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An Indian Erotic Incest Story

Dipa's husband could not make it so she and her son Badal went to attend her niece's wedding. They arrived 2 days beforethe wedding and had plan to stay for 3 days.

Her sister and her brother in-law did not spare any money for their only daughter's wedding. It seemed like they invited all their relatives from both sides of the family . They had a big three storied house,with only one small room in the third floor.Whenever Badal visited his aunt, he used toget this room on the third floor. He liked it because it was quiet and private.
No house was big enough for all the invitees. Distant relatives were accommodated in couple of rented houses. There was still accommodation problem remained for the close relatives. Dipa's sister requested her if she would share the same room this time with Badal and her reply was 'no problem' much to her son's dismay. It would force him to stop his nightly jack off sessions. It would be only for three nights he tried to comfort himself.
After a long and tiring day when they finally retired to their room, they realized the obvious problem. There was only one bed in the room. It was not that unusual toshare a bed between a mother and a grownup son for few nights under the circumstances. Nobody gave it a second thought except for Badal.
"Ma, I will sleep on the floor, you take the bed." He told his mother trying to get out of the sticky situation.
"Oh my, how things change so quickly." Shemocked, "I thought you always loved to sleep with your old mother."
She was not old by any stress of imagination, Badal thought to himself, but she was right about the sleeping part. Up until two years ago, he would come crawling into her bed to sleep next to her any opportunity he used to get. But since he learnt and started masturbating, he consciously put a distant between him and his beautiful mother as far as sharing the same bed. Now at 18 years of age he was jacking off 2 to 3 times day. He usually got instant hard on the moment he hit the sack at night and woke up with another one. He was afraid if his horny condition might create a problem. He had very good reasons for his worries too. One of his masturbation fantasy women was his own mother.
At 38 years she was still a gorgeous and a desirable woman. He knew it because he was spying on her at any opportunity he used to get. That was not a easy thing to do with so many people around him in their house. But his efforts used to pay off more times than he ever expected, in frequent glimpses of her naked body. She had large breasts and they stood proudly on her chest without a slightest sag. Her asswas the sexiest one he had ever seen. It wastight and very rounded. He, however, nevercould get to see her naked pussy because it was hidden behind her thick pubic hair. Oh yes, she had a very cute face and a very friendly personality too. Not that he was dreaming of fucking his mother, she was only member of opposite sex available to fulfill his adolescent fantasy. He was passing through the most horny phase of his life.
What Badal did not know about his motherwas that she was a very very horny woman herself. Her husband, in his late forties, his sex drive had been on the decline. She knewher son Badal had been spying on her. Instead of becoming mad she found it to be very erotic. She allowed him to fuel his adolescent fantasies and exposed herself in many occasions while he was watching acting like she was not aware of it. She knew it was wrong and out of the norm. She was sure he was masturbating thinkingof her. She found that thought to be very erotic as well as stimulating. Sensation of being watched and her own show off acted like aphrodisiac to her own frequent masturbation. Her inserted fingers often became a young hot cock in her pussy. As long as she could keep everything under control, she had no problem with her son's spying. That was her logic to the forbidden game she was playing.
"I was only thinking about your comfort." He replied trying not to look at her.
"How sweet of you." She said with a smile,"We will make it just fine. It's only for 3 nights."
Back her own home she could never be intimately alone with her son as there wereher in-laws and maids around. Being alone with her son this way made her very frisky and very naughty. I would tease him a little, she thought without going very far. What harm could happen with some flirting? They had been doing that almost ayear now.
She went to bathroom to get ready for bed. When she came out Badal's jaw dropped. She was just wearing a petticoat and a small tight blouse without a bra. Her ample breasts were all but visible through the thin material of her blouse. Her nipples stood up like tips of two bullets. Her slightly rounded stomach and her deep belly button was totally exposed. Her daring display did not bother her a bit. He had seen more of me already she thought.
Once they were on bed side by side next to each other, Badal realized he had not been so close to his mother alone like this since he had begun masturbating. He thought heshould have worn a underwear beneath his shorts. He was afraid to look at her directly fearing he might get a hard on by seeing her naked flesh, specially her almost exposed boobs.
"How quickly time passes. Pretty soon, we have to arrange your marriage." His mother said once she was settled comfortably on the small bed, "Unless of course if you have a girl friend." She pausedfor his answer. When she failed to get an answer from him, she asked directly this time, "Do you have a girl friend?"
