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They were nice then, not too big and with a really sexy shape. Some women had big breasts but they were fatty and not great to lookat. Mom's were above average in size and great to look at. They swept down and jutted out. Hangers seemed an appropriate and descriptive name for them. It had been a long time since Mom had worn form-fitting sweaters and I now knew it wasn't because the goods weren't there, that was for sure.
It was too early to go to bed. Shit, it wasn't even supper time. Christ, supper! The last thing I wanted to do was go downstairs to face Mom. She must think I'm terrible, leaving my hand in there for so long, but it was an accident. All I had to do was pull itout right away and say, "Sorry Mom" and that would have been it but noweverything was different. Why the fuck hadn't I pulled my fucking hand away? That fucking Gordie. This was all his fault.
I threw myself back on my bed and covered my eyes with my arm. Sometime later, I don't know how long, a barrage of thumps on the door yanked me out of Neverland where I had escaped to hide my shame.
"Mom said to get your ass downstairsfor supper," Gordie yelled.
I dragged my ass downstairs dreading Mom's first sight of me. Andwhat about Dad? Had she tole him?
Apparently, Mom wasn't mad. At least, she didn't seem to be. Talk around the table proceeded normallywhich meant Gordie and Dad talked about sports and working on the old GTO they were rebuilding together. Mom didn't say anything to me but when she looked at me she simply smiled and shrugged the way she always did when Gordie and Dad were talking. I began to feel better.
That night the memory of Mom's tit pervaded my thoughts and images ofher in snug sweaters, especially the kind that cross over in the front, filledmy tightly closed eyes. However, I refused to touch my cock though I usually fell asleep with my balls cupped in my palm. It would have felt wrong when my mind was filled with images of Mom. Tomorrow everything would be back to normal.
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5 of 13 in hot story: A SLIP OF HAND

30. Dec 2012 11:49:23 EST
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