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A Story Sent By a Reader

"The Story Has Several Mistakes In Spelling, To Make It Better, I have Started To Edit It, But It Has Not Been Edited Fully."

I am Anand Jaiswal 21 years old, I live with my Mom whose name is Vibha . She is Beautiful and even at the age of 42, she looks very young and well maintained. She is running our family business of Hotels and PG. The best part about MOM is her clear heart and no doubt the Figure (36 30 38.).

From all the live shows through Camera I fixed in her washroom, I came to know that she is very fair inside her clothes. She had a firm boobs, wide ass and clean shaved cunt. Whenever she goes to market or even in office every one stare at her ass and boobs.

My lust for her escalated rapidly making me virtually insane. I had become so blind that on a fine morning on her birthday, I had just proposed her. Obviously she refused, we had lot of arguments and even got many slaps that day. I was broken and demotivated I left her room thinking what to do. Have I lost my mother even the normal relation of mother and son? Will she ever talk to me or will I be able to face her from tomorrow morning? We had such a nice time in last few months where I was getting chances to hug herto show my love as son at least. I was frustrated with my action and more then that I was hurt that I have lost such a beautiful mother's trust and love.

She may never think about me as a lovely and caring son, only thing she will be remember is a son full of lust. That night was the toughest night of my life as I was ashamed of me and my behavior. What have I done? I should have enjoyed that courtship only that was better then what I have to face now. I was ashamed of my love was it love or lust. Whole night I was just figuring out the answers and crying. I don’t know when my alarm start ringing and it was 5 am in the morning. I woke up and decided to prove my love for her. The day starts as usual I knew it that it will be very difficult day but I was firm and once again I started my journey of love for my own Mom.

I went to kitchen, made mom favorite Breakfast, stuffed pannier parathas and Tea; to make it special I put a sorry note on in the tray and knocked my mom room. She woke and said replied in very rough tone what happened, don’t talk to me.

Me: Mom I know you are angry and you have all the right to be angry. The only thing I can say issorry, the words are not enough for the action I did yesterday. You take your time I am not going to put you in difficult situation. Just wanted to give you a reminder we have important meeting lined up at 9 am with investors, and your breakfast is ready I am keeping at the door you can take it.

Mom: I know that and I don’t want anything to eat so take it back.

Me: Well, you can throw it in the dustbin, but now at this moment it is my duty also and you can’t stop. I put the tray in front of her room and went to my room to get ready.

After getting into my room I opened my laptop to see how mom through the camera fixed in her washroom is. She came there and I can clearly see her eyes red and swelled. She was taking bath but the body language was very dull and first time I was not focusing on her nude body. Rather my focus was on what I have done to her. A happy go lucky woman is so sad because of her son whom she loved most.

