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"Just like mine," Greta whispered. "Quick to harden, and sensitive."
Mom's breathing quickened. Greta's hand was moving under Mom's dress and I knew she was manipulating her nipple. I looked over Mom's shoulder. Dale looked up and Greta waved back.He raised his half empty glass and she nodded and smiled back at him, then blew him a kiss. He looked back at my Dad and started talking.
I stooped and slipped my hands under Mom's skirt, bringing it up with me when I straightened, lifting it up to Mom's hips and proving my conjecture about the smallish panties stretching across her ass, halfway downher cheeks. Greta looked down at my revelation.
"I don't think your mom should be wearing those when she takes these drinks out to your father and my husband, do you?"
I loved the way her eyes sparkled and the corner of her mouth turned up when she said stuff like that.
"I think you should take your husband's drink out to him yourself. I think he deserves it, don'tyou."
I smiled as mischievously as I could.
"Yes, I do. Good idea, Nathan."
"And no, I don't think either of you should be wearing panties."
"Well," Greta said. "Do something about it."
I dropped to my knees and pulled Mom's panties off her cheeks, kissed each one, then pulled them unhurriedly down her legs, gently working them over Mom's sandaled feet. I moved over to Greta, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down too. She pushed her butt out as soon as her cheeks were free.
I kissed them both and she murmured, "It's still yours any time you want it."
Mom turned and gave Greta a strange look. I removed Greta's panties in the same languid fashion as I had Mom's then stood and shoved a pair into each pair of my shorts.
"All done," Mom announced. She reached up into the top cupboard and pulled out a small sugar container, lifted the lid, and sprinkled a small spoonful of the contents, clearly not sugar, into each drink. "Sometimes," she explained to Greta's quizzical look, "I just need to have some peace and quiet and I can't wait until his next trip."
"Will you let me have some of that before I leave tomorrow?"
"Absolutely." Mom handed one of the drinks to Greta. "Shall we go?"
I watched through the window as the women walked saucily out to their husbands and presented their drinks to them. Mom's dress was still undone all the way down her back. I couldn't help being reminded as they bent over that their behinds were bare, and perhaps still damp from my recent kisses.
"Aren't we the luckiest men alive," Dad loudly slurred to Dale. They clashed glasses and resumed the raucous story their wives had so rudely interupted. Dad hadn't even noticed the state of Mom's dress.
The prance back was even saucier than the walk out but the husbands weren't even paying attention. No matter. I don't think it was for their benefit. They were laughing and hugging when they came through the door.
"Nathan, bring those drinks up to my room," Mom instructed.
"Hurry, Nathan," Greta cooed, "or we'll start without you."
I gathered the three drinks in my hands, one in each and the other pressed between, and rushed out of the kitchen as fast as I could go without spilling them. They hadn't got far. Mom and Greta were standing at the bottom of the stairs, each with a foot on the first step, kissing. It was a long, deep kiss. Their hands were moving over each other, Greta's insided Mom's dress, Mom's pulling the turtle neck out of Greta's skirt and disappearing underneath. I waited until they were finished. The both turned to look at me and smiled.
"Come on lover," Mom said and turned to go up the stairs. She paused when Greta didn't immediately follow her. Greta lifted her skirt uphigh on her right hip, baring one full cheek. Mom laughed, then did the same with her left hip. They giggled as they walked up the stairs infront of me, exaggerating the sway of ther hips. At the top, they both stopped to kick off their shoes, then sauntered down the hall, armsaround each other.
"Close the door," Mom whispered, looking back as I entered. Greta was already dropping her skirt.
I pushed the door shut with my foot and walked to the side of the bed to set the drinks down. Mom was pulling Greta's white turtleneckover her head, peeling it up her slender arms. Greta dropped her hands to her sides and stamped her feet before crawling up on the bed and flopping down on her back with a flourish. When her tits stopped bouncing and her nipples almost settled down, her sparkly eyes focused on Mom from the midst of her tousled hair.
Mom pushed her dress off one shoulder and allowed it to fall down to her elbow. She turnedher head to look at her other shoulder and thenpushed the dress off it too, arresting its fall in the crook of her elbow. Slowly, she uncrooked her arm, eyes returning Greta's gaze, and allowed the dress to slide over her hips with a rustling hiss until it crumpled on the floor.
Mom looked over at me. "Can I have her now, Nathan?"
