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My cock throbbed, triggered by the hissing sound of Mom sucking her breath in. I tightened my fingers slightly and let her skirt fall. I started drying the dishes.
"You promised pie and hot chocolate," I said.
* * *
I didn't hear anything from my parents' room that night, not until I heard Mom gently shut the bedroom door. This time, I was ready when the light came on. She paused after flicking on the switch, one knee pressing against the wall, as if thinking or waiting for something to happen. I strained my eyes, hoping to catch a flash of nakedness under her loosely belted robe when she walked toward me.
But Mom surprised me. Still facing the wall, Sheshucked her robe off and let it fall to the floor!
She turned, slowly, and sauntered toward my room. The light shone on her wobbling tits as she padded barefoot down the hallway. In no hurry. Naked, not even panties, her neatly trimmed bush pulsing as her legs scissored beside it. Her body darkened as she passed under the light. Then she was at the doorway, surprising me again when, after a brief pause, she stepped into my room. It was so hot that night I had tossed the sheet to the backs of myknees. I was only wearing my underwear. Quickly, I shut my eyes and instituted my breathing regimen.
She stood beside my bed, her breathing even, but excited. I sensed her bend over and then felt the sheet sliding up my legs, stopping unexpectedly below my shorts instead of being pulled over my back.
I flinched when Mom's hand slid gently up my buttocks, brushing slowly from side to side. Herfingers slipped under the waistband and pulled my shorts down, baring my ass. Holy fuck!
Mom's soft hand brushed across my buttocks again, squeezed my cheek, then pulled my shorts back up. The sheet was dragged up to myshoulder.
I heard Mom's knees flex as she stood. I let a few seconds pass before daring to barely open my eyes. She was walking slowly away. Naked as a jaybird. The most sexual woman in the world. She was through the door, passing under the light. She stopped, and almost fell to her side against the wall. Mom's hands disappearedin front, her right leg twisting toward the wall. Her legs strained and twitched as she cupped her sex, maybe even fingered herself. She shuddered, legs vibrating, cheeks quivering. Half a minute later she straightened and lifted herself off the wall, walked to the light switch and stooped to pick up her robe, then turned to look back at my room. I froze even though I knew it was too dark in my room for her to see me. Were my eyes reflected in the light from the hall? A flick and darkness fell; a door opened and shut; the night was silent.
* * *
The next day was Friday. All day at my brain dead summer job my mind was filled with visions of my naked mother beckoning, calling, whispering how much she needed it, needed me. I rushed home, eager to see my mother, get dinner over, and push my hand under her dress. Then I would wait until my father fell asleep so the hallway could be blessed again with a maternal vision. I would wear loose boxers to bed tonight. They were easier to pull down.
As hoped, Mom was wearing a short-sleeved summer dress with a loose, billowing skirt that fell conservatively to her knees but slid easily up her thighs when she sat with her knees raised, as she did that night after supper to do her nails, feet resting on the edge of the coffee table. I couldn't see Mom's panties frommy position to the side lying on the loveseat butthat was ok. Mom's skirt was bunched around her hips as she leaned on her knees, reaching forward to paint her nails. Her legs shone, the light reflecting off her oiled skin.
Mom raised one foot periodically to examine her handiwork, twisting it this way and that to facilitate her critical review. I wasn't the only one interested in her unintentionally sexy examination. From my vantage point, I could see Dad's head turn slightly Mom's way every time she lifted her leg, the muscles in her calf tensing as she pivoted her foot. Clearly, Dad was interested in renewing the marital relations he had sewered through a flirtation orworse that he now obviously regretted. Was Mom sending a signal that she was about to forgive him his trespass?
There was to be no kitchen massage this night. Mom developed a craving for French Vanilla ice cream and Dad insisted I fetch some from the store. When I returned, Mom had cleaned up the dishes and set out a piece of apple pie for her and me, and a piece of cake for Dad. The ice cream was quickly added and we all returned to the living room where a chick flick had been started, watched by both my parents. Mom tucked her legs under herself and spread her skirt out to cover everything but her feet. I recognized defeat and made excuses about being really tired from a week's work. I retreated to my room where I browsed around on the internet until I heard my parents gettingready to go to bed. Quickly, I shut off my light and jumped into bed.
I waited, tense, listening intently after the sounds of my parents getting ready for bed died down. There was a creak as a weight depressed a mattress followed by a brief silence, then the rustling of bed covers.
"No." Mom's harsh voice was clear and firm.
"Come on, Marina. It's time to get past this."
"You think it's so easy? Well, it's not."
"Come on. I know I made a mistake. I've being paying for it for six months. It's time."
Six months! They hadn't done it for six months?
"It's time when I say it's time. Not a minute before."
"Then what was that all about downstairs?"
"You know what. Flashing your legs at me for an hour. Asking for a treat, getting me some cake after giving me the cold shoulder for half a year?"