I was waiting in the car for her, she came out dressed in Business suit, her trousers were skinfit and her coat was till Waist. It was very easy to figure out her magnificent curves in this dress. She was wearing a white shirt and he Brawas visible through it. She looked at me and satin the car .I was in between looking at her today she was sitting very conservatively in one corner , unlike other times where her legs use to be very close to the gear lever , today it was far to touch . She was looking scared of me. Wedint speak a single word. We reached office before leaving the car the only thing she said was
Mom: Anand I don’t want people should come to know about the drift in our relation. So behave normally and try to be far from me.
Me : Mom mujhe pata hai mujhse galti hui hai . Iski itni badi saza mat do maa.
Mom: Don’t call me MAA .tumhare Mouth se yeah shabd ganda lagta hai ab .
Me: I was shocked to hear this and could not defend on this. I just nodded my head.
This went on for a month. Even office people came to know that there is some fight betweenus. We were only living together in the same house but neither were we talking nor knows what happening in our life. Even I have taken out the camera from her washroom. The situation was becoming worst day by day. Now even the office staffs use to ask me Anand , kya hua hai Mam aajkal bahut tension mein rehti hain tum log ek saath lunch bhi nahin karte . I use to say nothing some office tensionand investment tension hai toh hum dono hi busy hai .
Ghar pe bhi mein roz subah breakfast bana ke mom ke room ke samne rakh deta tha aur roz shaam ko usko dustbin mein dalta tha . Dinner ka bhi same haal hota tha . But my path was firm so I was doing this everyday withoutthinking where will this end .
Finally after two months I went to her room and knocked. She said please leave me alone. I was pissed off with this. I said Mom we need totalk. I know you did not eat for the whole day. Please don’t do this to me. Can we talk maa Please I beg you. She finally opened the door .
Me : Maa kya hua hai kyun itna gussa ho .
Mom : Tum ab bhi yeah pooch rahe ho tumhe nahin pata tumne kya kiya hai . You wanted to sleep with your mom .
Me : Maa please dont say this . Please mere pyaar ko lust ka naam mat do .
Maa: Love my foot Anand , tumne jo kiya voh kya pyaar tha
Me : Maa meine bahut kucth kaha tha aapne shayad aadha hi suna . Agar mujhe aapki body chaiye hoti toh mein forcefully bhi le sakta tha. Mein 21 saal ka hoon mujhe bahar bhi yeah sab mil sakta hai maa. But i love you no one else come in dreams its only you .Meri ismein kya galti hai
Mom : Please chup ho ja , tu fir se wahi baat kar raha hai
Me: ok maa , i will not talk anything about this in future , i just need one promise , aap pane aapko happy rakhogi , khana time pe khyogi and hamara jo nomral relation tha woh vaise hi chalega .
Maa: Anand normal relation kabhi vapis nahin aa sakta . Give me some time .
Me : maa kitna time aur kya jab tak aap isi mood mein rahoge .
Maa: mujhe nahin pata I just dont wanna see you anand .
I was not able to make it out , how to control this situation and left the room I was so frustrated and was not able to control my emotions , I took a knife from kitchen went to her room and said MOM mujhse galti hui aur galti yeah nahin ki mein aapse pyaar karta hoon , but galti thi ki meine aapko bataya and because I love you I cannot see you suffering so I am ending my life and with this I took the knife and cut my wrist , blood start oozing out of my wrist . It happened so fast that mom wasnot able to see what i am doing. The moment blood started coming out of my wrist she ran towards me and hold my wrist and said
Mom: Beta (after two months first time she said beta ) pagal ho gaya hai kya tu .
Me : Maa mujhe aapko prove karna hai ki mein aapse pyaar karta hoon , iske liye meri jaan bhi chali jaye mujhe parvah nahin . And meine apnahaath unke haat se chuda liya
Mom : beta please aisa mat kar she hold me and said we will talk everything first lets go to doctor .
She took me to the doctor (on my way I was thinking A mother remain a mother and no one can take her place, this increased my love for her) . I was getting unconscious. Then when my eyes opened I was in a hospital Mom was sitting on the bed. The moment my eyes openedI saw a smile on her face and she shouted Doctor please come fast his eyes are opened. Doctor came and saw checked my pulses and many other things. I was in a private room . Doctor started talking to Maa .
she asked kya hua tha isko . Isne aisa kyun kiya . Mom was answerless so she just said vahiaajkal ke ladke aur unki love stories doctor. Doctor also smiled and saw me and commented
Doc : So dude kaun hai voh angel jiske liye haath kaat liya tumne apna . Vakai stupid ladki hai jot um jaise deewane ko manna kar diya . Agar mein hoti toh turant haan kar deti . Aajkal ki life mein kahan aise pyaar karne wale milte hain . Then she told mom that your son is strongvarna jitna blood nikal tha uske baad life thodi risky ho jati . Aur Vibha us ladki ko ja ke bolo ki uske pyaar mein kya kiya hai tumhare bête ne . Shayd usko akal aa jaye .
Mom was shying as she knew that it as her , shelooked at me and smiled once again and told doctor . meine us ladki ko bata diya hai aur usko akal aa gayi hai . She also loves him now .
Doc : waah Anand tumhara to set ho gaya love . Now don’t do anything like this . Just stay in hospital for one 3 days and you will be rocking after that . With this she left the room , it was me and mom left alone . For first few seconds there was a pin drop silence . Mom was in sareelooking like a angel (doctor rightly said that I love a angel ). Our eyes met and were looking at each other .This was not normal looking , it seems our eyes were talking and we said all with our eyes .
For some time there was not a single word we spoke and we were just looking in each other eyes .
Finally Mom this time took the initiative and said Beta I am sorry. I dint realized that you love me so much. Please forgive me and promise me you will never ever do this. Mein baht khush tha jaise cheezein ek dum settle hoti ja rahi thi . meine kaha maa aapko sorry kehne ki jaroorat nahin hai . You ar my mother ,my frind my love everything . aaj se jaise aap kahoge vaisa hoga just be with me .Mom ki eyes mein aansoo the , pata nahin ek dums e kya hua she came near me and huged me tightly and said nahin neta aaj se jaisa hum dono chahenge vaisa hoga . We are one from today and she kissed my forehead . I also hugged her with one hand and treid to put the other one also but it was paining so mom said wait for three days beta then you can put your other hand also and winked at me . We both smiled.
I was not aware that a marvelous surprise is waiting for me at home after three days. Mom took care of me during the three days she use to be in the hospital for first two day and on third day she said beta aj mujhe bahut sare kaam hai isiliye mein nahin aayungi sham ko tum discharge hoke seedhe ghar aajna . Meine doctor KO bol diya hai she waill arrange a cab for you. I was also full recovered she came near to me and hugged me and this time I also hold her with both my arms .This was the best hug ever she was crushing her body in my arms. I can felt the warm air from her lips. I could not control and kissed on her neck she moaned then I kissed on her ear, she again moaned andsaid Anand wait for some time. And left me. She said bye beta and come home soon. Your Mom is waiting for you.
I reached home around 7 Pm and knocked the door. I have never thought about the surprise which I will be getting once the door is opened.Mom opened the door she was in the same bridal dress which I gifted her. It was a red lehnga and choli (a North Indian bridal dress). Ihave selected the one which was not very traditional and heavy. The Lehnga was like a skirt which had cuts from the lower thighs till thighs it was tightly fit like a mini skirt. The choli or blouse was deep neck ...
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