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"Oh, sorry Rick," said Jenny. She sat back on herheels.
"Umm... you've got some on your face," I said.
"Oh." As I watched, Jenny used a finger to wipemy cum off of her cheek and forehead, then popped it into her mouth and sucked it down!
"How does it taste, Jenny?"
"I like it!" she said. "You've never tried it?"
"No," I said, taken aback. "That would be kindagay, I think."
"Who's gonna know?" she said. Then she scooped a little cum from my stomach and held her finger in front of my mouth. "Try it," she said.
So I did. I wrapped my lips around her finger, sucked, and pulled my head back. Her finger made a little popping sound when it left my lips, and I had some of my own cum in my mouth.
"How does it taste?" she asked.
I rolled it around in my mouth and swallowed."Salty, and kind of slimy, but okay, I guess."
"I like it," she said again, and then bent down and started licking the rest of my cum off my abs, my balls, and my cock. By the time she wasdone, I was rock hard again.
"Do you want to do it again?" she asked.
I looked at her, and over her shoulder I saw mymom watching us from the window. Shit, how long had she been there?
"Umm... not right away," I said. "You'd better do some cleaning before my mom comes home." Hearing that line, my mom hustled backinto the living room and out the front door.
"Okay, Rick, but I want to do this again with you!" Jenny scampered back inside, just as my mom 'came home.'
"I'm back!" said Mom. "How's the cleaning going?"
"Fine, Mrs. J!"
"Oh, I see that Rick flipped over onto his back. Are you still okay with the nudity?"
"Sure, no problem," said Jenny.
Mom smiled at her, then pointed at her cheek."You've got something on your face there, Dear. Here, let me." Mom wiped the last trace of my cum from Jenny's cheek as Jenny turned bright red from embarrassment. "Some kind of cleaning gook, I guess," said Mom, still smiling.
"Yeah, I guess," mumbled Jenny, looking at the floor.
Mom looked at me and, as I watched, she sensuously licked my cum from her finger. My mouth dropped open, and my hard-on raged.

7 of 12 in hot story: MAKING OUT WITH MOM

04. Feb 2013 13:39:23 EST
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