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As he fed me the rest of the popcorn, I sat placidly watching Meg present her erotic side but Nathan never looked at the movie, even to see Meg's sexy body. When the popcorn was done, he picked up the bowl and set it on the side table, dipped his finger into the wine and again spread it over my lips, this time pushing his finger slightly inside my mouth.
"Nathan," I whispered, for no apparent reason since we were alone in the house. "Be good."
"You don't bite, do you?" he responded.
"You know what I mean," I laughed. "Behave yourself."
"You look so pretty when you pout with such ruby red lips," he bantered back. My answering laugh must have encouraged him because he suddenly dipped his hand down into my cleavage, fingers held tightly in a vertical line, and swung his hand towards himself and then away, pushing the lapels of my robe apart, significantly widening the gap between them and expanding his view of my breasts.
"What?" he cried, resting his fingers on the top of my left breast, just above my nipple.
"You know what. I'm your mother!"
"I know that," his hand brushed side to side, his fingertips teasing my breast.
"Your hand is inside my robe."
"I know," he made light of my complaint. "I didn't want to get butter on it."
"That's not the point," my voice rose.
At that moment, Nathan's hand suddenly twisted around, his buttery fingers sliding underneath to cup my full breast while his thumb pressed down on my stiffening nipple. His move shocked me so much I couldn't speak.My mouth was dry and words failed to frame within my brain though my mind was certainly not quiet. His thumb rubbed over and back across my hardening nipple as his fingers gently squeezed my tit below, and still I couldn't speak. Just as I was about to push him away, his voice shocked me again.
"I spoke to Dad."
Those four words froze me like a statue. His hand continued to fondle my breast, his fingerssliding up to join his thumb, pinching my distended nipple and rolling it their buttery grip. I finally managed a single word just as he stretched my tit up by tugging on my nipple.
"What?" I cried.
Nathan pushed my tit down, mashing and rolling it against my chest, before squeezing mynipple and tugging it up again. Even through myshock, my brain registered how good that felt.
"We talked," he said. "About the summer."
His lips covered mine in an impromptu kiss. Within seconds, I parted my lips to accept his tongue. The kiss was insistent, demanding, unlike the slow exploration I had so enjoyed weeks before. But somehow, it was just as exciting. He was different somehow, exhibitinga confidence he hadn't shown before. His hand slid off my breast and tried to push down to mypanties but was blocked by the belt of my robe,still cinched tight around my waist.
I was gasping when the kiss ended.
"What happened?" I rasped, forgetting that he had just mauled my tit and pushed his tongue inside my mouth, my mind focused on the conversation that could govern my son's future.
His hand returned to manipulate my breast.
"I told him I did want to learn the business, butin my own way, that I couldn't become him."
"What did he say to that?" I asked, eagerly awaiting his response, consciously oblivious of his fondling or, to be more truthful, tolerating it and finding it easy to do so.
Nathan looked down. "Undo your belt and I'll tell you."
"Nathan!" I looked suitably shocked.
Nathan shrugged.
"Tell me what your father said," I demanded.
He held my eyes, steadily. "Undo your belt first," he repeated.
Clamping my lips together in a show of repressed anger, I nevertheless loosened the belt. Nathan stared into my eyes, not once glancing away, but as soon as the belt was undone, he let go of my breast and pushed the robe apart, clearing it off both legs. Only then did he look down at the pair of black lace panties, the only thing I wore under the robe, the sheer material and my wide open thighs leaving little to the imagination. Why had I sat cross legged?
"Tell me what your father said," I repeated, my voice demanding.
Looking up, Nathan said, "You have beautiful hair, Mom." He brushed my hair back from my face, letting it slip through his fingers.
Disconcerted but refusing to be sidetracked, I said again, "What did he say?" my voice very firm.
"He seemed very pleased. He said I should do things my own way. A man has to, to get what he wants in life."
Nathan stared intently into my eyes as he repeated his father's words, moving his hand onto my tummy and sliding it slowly down, over my panties and between my legs. There, he curled his fingers and cupped his hand against my pussy. Try as I might, I couldn't close my legs. I'm not sure I wanted to. His newfound confidence was overpowering, intoxicating.
"Nathan," I gasped, my hand clutching his forearm.
"He's not interested in home," Nathan whispered, "but I am."
His fingers cupped me tighter, released, and squeezed again.
"Nathan ... the other night ... we can't."
"Do you want me to stay?" he asked, the implication of a negative answer hanging ominously in the air.
I didn't answer. His fingers began rubbing me. His lips choked off my protest and his hand bunched my soft red hair to hold my head still while he worked my mouth. When I opened my eyes, I became aware that my hips were moving, pushing my panties against his rubbing hand. How could I expect to stop him when I responded so easily, so desperately?
