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gf returns


Detailed Description of an Indian Incest Story

My name is Aditya and I live in Mumbai. I am 21 years of age and am currently doing my post-grad from a college in Mumbai. This story refers to my hooking up with a female called Reena, who incidently was also my teacher at one point in time. I was born and brought up in Mumbai itself. My parents being working, I had to start taking tuitions at a fairly early stage in school.

I was in standard four when my mom started looking for someone to help me out with my studies. She came to know of a certain Miss Reena through a colleague. Reena aunty(as I used to call her) was a working lady who used to teach children as a part time hobby. She used to finish her work at 5 in the evening and by 6 she used to reach my place to teach me.

Let me tell u that she was not teaching for any financial benefits. She was earning handsomely in her job and was from a well off family. She just loved teaching small kiddos like me and thats why she used to spend time with me. Let me tell you something more interesting about her.At that time she was 29 and single. Now u realize where i'm drifting, right.

Even though I was only 10, I still remember her vivdly. A height of 5'8, slender and a fair complexion. She had a good bosom to boast of and was a hot chick ready to be consumed. To be fair and honest, till date I feel she looks very much like Rekha. Especially now(shes 39 now). She had and still has a deep husky voice, which makes her even hotter.

She used to help me out with all my subjects, homework, projects etc.But along with studies we used to have a lot of fun also.We used to occasionaly play games etc.She had taught me chess and made me a champion in carrom.So it was both, work and play.Now obviously you dont expect a boy of 10 to have sexual feelings of any sort.But even then I was besotted by her in a puppy way.

She used to dress in a very fashionable manner, mostly in tight salwar suits.Sometimes on off days, she used to wear westerns like jeans etc.I used to be floored by her looks and her fragrance.The perfumes used to make me mad.I was the only child of my parents and thus she used to devote time only to me from 6 to say 7.30.

All in all I was too tiny to realize what a fiery piece of God's creation she was.I now remember that many a times after studies, when she used to be leaving, I would also accompany her till the lobby as I used to go to play with my friends.I had noticed the liftman and the security guards looking intently at her from head to toe.I was too immature to understand what they were seeing.Now I get it.

She taught me for 2 years, from 4th to 6th.I was doing very well in my school and studies, scoring handsomely term after term.When she used to reach my place to teach me, she used to first get fresh ie wash her face etc and then keeping duppata aside start with the studies.As I told u I was too small to actually look at her in a desirous manner but I do remember that sometimes while teaching or while taking something out from her bag,

her neckline used to plumment down a long way.If im not wrong her size then would be either 32C or 34C.But it dint mean anything as far as I was concerned.Reena aunty was my favourite teacher as well as aunty.In that course of time she had also become a good friend of my mom's.

It was then that my mom told me that she had some problems in her personal life and thats why she had not married as yet.But after 2 years of teaching me,at 31 she was getting married.Thus she had to stop giving tuitions.I was very sad and dejected for a few days but then life moved on.She had invited us to her marriage, but because it was in Bangalore, we dint go.

She had married a divorcee and was a love marriage.They had settled in Bangalore itself.That was that.Years went by and I grew up.I never really thought about her until last year.One sudden day, last year my mom recieved a call on the landline from Reena aunty.She said that she got this number of ours after lot of searching and tracing.

We had shifted from our previous residence where she used to come to teach me and thus our number had also changed.She told my mom that they had shifted to Mumbai a year ago.She had a 6 year old son now and she was still working.She had actually called up to invite us to her son's birthday.She gave us her address and asked us earnestly to come for it.

3 days later my mom asked me to come with her for the birthday party.I was is no mood at all to attend a 6 yr olds bday.I hate such boring parties and also I was 19 now! But to my badluck, our driver dint turn up that day and I had to drive my mom there and thus accompany her in the bday.Little did I know that I was actually my goodluck.

While going towards her house I just tried to make a sketch of Reena aunty now.I thought after 7-8 years of marriage she would be a fat lady with uninviting looks or something like that.But as soon as we reached her place and entered the house, I was spellbound to say the least.She was just the contrary to what I imagined her to have become.

Slender as before,but yes a little plump at the right places.Being a regular 19yr old boy(very horny) I first took notice of her boobies.Her house door was open and she saw us and was walking towards us.Just the perfect MILF.She was wearing a light blue coloured jeans and a thin brown coloured body hugging top.'Wowwwwwwww' is all I could think of that time.

Her thighs were fuller, she looked fairer and those melons in her top.Begging to come out it seemed.They looked much bigger, round and firm.Must be 36C I thought.She came upto us howling 'Adiiiii' and hugged me.Almost ten years had passed since she had last touched me.And this was by far the most electrifying of all.Oh boy I was befuddled.

