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Rahul Fucking Neha & Niyanta - III

Anyway I reached at Neha’s place as expected by that time Niyanta was gone to her work and me and Neha had good time together on bed, rather I must say that once again I had plenty of sex with my cousin and this time I saw that from the time we met, Neha was more open and was really very desperate to have sex and finally while laying together to have sex I found her much more active than last time, as such her hesitation was disappearing.

I did not asked her even once for oral and she started doing that on her own and sucked me hungrily to pleasure me and finally made me cum by giving a blow job and took my first load on her breasts to kill my initial excitement so that I can stay inside her for long and fuck her properly.

During intercourse initially she sat on my top and fucked her self suiting her pleasure then we tried doggy way and I pumped her as hard as possible and released my self inside my little sister’s fuckhole without any tension. For lunch I ordered Pizza and after some time one more session followed and I fucked Neha up to her satisfaction in missionary and once again at the end I released my seed inside my cousin.

Finally in the evening just before leaving I gave her couple of more DVD’s which was first step of my mission called Niyanta. I told her that these are my assorted favorites. Actually those 2 DVD’s were having more than dozen sexual intercourses and all of them were threesomes. Yes that was my plan; I wanted to arouse Neha for threesome till the time she gets ready for that.

Though all videos were not of our composition, I mean more than half of the videos were one male and two females and rest of them were two males and one female. Anyway I worked according to plan, in the night I called Neha as I use to call her every night and asked her whether she has seen those Videos.

Unfortunately she was not in state to see those videos and after half an hour of casual talk it ended. Neha’s menses started timely and lasted for 5 days. In the mean time I was in her touch as well but sex did not come in our conversation for long.

On Wednesday Neha was totally free from her monthly cycle and in the night we had long chit chat and in that telephonic conversation she told me that she is in safe period even after 3-4 days of menstrual cycle and somewhere she wanted me to be there at least once with her in next 3-4 days to have sex one more time in the safe period.

At my end realizing Neha’s eagerness, I took a step two and told her to watch those porn movies which were yet unseen. She played them while talking to me, and at my end I played same video and talked to her about those intercourses. I think my conversation at that time played important role in asking Neha for threesome so I am trying to write that as well.

Initially Neha played the video in which two males were fucking one female, “do you liked this type of videos?” I asked Neha, “Hmm… it’s good” Neha replied, “see how both the guys are enjoying her body” I spoke about the video in sensual voice, “hmmm…..” Neha just hummed “do you like getting fucked like that?” I asked her again in same fashion,

“hmmmm……” once again Neha just hummed to say yes without realizing what I have asked. “By two guys at a time?” I asked her again and rephrased my question more clearly, “no, how can it be possible?” Neha replied as she realized what I am asking, “kabhi imagine to kiya hoga, masturbate karne ke liye?”

I asked her again, “never” she replied, “then Imagine….you are on your four and one is licking you from behind and other one is inside your mouth” I spoke what I was watching hoping that she was also at the same part of the movie, “Hmmmm….. but it’s not practical” Neha replied, “practical hai tabhi to samne ho raha hai” I replied, “I mean its not practical in real life” she tried to clear what she meant,

I knew what she wanted to say even then I was hanging on with words, “can’t you see it’s real, this is not an animated video” I replied, “I know but ye hum logg to nahi kar sakte na (we cannot do)” Neha got bit irritated, “hmmmm… Ok……” I accepted and then spoke again “play next video” I told her and she played,

it was one man and two women show and with in a minute one female was sucking man’s penis and other one was getting sucked by the man of the movie on my screen. “see this, its really excellent” “hmmm……..” once again she just hummed. “What do you think about this?” I asked her and before she would have said anything I spoke again,

“from last few days I am fantasizing this” “hmmm….” once again she just hummed without realizing what I have said, “you know who is the second girl about which I fantasize?” I asked her, taking her attention over what I am saying, “who?” Neha asked back with bit of realization, “Ok tell me who is the first girl?” I asked Neha “me of course” she replied,

“then who is the second girl?” “who…?” “guess” I replied and told her to guess the second girl about which I fantasize, and before Neha would have realized and would have uttered her friend’s name I spoke “your friend, who else” “what” Neha asked back in bit of shock, “ya that’s true…. These days I fantasize you and Niyanta together while masturbating” I spoke clearly,

“don’t tell me?” Naha could not believe, “hmmm…. I am serious, we can do anything at least in fantasy” I replied, “ya that’s true” Neha replied, I wanted to speak up now but I was hesitating, finally I gathered courage and spoke again, “waise do you think it’s possible?” “what?” Neha asked back, “yehi, you me and Niyanta” I cleared what I wanted to say.

