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Sitting side by side Naina said 'poor Mayuri I pity her.'

Those words somewhat shocked Amar. Pondering over it he said 'why do you pity her.'

'Don't you see what she is undergoing' she replied.

'What? I don't see anything.'

'That is the problem with you men, you don't seem to understand things.'

'I really don't know what you are talking about' Amar replied.

'Don't you see that she is all by herself? Does not go out, no friends and no life.'

'Yes, Dad hardly takes her out' he replied.

'What about you? Why don't you do what your Dad does not?' she stressed the word Dad and stared at him point blank.

'I don't understand what I could do' he said.

'You are not a child anymore. You have grown up and can take care of her' she said.

'But she is not so friendly with me. She always bosses over me' he replied.

'May be you take advantage of her' said Naina.

'I don't other than ask for some Pocket money' he said.

'And when you get money you forget her, is it not' she asked.

'Yes, so it is' he replied softly.

'You enjoy with your friends when she is left all alone' she said.

'I do go out with my friends' replied Amar.

'Girl Friends?'

'Sometimes' he replied shyly.

'Why don't you treat her like your girl friend' she said.

'You mean . . . .'

'Yes that is what I mean. Take her out, be a companion to her and treat her like a girl friend' she said.

'Where shall I take her' he asked.

'Where do you take your girl friends, tell me,' she asked.

'I take them out, sometimes to a movie' he replied.

'What do you do there' she asked looking straight in his eyes.

'Can't tell you that' he replied shyly.

'Okay tell me one thing. Why did you agree to come out with me' she asked smiling at him.

'Well you asked for and I came' he replied.

'Is that the sole reason for your coming' she eyed him closely.

'Yes, what other reason could there be' he said.

'Did you not come because I am a woman and you like me? Is it not a fact you wanted to be close to a woman. Are you not enjoying being with me' she spoke softly and moving closer she placed a hand on his thighs.

Amar was taken back by her questions and unable to answer, he felt numb.

Caressing his thighs she said 'I can understand what you Boys like and so does every woman.'

'But, but . . . . .' he stammered again.

'No buts. You are grown up and it is your duty to take care of her' and caressing his thighs said 'don't you like it, tell me, tell me' she asked.

'I I don't know' he stammered again.

'Does it not feel good? Does it not thrill you? Like wise make her feel good' she said.

'What' as he uttered it he looked at her.

'Yes, as you are getting interested, so will she. Come let's go now and tomorrow I promise there will be more' saying this she touched her breasts.

Seeing her feeling her breasts Amar's eyes popped out and as he looked at her she said 'there's more to come, let's go.'

Amar found it hard to digest what he had seen and heard. Everything had happened so fast. Like a faithful servant he followed his Aunt and reached home after dropping her.


Reaching home Amar was delighted to see his mother smiling and beckoning him to have dinner. Though he was not hungry he sat down with his mother. Silently they finished their dinner and when he got up Mayuri asked 'do you need anything Am.'

Her loving words made him opt for a glass of milk and when his mother turned to fetch his eyes took to her. He looked at her from head to toe and what he saw excited him. Mayuri had a well carved physique. She was quite tall at 5. 6 and her body was proportionate to her height. Her long cascading hairs over her shoulders were very alluring. Her shoulder blades were broad and the dimples caused by her muscles were most appealing. Down, the curve of her back was exquisite and the swell of her buttocks as they swayed in the light sari was most enthralling.

Amar was aroused on seeing the figure of his mother and when she went behind the curtain he quickly arranged his growing manhood.

Oh! What is happening to me he exclaimed.

Holding the glass of hot milk as Mayuri lifted it, the top of her sari slipped exposing the curvaceous figure of her bosom. Amar was elated when he saw it. Though he tried hard to detour his eyes he was unable to. He quickly took the glass of milk from her and went to his room.

Mayuri stood looking at her departing son. The call which Naina had made before Amar reached home had helped her. Naina had taken her to task. She had verbally accused her of neglecting her son and now adhering to her words she was happy to see the change in him. She hoped it would benefit her but how was still a question? In her room she thought why she had neglected him for no fault of his? While it was the fault of his father she had distanced from her son. She made her mind to give back all the love. With these thoughts in her mind she slept peacefully.

Next morning Mayuri was pleased to see the youthful figure of Amar. It was her turn to look at him. She looked at him as if she was looking at a stranger. My God has he not grown up she said to herself.

