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mirand kerr nude gq outtakes


'Yes, sometimes it thrills but sometimes it is scary' replied Mayuri.

'And that is exactly what he has in mind, the thrill, the excitement. How I wish it could have happened to me' she said.

'Are you sure'

'Yes I would have loved someone teasing me in Nithin's presence' she replied.

'What if Nithin has the same desires' asked Mayuri?

'I would close my eyes and let him have fun' she replied.

'You mean you won't feel bad of him for having cheated' she asked.

'No you don't when two play the same game' she replied.

'Good' as she said this Mayuri's thoughts wandered towards Nithin and when she was thinking of him she heard the door bell and as she got up to open the door Naina stalled her and said 'let me surprise him.'

'Please' replied an excited Mayuri.

As Naina opened the door Amar was really surprised. Just today he had thought of meeting her and here she was. He was thrilled. Exchanging a few pleasantries he went up to change.

Having changed as he came down he was excited to hear that he has to drop Naina and collect a parcel. This was a well thought of plan between the two women.

On their way Naina said 'how are things.'

'They are fine' he replied.

'Good, I heard you took your Mom for an outing' she said.

'Yes we went for shopping and boating too' he replied.

'So you have become friends' she asked.

'Yes we have become good friends' he replied.

'So good that you took her on a date' she asked.

'Not on a date but we went out' he replied.

'When you went boating I am sure you reached the far end of the lake, did you not' she asked.

'Yes we did'

'And it was there you two became intimate' she asked.

'Nothing like that happened' he replied.

'Don't tell me that you did not feel her' she asked.

'No I did not' he replied.

'Did you not touch her bosom or some part of her body' she asked.

'No I did not' he replied.

'Did you not ogle at her body' she asked.

'No' he replied shaking his head.

'Then what did you do there' she asked.

'Well she kissed me' he replied.

'Ah! For one kiss you went so far' she asked.

'What could I do' he asked.

'Did you not do as I asked you' she said.


'Feel or touch her body' she asked.

'No but once I had the opportunity to lay my head on her lap' he replied.

'What did you do' she asked.

'Nothing, I just rested my head on her lap' he replied.

'You were on her lap and did nothing' she asked.


'Nothing happened' she asked again.

'Nothing except she kissed me on my nipples' he said.

'She kissed your nipples' Naina asked.

'Yes, she kissed my nipples' he replied.

'Did you kiss her back' she shot the question?

Amar shook his head. He wanted to say that he had shot in his pants when she kissed but was glad that the cab had stopped.

'Come let's go in' said Naina alighting from the cab.

Naina used her key to open the door and after seeing Amar to the sofa as she went inside was surprised to see Nithin sleeping in their room. It was just 7.15 and the only reason that came to her mind was that he had one too many than he could withstand. So that meant he was gone for the day and this sent a thrill up her spine.

Packing a small memento of little value she went to the sitting room and handing it to Amar asked 'what would you like to have coffee or juice.'

'Juice will be fine' replied Amar.

'I will get it,' saying this she went and returned back with a glass of juice.

Accepting the glass 'why don't you have some' he said.

'I will have a sip' saying this she took a sip and returned the glass back.

As Amar lifted the glass his gaze fell upon impression of Naina's lipstick struck on it. This made him turn the glass and when the impression was on his side, placing his lips on it he drank the juice.

'Do you like it' asked Naina as he finished the drink.

'It was fine' he replied.

'What did you like' she asked softly.

'Why the juice' replied Amar.

'I thought you liked something else' she said.

'What are you talking of' he asked a little puzzled.

'I thought you liked my lips' said Naina.

'What' asked a surprised Amar? How could she have seen it he thought and being caught red handed he said 'yes.'

Moving closer 'feel like kissing them' she whispered.

Amar was shocked and taking a deep breath 'yes' he uttered.

'Then I have check up whether he is asleep' replied Naina getting up.

'Who is asleep' asked a shocked Amar.

'My husband, he is sleeping in the bedroom' said Naina getting up and seeing that Amar was worried 'don't worry I will take care' saying this she went in and was back after shutting the bedroom door.

'Nothing to worry he is asleep' said Naina as she leaned on him.

Amar being excited with her closeness 'is it okay' he whispered.

'Yes I think you can kiss me' said Naina lifting her face.

As Naina lifted her face Amar was aroused. Instantly his hands caught her face and bringing it down he kissed her on her lips.

Naina was delighted to have been kissed on her lips. She was excited to be kissed while her husband was so close. Throwing all caution to the wind and leaning on him she kissed him back.

Amar was thrilled when Naina leaned on him and feeling her petite breasts against his chest he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

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