"No Ma, I don't have a girl friend." He replied.
"That explains everything then." At first he failed to understand the meaning of her words.
"Explain what?" So he asked and got the biggest surprise of his life.
"That is the reason you have been spying on me." She replied.
He was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Please god, he prayed take me away from here.
"What spying? I don't know what are you talking about." His lame protest was a very feeble one at best.
"I know you young boys like to look at any naked body, be that of mother or sister or anybody, and love to masturbate." His face blushed in the dark. He had never heard hertalking so graphic about sex before.
"So you are saying you don't spy on me? Hmmm, I am wrong then. If you can prove that I am wrong, I would jack you off myself." Saying that she turned around with her back towards him. He could not believe what he just heard.
She threw him into a quandary. His mind began to swim in a whirlpool of questions. Did he really hear her right? Did she really say the word jack off? How could he prove she was wrong? If he admitted he was spying on her, she would be right then, andno jack off. He laid there motionless and bewildered, looking at the dark ceiling without knowing what to do or what to say.
"Good night and happy dreams." She said after a while.
He became even more miserable. Was she going to sleep now? He needed to find out what she meant exactly. Probably she was joking about jacking him off, but wanted to know for sure. He became desperate.
"Ma, you are wrong." He replied, "I do not spy on you."
"Oh, really!" She turned around towards him. Her breasts jiggled straining to get free from the tight and flimsy containment, "Can you prove it?"
"Yes, I can." His mind was racing fast. He needed a convincing answer and fast. He was in a turmoil. Just when he was about togive up, it hit him. He suddenly got the answer.
"I have never spied on you. You knew about it, that means you allowed me to watch you." He triumphantly declared, "So, you see it is not spying and that proves youare wrong."
"Good answer." She smiled at him, "You aresmarter than I thought.".
"Are you going know, if you were wrong." He mumbled badly reminding her.
"I don't know. Should I?" Her smile was very flirtatious.
She sat up and pushed her hands towards his shorts making his heart to jump to his throat. He could not believe it was happening. She pulled his shorts down as he raised his ass up. Another thing jumped out and that was his penis. It started to grow at its first touch by soft female hands.
"wow! It's big." She said enthusiastically as she began stroking his growing rod.
"How big it is Ma?" Like any man he was curious to know about his tool.
"Only other one I know is your father's. It is much bigger than his for sure. Happy?" She jokingly replied. She could not help butcomparing it to his father's. This one must be at least two inches longer and thicker. How this monster would feel inside my pussy she wondered for a second, only to be brought back out of her reverie by Badal's inquisitive mind.
"Ma, do women like it big?" His inexperienced mind was full of questions.
"They say what you do with your thing is more important than its actual size." She replied rather philosophically all the while marveling the beautiful cock that was in her grasp.
"Can I ask you a question?" He asked, "Does dad do a good job with his..... you know?"
"Badal! That is a very personal question. You should not be asking questions like this." She admonished him, "Why do you want to know? Are you comparing yourselfwith your father? Old or not he is my husband, you are not . He can do anything with me and I only intend to jerk you off. If you expect anything more then you are sadly wrong. I would stop right now."
"No, no please don't stop." He quickly retreated, "I am sorry."
She sped up stroking his penis. He never felt like this in his whole life. Her soft warmhand felt like warm leather globe wrapped around his hard penis.
"I tell you one thing though," She picked up the conversation, "no women will ever complain about a large penis. Women like to get filled up."
"Ma, what about you, do you like to get filled up?" She gave him an opening and he took it.
"None of your business." She blushed, "You are again asking personal question."
"No, I was just following up on your comments." He tried to defend himself,"You, yourself said women liked to get filled up. So I asked a general question about you as a woman. It would have been personal question if I had asked if dad filled you up?"
"You are a bad, real bad boy who never gives up." She playfully slapped him, "Why do you want to know so much about your dad?"
He did not answer her question or actually could not. He could not tell her at that timehe was feeling jealous about his dad and unconsciously back in his mind was thinking him as a competition. He was the only one who had complete access to her beautiful sexy body.
She understood her son's inquisitiveness about his father. In the culture they were in a son's success often measured against the success of his father in every aspects of life, except their very private sex lives. She suddenly found herself in the unique situation of intimately knowing both of them. Within her mind, she was losing her love for her ...
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