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seductress arianna

It was a real hard one, square on my bruised upper left arm, and totally unexpected. I could have taken it better if he hadn't caught me so completely by surprise. I reeled to the right but my feet remained planted on the floor so my body twisted at the waist to compensate. Gordie whirled and ran off but not before leaving me with a lasting impression of what my smug smile must have looked like, pasted on his own face.
I waited for Mom to scream at him for pasting me so hard and having the audacity to do it in her presence. But Mom's condemnation didn't materialize and Gordie escaped through the kitchen without retribution. Dumbfounded, and a little hurt, I looked down to see why Mom had abandoned my cause. The sewing machine had stopped and Mom's hands were frozen in position,one on the controls and the other on the material feeding into it.
It took several long seconds for me to fathom the signals my eyes were sending to my brain. Evidently, the force of Gordie's blow had knocked my right hand off Mom's shoulder butthe twisting motion of my torso had also turned it so instead of slipping off Mom's shoulder and down her arm it had slid down into the front of her dress.
My eyes widened as I recognized my wrist lodged between Mom's breasts with the palm turned toward the left one. That wasn't the worst. My fingers had curved around and under the breast and were cupping Mom's bra.
I stared but couldn't move though mymind was screaming for me to get my hand the fuck out of there! I tried again to withdraw my arm but it felt like lead though it wasn't dead because the swollen press of Mom's breast rocketed sensations to my brain. That organ almost exploded when Mom finally breathed.
My eyes flickered toward Mom's face and I gritted my teeth to brace against the barrage that surely to be hurled in my direction within seconds. But Mom was staring straight ahead, as if nothing was happening, as if my hand wasn't inside her dress, and my fingers weren't curled around her left tit.
Twenty or thirty seconds passed and still Mom did not move or speak. She didn't make a single sound. I straightened up and my hand slid outof her dress, slowly, to ensure a sharpmove wouldn't awaken Mom to my accidental transgression.

3 of 13 in hot story: A SLIP OF HAND

30. Dec 2012 11:34:01 EST
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