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Man, I fucking hated science. And I especially hated that bitch of a teacher Ms. O'Hare. She failed me last year in science and math which meant I had to come back again this year to do 12th grade over again. When she had given me the news at the end of the school year, I was fucking devastated. I think that bitch actually smirked when she saw how upset I was.
You see Ms. O'Hare is the hottest teacher in school, if not the whole state. She is only 26 years old and has a body to die for. She stands 5'6" tall and weighs roughly 120lbs. She has gorgeous long brown hair, with vivid green eyes. Her tits are a good size, probably a 36C, and she has a slender waist which tops off the most perfect ass you've ever seen. It's the kindof ass most men only fantasize about.
A week had passed since my 12th grade year had started (for the second time), and I was finally ready to put my plan into action. I thought it best if everyone, including Ms. O'Hare, got settled in and started to feel comfortable about the year to come.
Once the end of class bell sounded, I approached Ms. O'Hare, who was sitting at her desk correcting papers. I'd been planning this moment for a long time and had worked out how it was going to progress, down to the tiniest of details. Without waiting for her to acknowledge my presence and give me permission to speak, I matter-of-factly stated,"Ms O'Hare, I will need to speak with you privately after school today. I'll be here at 3:30pm." And with that, I promptly turned about and marched out of the classroom beforeshe even had a chance to formulate a response.
I felt it was important to start taking control right away. At first, the control was going to be subtle, but I planned on ramping it up very quickly. I had two more periods to go before the end of the school day, so had a little bit of time left to rehearse in my head how I wanted the meeting to go.
Though I'd been planning this day for a long time, a lot of it was still left to chance as I could not accurately predict how Ms. O'Hare would react to every situation. If she didn't react in the manner I expected, then everythingI had planned would come crashing down around me in a real hurry. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I was 18 years old, in my last year of high school and if all elsefailed, I could just take off and start fresh somewhere else. This was too golden of an opportunity to pass up - even if it potentially could put me in some very hot water.
The last hour of school was absolute torture. I had no idea what the teacher was talking aboutas all I could think of was what was about to take place with Ms. O'Hare. The scenario just kept playing over and over in my head, as I tried to look at all the possibilities that might occur. I was hoping she was going to be there when I showed up, and that she would be aloneas I had directed.
Finally the bell rang, signalling the end of that school day. With 15 minutes to burn before my meeting with Ms. O'Hare, I headed over to the gym to watch cheerleading practice. Well actually, it was to watch one cheerleader in particular - Lisa Beaumont.
We've lived on the same street and attended the same schools for 8 years. Though she is a year younger than me, I have had a crush on her since the first day we met. The feeling was definitely not mutual though. She is, and had always been, a knockout. She's 5'3" tall; weighsabout 100lbs; has long, straight, blond hair; narrow, almost perfect facial features; and an athletic build. Her waist could best be describedas 'petite' and is accentuated by her small, yet pert breasts and a very tight round ass. Due to her looks and her athletic prowess, she had always been a part of the 'in group', and would never have been caught dead talking to a loser like me.
Well, if all went according to plan, things wouldsoon be changing for the better - at least for me, that is. I checked my watch, and upon seeing that it was almost 3:30pm, I knew it wasnow time for me to take my leave of Lisa and to go hopefully to meet my destiny with Ms. O'Hare.
The closer I got to Ms. O'Hare's classroom, the more nervous I got. So much time and effort had been expended in planning this moment, and so much was riding on its success. If I failed here, then everything would be for naught. Before opening the door, I took a moment to shake off the nervousness, grab a few deep steadying breaths, and steel myself for what was about to come. A quick check (for the hundredth time) of my pockets, revealed that everything was still in place. Timing would be everything.
With a silent prayer that Ms. O'Hare was alone as directed, I opened the door and marched right up to her desk as if I was a man on a mission (remembering to close the door behind me). With a quick glance about the room I saw that we were indeed alone.
Again, without waiting for her to give me permission to speak, I began to tell my much rehearsed story.
"Ms. O'Hare, I realize that we have not had a good start to our relationship, what with you failing me last year and all, but I believe that we are going to start to see a change for the better now."
"Now look Tim..." Ms. O'Hare began to interject.
"Ms. O'Hare," I quickly cut her off, not wanting her to gain control of the conversation, "I thinkits best you hear me out before you interrupt me again." I could see she was taken aback by my tone of voice, and a bit unsettled perhaps by the strange turn of events. "You see, shortly after receiving my failing report card, my mother sent me to LA to live with, and work for,my Dad for the summer. She felt I needed to 'get my act together and to take control of my life.'"
