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hot story: FATE DECIDES


Like most of the middleclass Indian women, along with my husband, Ashish, who is a businessman, I was quite happy with my married life. I am saying quite because I don’t get fair amount of sex from him as he remains out of town for at least fifteen days in a month, making me an unsatisfied horny woman. When I was getting prepared to accept this as my fate, the fate must have smiled silently as within few hours of a certain night brought a turmoil into her life when she unexpectedly got the means to satisfy her sexual libido.

Fate is really terrific in case of a human being. You think to do something, but you landed on an entirely different situations and that is the trademark characteristics of human fate. An irony that tries to tell us that we are mere mortal having only partial power to influence our ensuing future.

Chapter One:

It was March 2005, a Saturday morning and Ashish had a train in the afternoon so I was busy packing for him and the doorbell rang. I asked Ashish to answer the door as he was in the lobby and I was in the bedroom. When I heard Ashish giggling I wondered and went to check whom was he chatting with.

When I entered the drawing room it was Sanjay, my younger brother. When he looked at me he greeted me
“hi sis, how are you”.
“How are you, I am doing fine” was my reply.
Sanju was looking me from head to toe, then I realized that he was doing so because I was wearing a tight and semi-transparent T-shirt and a shorts, which I generally wear at home, you know climate gets hot in this month.

After this, I went inside our bedroom and first of all I changed into a pair of jeans and a graceful t-shirt then I arranged for some coke and snacks and went in again. After settling down I came to know that he have some entrance exam tomorrow, near our place and he was going to stay here for the night.

On the first thought it seemed ok to me but when I realized that as Ashish is going and it will be he and me at the night I a kind of got exited, I thought it will be nice as we can talk late at night as old times and will catch up the things that are happening at my native place. The time passed very fast that afternoon, before anyone realized the time to go to the railway station came.

Sanju also accompanied us to the station. My mood was a bit off because we didn’t got time for a quickie, which we do every time when Ashish has a train in the afternoon, but it was ok. To be frank I don’t like the quickies, I love the long love making sessions. When we reached the station Ashish sent Sanju to call for a coolie in the meanwhile he kissed me deep in my mouth.
And along with that he fondled my tits by inserting his hand in my t-shirt from over my bra, his act made my cunt moist and I felt very sexy. In return I also pressed his semi erect cock from over his pants. After he was gone I drove back with Sanju sitting next to me. On the way we got some lunch packed as nothing was cooked at home.

