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What the hell, I thought. I took off my towel and laid face down, too.
"There," Mom said. "Doesn't the sun feel good on your naked bum?"
"Yeah, I have to admit that it does."
Mom reached under her lounge and pulled out abottle of lotion. She squirted some onto her hands and rubbed it onto my back, my legs, andmy ass. "We can't have you burning that fine little butt of yours," she said."
"You think my butt is nice?" I asked.
She stopped rubbing it and looked into my eyes."Rick, you have the nicest body I've ever seen, and I'm not saying that just because I'm your mom. You have a gorgeous body, you big hunk!"She slapped my ass to make her point, then handed me the lotion.
"Now me," she said, laying back down.
"You want me to put this on you?" I asked. Stupidly.
"Yes, Dummy, I don't want to burn my fine littlebutt either."
I trembled a little as I squirted lotion onto my hands, then massaged it into her back. She sighed as I worked on her shoulders, then moved down to her middle back. My hands lingered over her breasts, which were smushed against the towel and sort of pushed out on either side of her. "We don't want these to burneither, right?" I said.
"Nope, sure don't!" she answered. I spent as much time fondling her breasts as I dared, thenmoved on to her lower back. I got more lotion and began to work it into her tight little ass cheeks, and she sighed again. As I moved further down she parted her legs a little and I had a beautiful view of her bare pussy mound. Was I supposed to put lotion there, too? I didn't know, so to stall for time I stroked lotioninto one fine, toned leg, and then into the other. Down and back up, one hand on each side of the leg. As I slowly moved up each leg, my inner hand would brush up against her pussy, and she would give a little shiver, but she didn't say anything.
Emboldened, I squirted a little more lotion ontomy hand, then placed it gently onto her pussy mound and began to rub.
"Uhhn," she said, but nothing else. Her pussy was wet, so I knew that she was horny. I rubbed harder, up and down her pussy lips, and lingered over her clit.

2 of 12 in hot story: MAKING OUT WITH MOM

04. Feb 2013 13:27:27 EST
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