"Well, at first I was a bit upset about being sent away, but then one fateful day, everythingchanged for me." I could see that my calm, almost serene story telling was further unsettling Ms. O'Hare, as she shifted nervously in her seat. "You see my Dad owns a nightclub, and had me working there during the day, cleaning up and handling the inventory. It was on one of these days that I got to talking with one of his bartenders. A fellow by the name of Jim Henderson. You might know him?"
The look of shock on Ms. O'Hare's face was priceless. Her face blanched white with fear, her mouth hung open and the lower lip began to quiver.
Not wanting to lose the effect, I pressed on."The conversation naturally came around to where I was living, what school I was attendingand how I had done in the previous school year.Of course, when I lamented to him about how Ms. O'Hare had failed me in two subjects last year, he immediately recognized the name."
If it was possible, Ms. O'Hare began to visibly shrink within her chair. The look of shock was quickly replaced with a sickly green pallor. I was worried she might actually throw up right there and then.
""He asked me if my Ms. O'Hare was actually the same Rebecca O'Hare who went to UCLA for her teaching degree several years back. After Jim described you to me, I knew we were talking about the same Rebecca O'Hare. Imagine that. Such a small world isn't it, Ms. O'Hare?" I asked rhetorically.
Again, nothing but stunned silence.
"Well, imagine my surprise when he tells me that you guys used to date in college. It seems Ms. O'Hare, that you weren't very nice to him when you broke up with him, and I think he stillharbours some resentment over that. He had quite the interesting story to tell about you."
Now it was time to drop the bombshell.
"He said you were always pressuring him to be more sexually dominant with you. Even after telling you he had no interest in that, you kept nagging him. Well I guess one night he finally gave in and you guys experimented a little. And if you'll remember, he took pictures of the event at your insistence. Well, imagine my surprise when he tells me that he still has a copy of those photos."
Ms O'Hare's shoulders completely slumped down as she sank into the back of her chair, silently mouthing the words, "Oh my God..." over and over again.
"It seems that when you deleted them off of the computer, you forgot to empty the Recycle Bin as well. Jim was able to recover the files and print copies of them for posterity's sake. I guess he was just waiting for the right time to bring them out of hiding. Now imagine my shock when he not only offers to show me the photos, but to give me a copy of them as well."
Wanting to be sure I had her attention, with a slow, almost exaggerated motion, I reached up and from my front chest pocket, pulled out one of the photos. It was of Ms. O'Hare, and in it she was down on her hands and knees like a dog with nothing but a collar around her neck and a leash hanging from it. She was looking upat the camera with a very pouty, sexual look on her face.
"The woman in this picture is HOT, so looking atyou now, I find it kind of hard to believe that it could actually be you." Despite the fact that I was talking about her, I could tell my harsh words stung her as she likely believed that she was still an attractive woman. There was no doubt in my mind the picture was of her and though I did really believe that she was hot as hell, I didn't want her to know that.
"Look Tim., please give me those photos. I think...." Ms. O'Hare began to quietly plead.
"Actually Becky," cutting her off, "You don't mind if I call you Becky do you?" I asked mockingly.
"No Tim., I don't think it would be appropriate for..." she began.
Again cutting her off before she could complete her sentence, I asked "Becky, what do you think would happen if certain people were to receive copies of these photos? Say likethe principal of the school, and perhaps select members of the school board. Maybe even the local church you attend. How about your parents?"
"Please no Tim, if its money you want, I can payyou for those photos," she pleaded with me.
"Well first off Becky, I think it would be appropriate for you to call me Mr. Drake from now on. Don't you?"
"I...guess so," she stammered after a seconds thought.
I could tell her mind was reeling as she thoughtof all the possibilities. "Now Becky, I want you to listen carefully to what I am about to say. I think you are beginning to realize what will happen to you should these photos come to light. You would certainly be fired, and most likely blacklisted from ever teaching again. Youwould be an outcast in the community, and I can't even begin to imagine the level of disappointment and shame your parents would likely feel about you."
"Please Tim..." she began.
"Excuse me Becky?" I quickly interjected.
"I'm sorry, I mean Mr. Drake," she stammered.
"Look Becky, I don't want money or anything like that. These photos can stay just between you and me." She appeared to visibly relax uponhearing this. "I just want to ...

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