'Sorry, did you say something?' asked Amar.

'Nothing, by the way where did you take Naina yesterday' she asked.

'To the market and then to a restaurant' he replied.

'If I had known that you were going to a restaurant I would have accompanied you' she said.

'Oh! How I wish I could take you today.' As soon as he said his mind raced back to what Naina had promised. He was thinking of her when his mother said 'are you going out with her.'

'Yes, few things could not be purchased yesterday.'

'Its okay, carryon may be we could go some day.'

'How about tomorrow' said Amar instantly.

'Where would you take me' asked Mayuri.

'Any where you would like to' he replied.

'Do you have so much time to take your mother out' she asked.

'Come on Mom, I can do anything for you' he replied.

'How sweet of you, I was a fool for not have asked you earlier' she said smilingly.

'Okay but tell me where would you like to go?' he persisted.

Hearing this 'where are you both planning to go' asked Dikshit who had come down.

'We are going for shopping' replied Mayuri.

'Fine' saying this he sat down for breakfast and left for his office without any further reference to the subject. Amar too departed and Mayuri was left alone.

Mayuri for once was happy to be alone. Having recollected the events of the day she felt glad and thought of thanking Naina.

By evening Amar was eagerly waiting for his aunt and was delighted when his eyes scanned the crowd and spotted her.

Amar joined and escorted her to the market. After an hour or so of shopping Naina looking up at him said 'do you have time for snacks.'

'Yes I informed Mom that I would be late.'

'So you have come prepared' she said softly.

Hearing it Amar blushed.

'Shall we go to the same place' she asked.


Sitting in the corner table she asked 'so how's your Mom?'

'Oh! She is fine and tomorrow we are going out' he replied.

'How lucky you are' she said.

'Why' asked Amar.

'To have two new girl friends' said Naina.

Amar blushed again.

'Of the two whom do you like' she asked.

'Why? I like you both' he shot back.

'No it cannot be true, only one would be very special' she said.

'If it is so then it is you' he replied.

'How nice. Is it a fact or are you trying to pull my leg' she asked.

'It is a fact and I mean it' he said looking at her.

'And may I know why' she asked.

'You were so kind to take me to this restaurant' he replied.

'Because of that,' she asked.

'Not only that, I liked your company' he replied.

'You like my company? You like sitting beside me' she asked patting his thighs.

'Yes, I like it' he replied getting excited.

'You liked being with me yesterday' she asked feeling his thighs.

'Yes' he said softly.

'What did you like' she asked moving closer.

'I liked being with you, sitting beside you and . . . .'

'And, tell me' she crooned.

'And liked the way you felt me' he said bowing his head.

'You liked the feel of my hand on your thighs, is it so' she asked.


'And what else did excite you' she asked.

'Few other things' he replied.

'What other thing did I do that made you excited, tell me' she insisted.

'I saw you caress it as we felt the restaurant' he said staring at her bosom.

'So you saw me doing it, I thought you had not' she lied.

'It was there to be seen' he replied.

'And what other reason made you come today' she asked.

'Your words' he replied.

'What did I say' she asked as this conversation sent warm waves up her body.

'You said I would be suitably rewarded' he replied.

'Yes, have I not rewarded you by bringing you to this restaurant' she asked teasing him.

'Yes and you said something else.'

'What was that' she said as she felt her body responding.

'You said there's more to come.'

'You remember that too' she asked getting excited.

'One does not forget those words' he replied.

'What did you think I would do' she asked.

'How can I say what's in your mind' he replied.

'But still you might have thought of something' she replied softly.

'I thought you would continue' he replied.

'What? feeling your thighs' she said.

'Yes and also those' he said staring at her bosom.

'Does it thrill you to watch me fondling it' she asked placing her hand on her bosom.

'Yes' he replied focusing his eyes on her hand.

'You want to see me caress them' she asked softly.


'Like this,' she said slipping her hand inside the sari and touching her breasts.


'You want me to hold them in my hand' she asked.

Amar did not reply. His eyes were engrossed on her actions.

'Or do you want me to caress your thighs' she asked as wave after wave swept through her body.

'Anything' was all he could reply.

'Do you like this' she said placing her hand on his upper thighs.

Amar was captivated by her actions. As soon as ...
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