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Like lightning struggling to find its way throughheavy rain, understanding wiggled through my brain. I glared at the bottle, then stared at her ass, my eyes riveting on the tight little hole above my previously intended target. 'Take it all,' she'd said.
Numbly, I twisted the cap off and tossed it aside. Reaching forward to hold the bottle above her back, I tipped it until a thin stream of oil fell onto her bum and trickled into her crack, running down over that little brown asterisk. Her breath expelled in a sudden gasp and her hips lurched, first forward and then back. Waiting.
I dipped my finger into the bottle and tipped it up to drench it, pulled it out and reached forward to award that awaited touch.
She flinched but then held her ground as my slippery digit worked a circle around her tiny target. I poured the oil across the top of her buttocks, dropped the bottle and rubbed her cheeks with my free hand. My oily finger never left the vicinity of her secret spot, that dark little treasure that evidently only I had ever been invited to touch.
I slipped my fingers into her slit, loving the surprised little gasp, and pushed two fingers easily inside her, twisting them back and forth before suddenly and rapidly thrusting them in and out. I pulled up with my fingers, lifting up to her dark side, letting them slip out to drag across that forbidden spot. Drag slowly, pressing in, dipping my fingertip, making her gasp again.
I picked up the bottle and poured more oil ontoher buttocks but before it could drip over her pussy and onto the bed, I plugged my cock into her, forcing the oil to pool above, against the bottom of her anal ring. Dipping my thumb into the oil, I spread it upwards, rubbing it across her crinkled bud, thrusting my cock slowly in an out.
She was moaning but she gave it a little extra each time my thumb rubbed its little circle around her asshole. I kept coming back to tickle her there, trying to surprise her. She certainly wasn't avoiding my touch. On one rub, I suddenly pushed my thumb inside, plugging her hole. I was surprised how easily it slipped in and by her gasp, so was she.
I slammed my cock into her hard five or six times and then stopped to twist my thumb around in a semicircle, back and forth, working her hole open. Keeping my cock still but fully inside her, I pulled my thumb in and out, fucking her ass with my little pretend prick.
I traded off, fucking her pussy with my cock and then holding still while I worked my thumb in her, pausing between to pull on her hole, trying to stretch it wider. I don't know why, because her ass was slippery from the oil, but on impulse I leaned over and drooled a large dollop of saliva onto her hole. Greta gasped andthen moaned, as she heard me spitting on her ass. It was gross, and wildly exciting at the same time.
I slammed into her hard a dozen times, this time trying to work my thumb in tandem. I stopped and dug my thumb into her as far as I could, pushing the wider part inside. I pulled my thumb out and gobbed on her, replacing it with two fingers, pushing them easily inside. I pulled my cock out and concentrated on working my fingers in her. Kneeling to her side,I reached across her back and under her tummy, stretching my hand over her belly and slipping my fingers through her slit and into hercunt, rubbing my palm on her clit. I began frigging her ass in earnest.
I kept this up for quite a while, surprised that she let me continue my rough massage. She was moaning and groaning yet I was still surprised how much she liked it. I'd had the impression she wasn't expecting to enjoy it, that it was some kind of price she was prepared to pay for revenge. But revenge, it seemed, was sweet.
I stopped, pulled my fingers out of her holes and gripped her shapely cheeks, spreading them wide. Leaning down, I pressed my mouth to the top of her crack and drooled as much saliva into it as I could produce. Twisting my face around, I stretched my tongue down her crack to her little hole, catching and swirling myspit around, then plunging my tongue inside.
God the sound that came out of her! Quickly, I lined myself up behind her and pushed my cock to her gaping hole, and pushed.
In. I was in. Oh, it was so tight. The resistance, the chafing as I shoved. Push, push. My first ass! My very first ass. God, I was only halfway in. Shove harder. What was that? What did she say?
Nothing. She was grunting every time I pushed. I shoved again. Another grunt. Groaning. Moaning. Take it, my mind screamed. Take it.
I pushed her forward, forcing her flat to the bed, straddling her ass with my thighs as I continued shoving my meat between her cheeks. Almost all the way now. Just a little more.
"Unnnngggghhhh," I cried, jamming my cock in that last inch. I pressed her into the mattress, rocking on her cheeks.
"Take my cock," I cried. God. I'd yelled that out.How loud? Grunt, grunt. God, I loved fucking herass. I grabbed a handful of her hair, leaned down close to her and rasped into her ear, "My cock is in your ass. In your ass. My ass."
"Yessssss," she hissed. "Fuck it, fuck it."
Incredibly, she lifted her ass against me, bucking against the cock embedded between her cheeks. I answered her thrusts, fucking heras if I was in her pussy, just as hard. I couldn't believe it. I was so hard. She was so wild. She was going nuts. The sounds she was making were like they were from another planet. Her whole body was shaking.