"I was just doing my nails." Pause. "Is that what you thought? Get her some ice cream and suffer through a chick movie, then upstairs for the goodies?"
"No. I just thought, the way you were acting, normal again, that it was over."
"It won't ever be completely over, not after what you did."
"I don't know how long I can do this, Marina." Dad sounded angry. There was a loud creak, probably from my father turning over to present Mom with his back. "I'll never get to sleep now. You got me all worked up."
"Take a pill." There wasn't a note of sympathy in Mom's voice.
Some time passed with significant rustling going on.
"Damn it!" I heard the sound of covers flinging off the bed. A dim glow filtered out of my parents' room. Someone had turned on their bathroom light. The bathroom cabinet opened, followed by the sound of pills spilling on the sink. "FUCK!"
The water ran for a few seconds, then shut off.The bed groaned again. Covers rustled several times over the next ten minutes and then everything was quiet. I waited. And waited. I could hear my father sleeping. Not snoring but breathing heavily. I couldn't hear Mom. A faint glow still emanated from my parents' room. Dad hadn't turned off the bathroom light.
I never heard Mom get out of bed. The first indication she was up was a flitting shadow momentarily blocking the faint glow from her room. She didn't turn on the hall light. I barely had time to turn onto my stomach before she was at my door and then only got three quarters of the way. She didn't stop at the door this time, she came right in.
I could hardly make out the sound of her breathing beside my bed. Suddenly, it was lower, next to me. She was kneeling. I was so excited, I had trouble controlling my own breathing. Shit. I hadn't had time to toss my sheet down to my feet. Shit!
"Eric," Mom whispered so softly I almost missed it. I struggled to even my breathing.
"Eric," she whispered again, a little louder. I allowed a louder breath followed my quieter, more even ones.
"Eric?" No louder, but she touched her hand to the back of my right shoulder.
Miraculously, I managed a minute of completely steady breathing.
Mom's hand was still on my shoulder. The sheet began sliding down my back. Down, down, to my waist.
"Beautiful boy," Mom whispered. "Look what love can do."
The sheet continued its journey, over my buttocks and down my legs to my knees. Mom's breathing quickened, ever so slightly.
"Marina. Get hold of yourself."
There was a pause and, thankfully, whatever struggle ensued in my mother's mind, the more exciting part won. Her hand suddenly rested lightly on my ass. There was only the briefest lapse and then it was moving, rubbing over my cheeks in an ass-encompassing oval that stopped to quickly cup my left cheek on each pass. Thank god my cock was pointing up. It filled and stretched in my boxers. Mom started humming quietly to herself.
"Mmmm mm hmmm, mmmmmm mmm hmmmm..."
I hoped my ears weren't twitching. Her hand felt so nice. It stopped mid-circuit, at the top. Ifelt a thumb hook in the waistband and then my shorts were being tugged down until the elastic stretched across the back of my legs just below my bare buttocks. Mom's humming sounded somehow more cheerful though it was no louder. Her hand returned to glide over my tender cheeks.
This was so much better than wanking. I wishedI had pushed my hand underneath myself so I could squeeze my rod and press the tip into my palm. That thought made me realize with a start that I wasn't lying flat on my stomach. If it was light in the room, Mom would be able to see from her kneeling position at my side. She would know I was hard. Thankfully, the darkness hid my dirty secret.
Mom tugged the waistband of my shorts again, without success. I was disappointed when she took her hand away, it felt good there. She tugged on my shorts again, this time from the side of the hip near her. No go. Her hand slid over to the other side and was replaced by another on the near side. Both hands tugged down. Still no go.
"What's the problem?" Mom whispered. Then,"Oh, they're stuck on something."
Mom chuckled.
"Is my boy having sweet dreams?"
More soft laughter. Mom's far hand, the one on my left hip, returned to my ass and tickled nearthe bottom of my crack, her long finger pressing lightly between my cheeks. The near hand slid down my hip, toward the mattress, and my front.
My god. Omigod . Mom had slid her hand under the front of my shorts. Fuck. It was so soft and warm. I could feel myself growing rigid as a stout piece of re-rod. Her fingers slid up and down and her palm cupped my tip. So warm andsilky. So soft.
I was bare! I must have poked out the hole in front of my boxers. Mom was holding my bare cock!
"Oh son," Mom whispered. "You have such a nice one." Her hand milked my cock and her finger pushed deeper between my cheeks to tickle near my rear hole. "Not too big. Just the right size...for everything." She wiggled her fingertip into my butt.
Mom started humming again while she worked my cock and my ass. It wasn't for long. She seemed to know when I was going to come because just before the torrent raged up my pipe, her hand pulled out of my ass and joined the other to cup my cock. I pulsed and throbbedinto her improvised, motherly bowl. When I wasstill, ...
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