"Do you want me to stay?" he repeated, his fingers still rubbing.
Reluctantly, I nodded. His hand paused to allowhis thumb to hook over the top of my panties, sliding down on the inside, slipping between mydamp, lightly haired furrow.
"Then, take off your panties," he whispered.
"What?" I said aloud, my surprise evident.
"Take off your panties," he reiterated, calmly, in the same firm voice.
I held firm, not moving.
"I know what he's done, what he's still doing. I want to be able to sit here in this room, while he's in it, knowing that his wife played the same game on him and took off her panties foranother man, right here. For me."
I stared in shock. He and his father had alreadystarted their implicit competition but poor Markhad no idea how big the playing field really was, and just how much he stood to lose. Silently, I hooked my thumbs in the panties andslid them over my hips, lifting my ass to help, untucking my legs and raising my knees so I could snap the panties up my thighs and down my calves, held prettily together now, and off. Setting my feet on the floor, I dropped the panties in Nathan's lap.
Nathan looked down at the panties, then slid his hand between my closed knees and pulled them apart. He slid his hand up the length of my right thigh, along the inside, until his hand was poised in front of my pussy. He looked up into my eyes.
"Is that what you want?" I whispered.
"Yes." His voice was hoarse.
He pushed his fingers between my lips, brushing them up and down, soaking them before pushing inside. I opened my arms and welcomed his lips on mine again. I was so wet, I could hear his fingers sloshing lewdly inside me as we kissed. I didn't care. I loved the feel of him there. When the kiss ended, Nathan tried to pull me sideways down onto the couch.
"No, we should go upstairs," I whispered.
"We won't be able to hear his car if he comes home," Nathan answered.
He stood and dropped his pants, and then his boxers, letting his impressive, strong, young cock spring free to dangle before me. Even thought I had felt it pressing hard between my shoulder blades its size still surprised me. Poor Mark. Nathan smiled when he saw the expression on my face. He took my right hand and pulled, twisting me onto my back on the couch. Kneeling, he grasped my legs under my knees and pulled me toward him, holding my legs open and pushing my thighs back onto my breasts.
"Nathan, maybe we should ..."
He moved quickly forward, pushed his pole down to meet my hole, and shoved.
"Unnnngghhhhhh." He was inside me.
"Ohhhhhhh," I groaned as my son pushed his full length inside me, slowly, allowing my seldom used tunnel to expand as its walls retreated from this imposing invader. He stopped when he bottomed out, but only for a few seconds. Placing his hands over my tits andsqueezing my nipples in the circle of his firm grip, he started fucking me, slowly at first, but ever increasing his pace and the strength of histhrusts.
There was a lot of pent up energy inside us both that needed to be released, and he was trying hard to break the shell that held it inside of me. I moaned and groaned shamelessly as Nathan slammed into me, bending me almost double as he stretched up on his haunches to really dig in. Our thighs slapped loudly and wetly together. There was no way we could have heard Mark's car drive up and I wondered afterward if passersby could hear us rutting inside.
He ended suddenly with a loud grunting groan, his seed gushing forth, filling me and triggeringmy own orgasm. We lay gasping for breath for a couple of minutes before Nathan pulled back,grasping my hands and pulling me with him. I thought he was helping me up but he tried to twist me around. God. He wanted to turn me over, to fuck me from behind right away.
My tame sex life with Mark hadn't prepared me for crouching on all fours in my own living room. I resisted. Failing to turn me over, Nathan pushed my tummy against the back of the couch, pressed my knees apart and slid his cock into me. God. I gasped loudly with the fullness of him. As he banged into me my head rocked forward over the back of the couch, a motion exacerbated when Nathan gripped the back of the couch on either side of me for leverage and began thrusting harder. He was shoving up so hard that my tummy was lifted tothe top of the couch and I ended up draped over the back with Nathan half standing, wildly shagging the shit out of me.
I had never been fucked like this. Is this what Mark had wanted? A woman to wantonly let himhave his way with her, any way he wanted, wherever he wanted? Why hadn't he asked? No.Why hadn't he taken me like this? There was noneed to go astray. I liked it, and his son was proving that right now. Go ahead, I screamed inmy mind. Bang me. Fuck me hard. Slam your cock in me. I don't care. Yeah, oh yeah. Fuck me hard. Come on, give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh, yeah. It's coming, it's coming.
"Yeaaaahhhhhhh!" I wailed, just as Nathan's second gush burst inside me.
He pulled out a minute later, gathered his clothes and walked past me ...

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