She hugged me tight and then my mum.Earlier I wasnt even half her size and now I was taller than her.She said to my mum, "My God Jaya,How tall and handsome Adi has become!!' and then looked at me and asked, "How many girlfriends do you have huh?".I just smiled and said, "None".I was infact lying.I was and I am still seeing a girl in my college.

Without being too boastful ive been blessed with pretty good looks. Anyway, back to the story.We entered her place, which was filled with mothers and their tiny tots.I was the only Big Guy there.The usual bday part was on with games and cake etc etc.My mom was busy talking to Reena aunty and other women.I took a seat in a corner where the annoying kids wouldnt bother me.

I took out my Blackberry and acted as if I was busy on it.I was infact noticing Reena aunty and her movements and her curves.And I enjoyed a hell of a lot.While the kids were playing games on the floor, Reena aunty had to bend one too often to help them out.And then I was regularly watching the greatest pair of tits ive seen till date.

Big huge melons, which were fair as milk any yummy as cream.Ahhhh....i still remember her black bra that was visible once or twice.As the guests started leaving and the house became comparitively empty, Reena aunty came and sat beside my mum and me to talk.She asked me how I was, which college, which subjects etc etc.

And then she told my mum in the course of our conversations that her husband had an alcohol problem and was travelling out of India most of the time.She dint seem very happy in her married life from her talks.She was very sad that he was not there for their son's bday.But she said she was fine and was trying to get busy with work and her son.

She again teased me and said, "So Adi, ur the typical college stud, the one after whom girls go crazy.I never thought you would become so handsome when you grow up".I just laughed off and denied any such thing.We then had dinner and were leaving when she asked us for our mobile nos.She first took my mums no and then mine.

She gave us a missed call and when I removed my cell from my pocket she saw it and said, "Oh wow ur on BB".I said yes, but she neither asked nor did she give her Pin.We said thank you and left.That night after reaching home I jerked off twice recalling her boobs when she bent down.I restricted myself only to that much and dint think of her further.

But to my surprise, next day in the evening I got msg frm her,'My BB PIN'.She had given me her pin and I added her.It was from there that the real story began.My college was in Bandra and so was her office.She started the chat.She said 'Hi Adi, am I disturbing u'.I also said hi and asked her how was she.

She then said that lunch time in her office was very boring and asked me if the next day I was in Bandra during lunchtime.I told her that I would be in and around the college that time and was free during lunch.She asked me if I would like to meet her for lunch at Bombay Blue in Bandra to which I replied yes.

I just took this as a normal chilling thing and thought that she genuinely wanted to have a good lunch.Next day I reached Bombay Blue at 2pm and was waiting for Reena aunty.She reached there after 5minutes.She was wearing a green coloured Salwar Suit and was looking smoking hot.Her lips that day looked the most appealing.I realized she was the perfect hour glass.

Sleek in the middle and curved where required.I was floored by her.A proper woman with proper assests.Not a young folly in her teens or something.I thought how lucky her husband would be.She hugged me again and I said "Hi Reena Aunty'.She stopped then and there, looked at me and said, "Adi dont call me Aunty.Ur a grown up guy now and im not that old, am i?".

I dont know what happened to my senses then and I replied,"Not at all, as hot as ever".I wanted to say young as ever, but seriously I dont know what made me come up with that.She looked at me in disbelief and even I lost my voice.She then broke into a laughter and said, "Its ok, dont worry, its all fine in this generation".I dint get what that meant, but I regained my breath.

We entered the restaurant and took a table for 2.For the next one hour we ate good food and struck conversations.She told me about her work, her office, her child, his school, his habits etc etc.She then asked me about my life.She spoke about old days, how she used to teach me etc.She then suddenly said, "You have a girlfriend dont you?".I was pretty taken aback by this.

I was trying to equivocate on this queston, when she said."I saw you and her few days back near ur college".I was shocked to say the least to hear this.She then smiled and said,"Dont be so shy.U can tell me about it.Even I had boyfriends in college".I was like "Anuntyyy the thing is...." and she said say Reena.And I had to say, "Reena if mom comes to know about it...".

She said that she wont tell it to anyone and that it was no big deal to have a GF.She said that she was just trying to be my friend rather than an aunty or teacher.On hearing this even I tried to relax a bit a thought that what she was saying was right.That now instead of considering her my teacher or that sort I could take her as a friend.

But I couldnt fathom why was she so eager be become my friend.That too a guy who was almost 20years younger to her.But I let those thoughts take a backseat and opened up.I told her the name of ...
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