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hot story: HELPING DADDY OUT 3

I grinned, sliding my arms around him again and said, "I think someone had a good night's sleep!"
Daddy blushed and replied, "Best night's rest I've had in years!" We both laughed -- setting the tone for breakfast as we smiled at each other and giggled like naughty children between bites of food. We didn't talk about last night's adventure, but we were both clearlythinking and savoring the memory of what we'dshared.
As Daddy was getting ready to leave, I realized that Mama had not come down yet. "Where's Mama?" I asked.
Daddy shrugged his shoulders. "Amelia called tovent," he said. "She's almost seven months along now and being fussy." He grinned and said, "Pretty much like your Mom was when she was carrying you."
I laughed as I slipped myself into Daddy's arms. "Lord help my big sister if she has a daughter like me," I giggled.
Daddy waggled his eyebrows and replied, "Lord help her husband if she has a daughter like you. I'm not sure if I can tell up from down right at the moment."
I giggled again, wiggling a little as I lewdly rubbed myself against my daddy's body." don't seem to mind much right now, Daddy!" I looked up at him flirtatiously and said, "I was thinking this morning while I was showering that maybe before you go to bed tonight, you might help me with some homework?" I slowly ran my tongue over my lips and winked lasciviously at him.
Daddy's eyes widened a bit and I could feel his heart beating faster as he finally nodded and said, "I reckon I can do that, Pooh. Might be a little relaxing at that."
I smirked and before I kissed him goodbye, replied, "Well...maybe not too relaxing."
Mama was still talking with Amelia when I left for school -- not that I minded. I wasn't ready to see Mama so soon after having masturbated her husband. I wasn't sure if I would feel totally guilty or be tempted to gloat in her face.What I'd done with Daddy was least in the eyes of society, the law and as far as I could tell, the Bible, but I have to confess that all day long as I sat in school, I could find no shred of guilt within me for what had happenedbetween Daddy and me. In fact, I was extremely distracted as I gave thought to what might happen later in the evening.
I was so distracted that I blew my Civics quiz and then I discovered that any feelings I might have had for Billy were reduced to virtually nothing as I realized how little a boy had to offer me in contrast to a real man like my father. I had no idea what would happen with Daddy...where or what it would lead to, but even as I told Billy that I wouldn't be available Friday night for a movie date, I realized that immature boys were now a thing of the past forme...that my future lay with someone more mature.
I didn't have to work that night...a Thursday evening and beat both Mama and Daddy home and so I went ahead and made dinner -- making one of Daddy's favorite's, Grandma's meatloaf along with a salad and mashed potatoes. I was a bit tense about how Daddy and I would act around Mama, but he betrayed no sign that his youngest daughter had jacked his cock off the night before -- rather just beaming from ear to ear and complimenting meon taking after Grandma in the kitchen. Mama on the other hand, other than a slight criticism about the dryness of the meatloaf was preoccupied with updating us on Amelia's pregnancy and the difficulties she was facing, what with two little one's underfoot and her husband working a lot of overtime.
Daddy and I nodded at all the right places, but most of dinner was spent with us smiling at each other, memories of the night before evident in the way our eyes seemed to shine. I shooed them both out of the kitchen and cleaned up the dishes myself while Daddy watched his evening shows and Mama split her time between updating some files on her laptop and calling Amelia again to see if things had gotten better in the last twelve hours.
I watched a couple of crude comedies with my parents and then decamped to the kitchen where I began working on my Calculus -- determined not to blow three quizzes in three days. I spent at least two hours on homework and study before Mama passed through to get adrink of water and say goodnight.
"Goodnight, Mama," I replied. "Is Daddy still up?"
Mama took a drink from a bottle of water and nodded, rolling her eyes. "Yes...wants to watch the news and something on the sports channel before he goes to bed. I'm going now so when he gets up later, I'll maybe have gotten a few winks of sleep." She shook her head and muttered under her breath, "That man will be the death of me yet!"
"Would you ask him if he'd come and check my homework before I go to bed, Mama? He's better at this Calculus stuff than I'm ever goingto be."
Mama rolled her eyes again and said, "I swear, Lillian...eighteen and still expecting Daddy to check your homework. Time you grew up, younglady...time to act like an adult!"
I looked down and said softly, "Yes, Mama...I'll try," in response to her comment. She in turn walked away without further comment although I heard her tell Daddy fussily that I wanted him to help me do my homework. I couldn't hear Daddy's reply, but the tone of his voice sounded disinterested and non-committal.I expected Daddy to be right in, but he wisely waited a while to allow Mama time to turn in and fall asleep.
It was almost an hour before he strolled into the kitchen and said softly, "Your mother said you needed some help, Pooh?"
I looked up from my notes and smiled at my Daddy who looked both relaxed and excited in a plain white T-shirt and blue boxers with little smiley-faces on them. I suddenly had an inklingof what he looked like as a child on Christmas Eve. "Mama told me that I needed to act more like an adult. Could you come here and help me do that, Daddy?"
