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Woman Indian

"Okay, Jenny," I said. I reached down and showed her how to hold me for the greatest effect, and what rhythm to use as she jacked me off. When she got going right, her hands started making a familiar slap-slap-slap sound.
"Is this right, Rick?" she asked.
"It's perfect, Jenny. It feels great. You're a natural. I'm going to cum in no time."
She smiled at the compliment, then looked down at my dick. "What's this stuff?"
I looked down to see that pre-cum was streaming from the tip of my cock onto my abs."It's called pre-cum, and a guy's dick always makes some when he gets excited. Grab some of it onto your fingers, and use it to lube up my dick."
She grabbed a big wad of my pre-cum and rolled it onto my shaft. It felt so good that I moaned yet again. She continued jacking me off with one hand as she raised the other hand first to her nose to smell my juice, then to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and tasted my pre-cum. I thought I was gonna cum then and there!
"Salty," she said. "But good." She started jacking me hard again using both hands. I felt the tingle start.
"Jenny, you're doing real good. I'm about to cum."
She quickly moved her head directly over the tipof my penis, so as not to miss the show. Part ofme wanted to warn her about how far my cum would shoot, but a bigger part of me wanted to see this happen.
"I'm cumming, Jenny, I'm cumming! Right now!!Aaaagh!!" My body started bucking and I watched as the first ropy wad of my cream shotdirectly into Jenny's face. She gasped in surprise and pulled her head back, but not far enough: the second spurt landed right in her open mouth!
She's a trooper, though; she never stopped jacking me off. What a sight for a horny young teenager: a pretty girl, both hands working up and down my spurting prick, and a big wad of my cum slowly dripping down her forehead and cheek.
"Ith's in my mouf, Rick!" My body was still bucking and I was straining to get the most pleasure out of my orgasm, but I fought to keep my eyes on her face and was rewarded by seeing her swallow a big mouthful of my jism!
Finally, my climax was over, and I had to grab Jenny's hands to stop her from continuing to jack me off. "It's too sensitive right after I cum," I said.

6 of 12 in hot story: MAKING OUT WITH MOM

04. Feb 2013 13:37:37 EST
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