On reaching home, I showed Sanju his room so that he can place his things in there and get himself fresh before the food. I also went for a bath and got my self comfortable in my usualoutfit that is a sheer t-shirt and a shorts, while I was putting those on I remembered the way Sanju looked at me when he came.
I thought it was ok as he is a grown up man now, more over I also like showing my assets, what if he was my brother I let it go. After having the food, I went to my room and he went to his. I was watching tv, then after somehalf an hour or so he came to my room and said“sis, I am getting bored can I come and sit withyou” I said “sure, I’ll love to chat with you, I didn’t ask you
earlier because I thought you might be tired and need some rest.” Then he said, “I can even rest here, with you”. Then he came and sat nextto me, on the bed, and both of us started to watch TV. Then after a ten mins or so he said’ “so sis, how are you. How’s life, its been long that we two sat like this and talked” I then said I am fine and happy, life is also going on smooth, you tell what’s happening on your end, how’s mom and dad.
They are fine and so am I” was his reply. Then we started to chat about all the things, things happening at my native place, mom’s health, dads drinking problem and all the family stuff. After about an hour or so he all of a sudden asked “hey sis, why haven’t you guys planned a family yet” I then said “shut up, its non of you business” he then said it’s not me asking so, itsmom who told me to ask you” then there was a silence for some time.
Actually I was figuring out what to say, I wanted to say that my husband doesn’t fucks me enough, but I didn’t say anything. Then all of a sudden he took my hand in his hand and said “sis, you can tell me, I am your well wisher” but I still remained silent, as I didn’t want to lie to him but at the same time was notable to tell him the truth, if he had not been myreal brother I would have told him the truth.
Anyways I some how changed the topic and we again started to chat as before but he didn’t leave my hand. Some time passed by and I asked him about his life, his college life, and his girls. He told me all about his college life and about his friends and the things he and his gang does. But when is repeated the question about the girls, he after some hesitation started to tell a little, he was actually shying.
He told me that, he had a girlfriend earlier but have broke up with her now actually she dumped him. He continued that after her he has not been steady or emotional with any one else. He then told me that nowadays he is going around with some girl, her name is Tanisha, she was her classmate in his graduation but at that time they were just friends and now they are quite close.
I quickly asked “how close” he answered “very close” I again asked “are you serious with her or he then quickly answered “no not at all, we are just filling each other’s emotional and physical needs”. I then asked “you mean to saythat you do with her” he didn’t waste a second and said “ya, we do it quite often at her place, both of her parents are working and that gives us a lot of time to spend together.”
I got a bit surprised and at the same time it also made me a kind of proud too that my brother is going good. The very next thing I asked him was that “so, Sanju how often do you two do” he answered “its like three to four times in a week”. With every passing question he was becoming more and more open and his shyness was vanishing and so was mine, I was also getting more and more involved in this conversation.
Anyways my curiosity made me ask the next very obvious question that “so, tell me when did you last made love to her” he said “yesterday” I don’t know what happened to methat “wow that’s cool” came out of my mouth. This made him look straight to my face. Then he asked “sis don’t you make out that often” I wanted to say we do every night but truth cameout of my mouth
No dear, he doesn’t have time and interest nowa days after saying this sad look came on my face and his too. Then he again looked in my eyes and we remained silent for some time. Then after silence for some time he again took my right hand in his hand, as he was laying on my left and said, sis you are very beautiful what make you say this” was my question.
He didn’t answer that instead asked, now you tell how often do you guys do” it was just unbelievable that I was talking to my younger brother like this but it was feeling nice. I didn’tanswered him instead I asked him to shut up and talk something else but he insisted and said “look sis I answered to all your questions and its now your turn, tell me, it all will remain between you and me.
Now start else I am leaving.” Then he left my hand and started to move away. I then, took his left hand in my right one and stopped him and said “ok what ever you say” then he again got laid next to me and I said “ok now ask what you want to know, but if I ever come to know that you had disclosed anything to anyone, including Tanisha, I swear I am not going to see your face
Again” he then promised me that he won’t and asked “tell me how often and when was the last time when you did it” I after a pause said “we hardly do it, its like once in a ten days, actually half the month he is out and on the rest of the days he is busy and is most of the time tired when he comes to home but its ok” he then said “its not ok” he then asked, “so when was the last time” I said, “last Saturday”.
I then said, “I answered your questions, is it over now, lets talk something else.” He said “no it’s not over, I am getting angry at Ashish how can he do this to my sister who happens tobe so beautiful and this is very unfare” I then asked “hey Sanju what’s the matter with you, you are finding your sister very beautiful today.” To this he said you are not just beautiful, you are very
Sexy too I then asked him to shut up but he continued “you know you just knocked me out when I looked at you this afternoon, when I saw you in these shorts and t-shirt at that time.” he then added “as a matter of fact you are looking even more sexy now.” his words were hitting me hard, I started to feel nice andsexy myself. He then continued saying sis you have got a great
body, any one can do any thing to get it, you have a pretty face, nice figure and above all tits to die for” I don’t know how but he was making me weak at my knees and on top of it Ieven felt my cunt getting moist. But I didn’t encourage him and remained silent as he was my brother and no sister should get wet by her brother. I wanted to stop this conversation and to ask him to leave the room but something in me was stopping me to do so.
I think he was also getting exited as he now turned himself facing me and was eagerly waiting for something to come out of my mouth but I remained silent and he finally broke the silence and said “don’t you think so.”Then I said, “Sanju if someone else would have said so I would have slapped him.” He then took my hand to his face and kissed it and said “I love you sis” I again was clueless how to react so I quickly pulled my hand back.
He then again, this time more boldly took my hand in his and kissed it again and then he came close to me and kissed me on my cheek. Ithen pushed him back but he seemed stop less,he again came a bit over me and took my face in his hands and tried to kiss me on my lips but I forcefully managed to stop him and angrily asked him to leave. Then he moved a side and lay silently for some time, I also moved a bit side and sat away from him.
After about ten mins he started to apologize, I also forgave him fast. He then said actually sis,the thing is I was feeling sorry for you and thought as I already promised you that all this will remain between us”. To this I said ...
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