Daddy choked back a laugh and nodded, walking over next to me so he could look over my work. "Trouble with Calculus, Pooh?"
"Naw, I got that covered, Daddy!" I replied, my hand reaching out to palm the crotch of his shorts. He was already mostly hard. I wanted your opinion about something though." I lookedup and smiled lovingly at my Daddy's face.
"What's that, Pooh?" Daddy said with a sigh.
I grinned at him and answered him with a swiftmovement that couldn't have been pulled off better if I'd have practiced it, I yanked Daddy'sshorts down and as his hardening cock leapt free, captured it with my wide open mouth and slid a few inches of his penis past my lips before I tightened my mouth around his erection and began to suck him as my tongue rolled over the flared head of his penis.
Daddy gasped and I heard him moan...almost a whimper, "Pooh...Jesus, Pooh." I kept my eyes locked on his, trying to convey how much I loved him in my gaze alone. He stared back, his expression one of shock and awe as I slowly began bobbing up and down with my mouth -- attempting to take as much of his now completely hard dick in my mouth. It wasn't easy -- he was incredibly thick and I could feel my facial muscles complain as they stretched toaccommodate his wonderful girth and while I had managed to completely take both Darrell's and Billy's mediocre dicks in my mouth, I realized that I was at least temporarily overmatched by the length of my father's hard cock.
Still, I gurgled appreciatively as I sucked my Daddy off, aroused by everything connected with my incestuous act...the taste of Daddy's flesh along my tongue...the silky, yet steely feel of his flesh and the heady and manly aroma of sweat and piss and something I was responding to instinctively -- a unique Daddy scent that made my pussy nearly gush with bared labia underneath my mid thigh nightshirt swelling and getting slick and sensitive with overwhelming waves of lusty desire.
Daddy seemed to sag for a moment and then reached out and placed one hand on the kitchen table for support and then the other hand was riffling through my curly, black hair --urging me to not slow down, his fingers tightening among my short locks each time my tongue slithered over a certain sensitive spot. I sucked on his cock fast and I sucked him slowly, finding the speed that allowed my lips to offer him the most pleasure.
I tried to recall everything I had learned in sucking off my boyfriends' cocks and from hours of watching nasty hot porn with them. Mymouth was watering as I tasted precum mixed in with the taste of his cock flesh and I felt a twinge of orgasm myself as Daddy's face screwed up with pleasure as I sucked just the head of his penis, my tongue rolling over the ridged crown and over his piss slit, until finally he was hissing a warning of, "Pooh, Pooh -- gonna cum soon, Pooh!"
Daddy's fingers intertwined in my curly mop of hair were trying to pull me off his cock as I feltit swell between my lips. I yielded to that pressure just long enough to breathlessly gasp,"Cum in my mouth, Daddy! I wanna eat my Daddy's hot jism!" Then my lips were wrapped around his cock again, my tongue working feverishly, ignoring the slight pain of pulled hair before his mouth sagged open in surprise at my words.
I sucked Daddy with renewed purpose, allowingmy eyes to convey to him the truth of my words and then Daddy's expression became one of disbelief and pure bliss as I felt his cock head swell and then he was flooding my mouth with hot Daddy semen!"
My father's sperm tasted as it had the night before -- strong, bitter, but fresher -- incrediblyhot and thick and I loved the taste...loved the way it felt as it filled my mouth and filled my mouth, cumming more than any boy I had ever sucked off! I swirled it around my mouth, loving the texture of Daddy's semen -- loving everything about it except that it couldn't last forever and the only thing I regretted was to sense his ejaculations waning until my fevered and determined cocksucking yielded no more ofhis delicious seed.
I felt Daddy softening in my mouth, but I kept sucking, not wanting to give his wonderful penis up and I could feel his body tremble with the intense sensations my mouth was inflicting."Damn, Poo...s-so good!" stammered Daddy."Can't take it!" he moaned, his hands now scrabbling at my head, trying to push me away. He began to shift away from me, but I slipped from my seat, staying with him -- my lips sealedaround his shrinking cock. As Daddy collapsed into another kitchen chair, I followed, falling tomy knees between his legs, still sucking his cock, working hard for any last drops of his sperm.
"Too MUCH!" he groaned, the last word almost ayell, surprising us both. I let him slip from my lips and while we waited to see if we'd woke Mama up, I leaned up and forward, hugging him around the waist while my slobbery face nuzzled his crotch. "That...Pooh...good God, girl, but I love you!" said Daddy in a quavering voice.
As I smacked my lips and swallowed the last of my father's sweet semen, I looked up and said huskily, "I love you, Daddy and I love your cock!" I tilted my head down and kissed the head of his weary penis and then added, "I bet you sleep good tonight, Daddy!"
And he did...I never heard him get up in ...
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