I nodded, confused by her question but strangely pleased that she had asked for my permission.
Mom put one knee on the bed, then the other. She crawled over Greta's legs until she was hovering over her on all her hands and knees. She leaned down and gently kissed Greta lips, then back down and planted a similarly soft caress on each of Greta's long nipples. Dipping her head, she swirled her hair in a large circle around Greta's abdomen until Greta reached up and pulled her head back up to hers, lifting her mouth up to meet Mom's.
During the kiss, Mom lowered her body onto Greta's, whose legs opened to receive my mother's pussy against her own. Belly to belly, breasts to breasts, their bodies writhed in an intense embrace. I could see their muscles straining and their bodies began to glisten with sweat. The kiss ended and the women smiled and nibbled each other, hands smoothing each other's hair and gliding over shoulders and faces. Then engaged in another long kiss. In the middle of this one, they swapped places, Mom rolling off, twisting, and pulling Greta overto lie on top of her. The same nibbling and fondling followed. I began to creep quietly away to leave them in the joy of their first union.
"Where do you think you're going?" Mom said inthe stern version of her motherly voice.
"Uhhh, I thought I'd, uh..."
"Come over here."
I turned and walked to the foot of the bed.
"Get up behind Greta."
I did as Mom asked, kneeling between four parted legs. Mom's hands stroked over Greta's back and along her sides.
"Nathan, were you born in a barn? Take your clothes off first." Greta's back shook and I could tell she was laughing. "Can you believe it?" Mom said. "All that work and he's still a man."
"What can you do?" Greta chuckled. "All you cando is try."
I clambered behind Greta again, my previously rock hard boner now dampened somewhat. Mom reached up to take my hands, then pulled them around Greta and between their bodies, pressing my palms against Greta's tits, and my knuckles against Mom's. Mom cock, hanging down between Greta's open thighs, stiffened, nudging against the bottom of her pussy.
"Now, what was that you said to my son earlier? My ass is still yours any time you want it. Something like that?"
"Yes. Something along those lines," Greta laughed but the excitement she felt from the implication in Mom's voice and the foreshadowing of what was to come was betrayed by her butt pushing up against me.
"Nathan, we're going to get a bit busy here, so I want you to do what you want, whatever comes into your mind. But try to stay on the normal side for awhile. I want to feel you in her, pressing her down against me. We're all together now, from now on. And before you cross the line, remember to use some slippery stuff. It's in the drawer here." Mom waved her hand at the bedside table on her side of the bed.
There wasn't another word from Mom, or Greta either. At least, not spoken to me. They began kissing right after Mom finished and didn't seem to stop for the whole duration of that first time. I waited as long as I could before pushing my cock inside Greta. I was content forsome time to watch the way Greta's cheeks clenched as their pussies ground together, but eventually, I just had to join in. It was a long slow fuck, governed by the slow, languid pace set by the two women. They took their time, and took my lead from them.
When I came inside Greta, they had already been there once. Shortly after that, they visited that place again. They were sweating profusely now but their kissing was just as intense as when they first started. They didn't pay any attention to me as I stood beside the bed greasing my cock but when I got in behind Greta, Mom whispered, "Gently now, son."
I was gentle. At the beginning at least. By the end, I was too worked up, but then we all were.Every nerve in my body was on fire. I don't remember much when it was over. I fell asleep quite soon after. When I woke, the little red dots on Mom's clock radio said three am. Mom was leaning over Greta now, kissing and suckling her breasts. Her head ducked down to taste Greta's secret place and I got up on my elbow to watch. Mom pulled up and looked at me a few minutes later.
"You're awake?"
I nodded.
"Good. I want to feel you behind me now."
Mom returned to suck Greta's tits, then moved up to her mouth, sliding over her body to lie on top. Greta opened her legs and adjusted herselfuntil their pussies were pressing together. Momturned to look back at me, waiting. I got up behind her, and sipped my hard cock inside.
"Remember to put the slippery stuff on later," she reminded me.
The next day, though the men were quite hung over, Greta sent them away and told them not to come back until dinner time when they could take us all out. She said we needed all day to work out the details, undisturbed. Go fishing, orsomething, is the way she put it.
I wouldn't have thought, after that night, that Icould do anything but sleep the next day.
But I was wrong.

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11. Jan 2013 14:28:56 EST
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