We kept it up, pounding and thrusting, gasping and moaning. We may have cum simply becausewe were running out of energy. I know I couldn't have gone any longer. I meant to pull out. I thought about it as I fucked her and planned it but in the end I burst my load inside her. Like the night before, I collapsed on top ofher, keeping my cock inside, but unlike the night before, I didn't offer to slide off. I stayed where I was.
It was a long time before our breathing returned to normal.
"Wow," I summarized our mutual first time anal experience.
Greta laughed that soft laugh.
"Did I hear you right? Did you say my ass was yours?"
"Uh, I got a little carried away. I, uh ..."
"Nathan, just tell me."
"Ok, then. It's yours."
The End of a Successful Day
I had only heard the tail end of the conversation. Dad had yelled for me to get in there, so I was standing there listening as he wound up. He had been talking to Dale, Greta's husband.
"Boy, I don't know what you did up there but it worked bigtime," my father exclaimed after getting off the phone. "We've got a bigtime contract coming in, bigtime," he emphasized, slamming his hand down on the desk. Dad got up and walked around the desk to confront my, shaking both my shoulders. "Got a little of the old man in you, that's for sure," he boomed, winking. My father spun me around and slappedme on the back as he steered me to the door."Let's get make sure everyone's ready for the biggest one we've done. Atta go, son." The last slap nearly floored me.
Later, on the way home, I asked Dad just how big the contract was and if it was certain. I could hardly believe Greta had convinced her husband to keep doing business with my father.
"It's the biggest we've ever done, son, and it's all on account of you. Dale wants to sign off onthe broad strokes tonight and then turn it over to his wife and you to work out the details. We'll should be able to clinch the deal by the end of the day tomorrow. You'll be the managerfor their account. His wife said you're a fine young man and she trusts you." Dad flashed hisbig smile and gave me a big wink.
"Tonight? He's phoning you tonight?"
"No, no. They're coming down. I asked them over for dinner. No one can barbecue a steak like I can. I'll just put on the finishing touches, but it was you who did this deal, Nathan." Another big smile and wink. "I just knew you'd be good at this business."
Christ! Greta was coming here with her husband? To my mother's house? Oh, Good Lord.
Dad was quite worked up when we got home. Did Mom get the best steaks? Was she sure we had enough whiskey? What kind of wine did we have? He was a man in panic trying to be in control. Mom, who had seen this before, calmly answered his questions, adding that everything was fine, not to worry. She smiled at me when Dad wasn't looking and rolled her eyes.
"All you have to do is get ready. Go upstairs," she told Dad.
"It's casual dress. They're coming for a barbecue, not a fancy dinner."
"I know, I know. Go get ready, they'll be here soon."
"Good grief," Mom sighed as soon as he left."How does he manage to run his own company?"
"Mom, the staff run the company and everything goes much smoother when he's not around." She may as well benefit from my observations since working for Dad. "He's a super salesman, but he's a disaster in the shop."
"I know," Mom concurred. "Why don't you put on a clean pair of jeans, or those navy blue shorts. You look good in those," she raised and lowered her eyebrows several times over her mischievous smile. How was I going to survive the evening with her and Greta? I figured Greta's husband Dale wouldn't be any harder to deal with than my father, but two women? A huge pit formed in my stomach.
Dad was fussing around when I came back downstairs. The doorbell rang when I was in theliving room. Mom was just coming down the stairs dressed in a dark colored dress that flattered her figure and showed just the right amount of leg. I hung back.
"Get the door, get the door," Dad yelled. The bell rang and Dad rushed out of the kitchen."What's the matter with you?" he shot me a look. He rushed forward and opened the front door, greeting Dale and Greta loudly, a salesman's welcome.
Greta glanced at Mom. I could see she was surprised, probably because Mom was far more attractive than she had expected for the wife of a man who had come on to her. Not that thatwas uncommon in the world. Still, I could see Mom's looks surprised her.
Dad, of course, introduced Mom as 'his wife'.
"Marilyn," Mom smiled, holding out her hand.
"Hi. Greta," she returned Mom's smile, then her brow furrowed briefly, "Marilyn?"
"That's right," Mom confirmed.
Greta turned to me. "How nice to meet you again, Nathan." She offered her hand to me butdidn't let it linger. No one would have noticed anything other than a professional, business relationship. I watched Mom closely and was certain that she didn't suspect anything. So far, so good. But as my father led everyone out to the back Greta glanced at me and I knew she had recognized Mom's name, the one I had cried out while making love to her. It was goingto be a long night.
It was hard, especially after dinner when the drinks began to flow, to keep my eyes off ...

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