm out of here. But everything you've done to this point will have been for nothing then."
"All right...just promise me that this will be it. That nobody will learn of this," she pleaded.
"Hey don't worry Becky. It's almost over and as long as you do as I say, nobody will ever know that this has happened," I placated.
With a sigh, Becky began to slowly turn about until her back was to me. And that's when I finally saw the most anticipated part of her body - her ass. Her perfectly shaped, beautifully rounded, firm ass. I almost fainted looking at it. My cock was still rock hard and it was beginning to throb painfully against my jeans. For my plan to work, I had to maintain control. I couldn't risk whipping my cock out now, as I wasn't sure how Becky would react.
"All right Becky. One last thing and then we're all done, OK?" I asked.
An almost whispered, "Yes".
"Yes what Becky?" I asked critically.
"Yes, Mr. Drake," she meekly replied.
"I want you to spread your feet apart," I ordered.
Slowly she began to shuffle her feet apart.
"Further than that...more...more...That's good." I had her stop when her feet were at least twice her shoulder's width apart. "Now keeping your legs straight, I want you to bend over at the waist until your body is parallel to the floor."
"Please, Mr. Drake, no more," she begged.
"Look Becky it isn't as if I haven't seen everything already. I did see all of the pictures Jim took of you, right? And it's not as if you have anything worth looking at anyway," I scoffed.
Her shoulders tensed at that last comment, andI was sure she was going to say something further, but then suddenly she began to comply.Keeping her legs straight, she began to bend over at the waist and didn't stop until her body was parallel to the floor. In this position her pussy was spread open and her asshole peeked into view.
"Now reach back and hold your ass cheeks apart for me. Don't worry Becky, I'm staying well back here. I just want to confirm it's the same ass."
With a sob, Becky reached back, and taking a hold of each ass cheek, held them apart for me.
I nearly came right there in my pants. But the most important part of my plan was now, so I had to make sure I kept my composure. Reaching into my back pocket, I took out my digital camera and holding it at the ready, gave my final direction to Becky.
"I want you to do one last thing for me Becky and then it'll be all over for you. Staying in the position you are in, I want you to put a big smile on your face and then look back at me with that smile. Can you do that for me Becky?"I asked.
"Yes Mr. Drake," she replied, and began to swivel her head around.
Her momentary confusion over what I was holding was all I needed to get the perfect shot. I had stepped far enough back so that thepicture encompassed enough of the room to make it possible to identify the location and obviously the person within it. By having her smile in that position, it made her seem as if she was a willing participant in the matter. This photo would be all I needed to progress my plan to the next phase.
Quickly replacing the camera in my pocket, I simply uttered, "You did very well Becky, I'll see you tomorrow." And promptly turned about and marched out of the room, intentionally leaving the door open. This of course caused her further embarrassment, as she now had to run across the room naked to quickly close the door, lest anyone see her so exposed.
I must have cum at least 6 times last night. Thephoto of Ms. O'Hare so lewdly displaying her pussy and asshole to me was all I needed to fuel my masturbation sessions. After finally sating my pent up frustrations, I was able to drift off to sleep dreaming about the next phase of my plan.
Math class was second period that morning, andI was curious to see how Ms. O'Hare would handle herself given all that had happened yesterday. To her credit, she was putting on a strong face and was pretending as if everythingwas normal. By the afternoon science class, I think she had managed to convince herself thatit was indeed over, and that I had actually meant it when I said it was a 'one-time thing.'
So I think she was actually taken by surprise when I approached her desk after class and told her, "We need to talk Becky. I'll be back at3:30pm." Again, my tone brooked no argument, and by using her first name, I implied that the 'rules' were still in place.
With a bit of time to kill until 3:30pm, I once again went down to the gym to ogle Lisa as she jumped about for her cheerleading practice. Seeing that perfect, tight body bouncing aroundwas all I needed to get me in the mood.
All too soon 3:30pm came, and it was time to head down to Ms. O'Hare's classroom to implement the next phase of my plan. Just before entering, I took a moment to gather myself up and put myself into the right frame of mind.
I then decisively grabbed the door handle, opened it and marched directly to Ms. O'Hare's desk, where she was again sitting correcting papers.