“you mean we three on bed for sex?” Neha could not believe what I was asking, “hmmmmm……..” I just hummed to say, “aap pagal ho gaye ho kya?” means have you gone mad. “yes you can say that” I replied, and then spoke again “jab se Niyanta ki wo Goa wali pictures dekhi hain main pagal ho gaya hun” “you mean you want to fuck Niyanta too”

Neha asked me again, “yes…” I admitted one more time and asked her in a flow. “Tell me is it possible?” “No..” Neha replied instantly, “why?” I asked back. “what why….. how can you do this?” I could feel that Neha was getting possessive in her tone and for me now it was real job to handle her. “see what we do is just for fun,

I hope you are not serious with me” I spoke and started convincing her and then spoke again, “tell me if you are getting serious,….. I will stop all this immediately … because I cannot handle this relation… After all we are first cousins” I spoke with lot of pauses, “hmmmm…….” Neha hummed again to say yes, “what Hmmmmm…. Tell me are you serious?”

I asked her again, “no….” Neha accepted that she is not serious with me, “this means we both are just having fun…..then let’s enhance our fun” I spoke casually, “haan aap aise kah rahe ho jaise Niyanta ready hai karne ke liye (means you are saying as if Niyanta is ready to do)” Neha spoke in bit of sarcastic tone, “pahle tum to haan bolo fir dekhte hain Niyanta ko kaise tyar karna hai

(means first you say yes to it, then we will se how to make her ready)” I replied instantly. Neha went silent I waited for her to speak and then spoke after few seconds and asked her, “tell me you are ready or not?” “I don’t know?” she replied, “then think about it….. I am sure it will be fun” I spoke and took a commanding position and then spoke again,

“see Neha before doing it with me, you already had an experience of this (sex), even I was also experienced……. Certainly in future we both will do this with someone else as well…….. But something like threesome is really very rare” I made a long statement and then spoke again after a small pause, “let’s give it a try, I am sure you will enjoy” I spoke again,

“see Niyanta is your best friend, and she is the only one with whom we can experiment….. I cannot think of trying this (three some) with anyone else” once again I spoke and could make out that I have won half of battle, because Neha never tried to speak in between to ridicule my proposal. “tell me…it’s yes or no?” I asked her again in same commanding tone,

“why are you asking me, ask Niyanta first?” Neha replied and tried to dominate me “I will ask her as well……. First you tell me, you are ready or not?” I replied in same tone with bit of dominating voice, “you will ask Niyanta?” Neha asked back in surprising tone, “No….. We both will ask her” I replied, “what…?? I am not going to ask her” Neha replied back in shock again,

“you just say you are ready or not?” “Leave rest of things on me” I asked her again in dominating tone. “Ok” Finally Neha agreed. I felt as if I have won more than half of the battle, convincing Neha was big thing for me and now I could plan to trap Niyanta in sexual lust. “Good… now we have to work together to convince her” I spoke “hmmmm……” Neha accepted.

“First of all from tomorrow you have to make her watch all these porn movies….. right now tell her that one of your female collogue have given you this” I was directing Neha, whatever I was planning from last few days. I did not wanted to approach her (Niyanta) directly, I just wanted to arouse her no matter if it will take time.

Anyway Neha told me that Niyanta was going to her relatives on Saturday morning to stay with them for the night and will return on Sunday afternoon, so as such there was no problem for us to have sex and once again after my Saturday’s half day at office I went to Neha and had pure sex with my little cousin in her safe period and did not used anything like condom to stop my cum to flow into her love hole freely.

Finally after two blasting fucking sessions with Neha I asked her about Niyanta and her reaction towards the blue movies. Neha told me that last night Niyanta was awake till 3 in the morning to see porn movies sitting beside Neha in her bedroom and she masturbated as well inside the sheet while watching, when Neha pretended that she is sleeping.

For me it was a positive signal that Niyanta is active this way at least and I just have to ...
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