"Hello Becky, how was your evening yesterday?" I inquired politely. I wanted to see what kind of mood she was in so I'd know whattact to use.
"How the hell do you think it was, Tim? It was awful. What you did to me was wrong. I want you to return all of those pictures to me this instant and then we will never have to speak ofthis terrible incident again," she blustered. She had stood up through this tirade and her hands were planted squarely on her hips in a gesture of defiance.
"Are you done yet?" I asked sarcastically. "You see BECKY," emphasizing her name, "I don't think you're really in a position to be making any sort of demands of me. The way I see it, I'm holding all of the cards here."
"What do..." she began.
"Ah, ah, interrupting Becky. Have a look at this picture," I ordered. Removing a copy of the photo taken yesterday from my shirt pocket, I dropped it onto the desk in front of her. She hesitantly reached out, and with shaking hands, picked up the photo. Almost immediately all colour drained from her face and she appeared to collapse back into her seatwith a thud. It was as if all the wind had been taken from her sails, as she now realized that Iwas indeed still in control of the situation.
"Why are you doing this to me? What do you want?" she pleaded.
"I think you know WHY I'm doing this Becky. You need to be punished for what you did to me. And WHAT I want is quite simple - YOU." I stated matter-of-factly. "How do you think the police will look at this photo? They'll see a teacher - a person in authority - attempting to corrupt the morals of one of her students. I believe the sentence for that type of crime is 5-10 years jail time. Are you willing to go to prison Becky?" I asked sarcastically.
A hoarse, "No."
"Excuse me?"
A louder, "No, Mr. Drake."
"That's better, I was starting to think you'd lostyour manners," I explained.
Now that I had her attention and had removed any resistance she might have built up, I movedon with the next phase of my plan. "You know, Jim and I often talked about you. As I said, I think he still has a lot of unresolved issues concerning you. In one of those discussions we talked about how terrible you were at giving a blowjob."
A shocked look flashed across Becky's face at hearing this.
"I bet you believed you were actually good at it,didn't you?" I scoffed. She almost nodded her head yes, before catching herself. "Well, I told Jim that I found it hard to believe that someone as OLD as you, didn't know how to properly suck a cock." (Jim had told me that Becky had always wanted him to use vulgar language with her.)
I could see the words stung her by the pained look on her face.
"I want to see for myself just how bad a cocksucker you really are Becky."
"Please no Tim. Not that. Surely we can come tosome other kind of agreement," she begged.
"You know BECKY, some people just never fucking learn. I was going to allow you to remain clothed while you sucked me off, but because you seem to keep forgetting your manners, I think it will be appropriate for you now to be naked when you do it."
"God, no. Please Mr. Drake, I'm sorry. I won't forget again," she whined.
"I'm sorry too Becky, but I think a lesson needsto be learned here. Now enough chatter. Get up and move around to in front of your desk."
With a resigned look, she rose unsteadily to herfeet and shuffled around to the front of her desk, keeping her head bowed throughout.
Once in position, I ordered, "Take off your clothes Becky." When she hesitated to comply, I added, "I saw everything there was to see yesterday, so there's no reason to be shy today.If you don't want to play along, then I'll leave now and we'll see tomorrow how the police react to the photos. The decision is yours."
Reluctantly, she began to remove her clothing. Amazingly, she did it in the same order that I had her do it yesterday. When she was all done,she stood in front of me naked again, and evenremembered to keep her hands at her side, rather than trying to cover herself up.
God, she was fucking amazing. Each time I saw her naked, she seemed to get hotter and hotterlooking. But I wasn't about to let her know that.
"Christ, I don't know how Jim could have ever slept with you. You must have had to pay him orsomething," I said spitefully. Tears began to well up in her eyes at hearing that.
"Now get on your knees Becky," I ordered.
She slowly lowered herself to the ground. I wasstanding roughly 5 feet away from her at this point, and rather than walk to where she was kneeling, I directed "You can't suck my cock way over there. Now get over here," I pointed to the ground in front of my feet. This forced Becky to shuffle on her knees for several feet until she was kneeling directly in front of me.
What a feeling of power it was to have a beautiful naked woman kneeling before you, who had to do absolutely whatever it was you wanted. To have that kind of ...

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