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I remembered Gary's mom fairly well. She was quite pretty and I'd had a crush on her ever since I could remember but her features were still vague in my mind. She had longish, chestnut colored hair and a nice figure, not skinny but not plump either, and great legs. Breasts, well, what can I say? Gary's mom had nice ones that were on the upper side of medium-sized but struggled to compete with her big, brown bedroom eyes or, for that matter, the pouty lips typically adorned with soft pink lipstick that blended well with a lightly freckled face. Her whole presence screamed I am woman. Well, maybe I remembered her better than fairly well. I distinctly remembered feeling awkward in her presence but knew there was nowhere else I'd rather be.
Now, Gary's dad, he made me uncomfortable. He acted like I wasn't there but managed to make me feel like I was in the way. There was definitely something about me he didn't like but I had never been able to put my finger on it. I was apprehensive at the thought of living in his house but the idea of being around Gary'smom on a daily basis drowned that fear.
Still, I was nervous. What if Gary's mom didn't like me anymore? She had always favored me over Gary's other friends and I was the only oneshe welcomed for a visit even when Gary wasn'thome. As a matter of fact, Gary had faded in my memory but thinking about his mom triggered strong feelings within me.
I paced up and down the hallway of the dorm from the foot of the stairs to the front door where my bags were waiting, on the inside of course; I wasn't about to venture outside until someone I knew was there. I heard a car approaching as I turned from the stairs and picked up my pace. My heels were clicking loudly on the shining, waxed floor when the carstopped in front. I pushed the old door open to look but didn't recognize the car, a new one of a make I didn't know. The driver's door opened and a woman got out.
"Allen?" the pretty woman called.
I nodded and she smiled, becoming instantly radiant. I picked up my bags and struggled through the doorway with them. Mrs. Robinson rushed up the steps.
"Here, let me help you with those."
"I can get them," I protested, but she took one anyway and I continued down the stairs with a suitcase in each hand and one bouncing on its wheels behind me.
She was opening the trunk, looking more beautiful than I remembered in a demure, summery shift that displayed tanned legs to several inches above the knee and matching, bare arms to the shoulders. Her hair fell over her face and she shook her head to fling it back, stooping to keep it from falling forward again.
"I'm sorry I'm so late. The traffic was just brutal." She glanced at me and then looked back at the car, fumbling with the key. "Oh, shit. I forgot," she exclaimed, straightening up.She pointed the keys at the trunk and pinched abutton in her hand. The trunk popped up and she turned to me, laughing. "I'm such a ditz sometimes. I should be blonde."
We stuffed my bags in the trunk and Gary's mom gave me a hug.
"Anything else? Is that all?"
I nodded, feeling a little overwhelmed.
"Still a big talker, hey?"
I nodded again and she laughed as she walked around the car.
"It's open," she said.
I ran around and got into the car. She pulled away immediately and adeptly sped through thefew cars in the curved driveway, paused briefly at the entrance to the college before turning right, and peeled away.
"I'm glad we heard about your situation, Allen, and I'm so happy you agreed to stay with us."
"I hope I'm not a bother," I said.
"Nonsense," Gary's mom cried. "I'm so bored athome. We'll have so much fun." She flashed hersmile, then looked back at the road as she steered around a car that was doing the speed limit but was still too slow for her. "You can teach me to cook," she laughed.
"Yes, of course," I replied, then added, "not that you can't..."
"Oh, Allen," she said, dropping her right hand away from the steering wheel to cover mine.
Despite the thrill of her warm skin, I looked nervously at the road. She patted my hand.
"I'm so looking forward to this."
She stomped on her brakes, swerved and swore,lifting her hand from mine to make a gesture.
"Oops, I'd better drive and not talk for awhile."
I settled into corner near the door, angling myself so I could observe Mrs. Robinson, pushing back into the seat out of her line of sight to make myself less obvious. I needn't have worried. Gary's mom threw her attention into driving even faster as she maneuvered the car down the road as if it was an obstacle course. No wonder Gary had never learned to drive.
Not that I was unhappy. The way she drove let me refresh my memory with her bodily delights.Mrs. Robinson was truly an attractive woman whose physical attributes matched the effervescence of her personality. Her arms were firm and not flabby though there was little evidence of weight-lifting to attain such perfect form. Her legs, were similarly unmuscled yet looked strong and lithe. She was a natural.
The hem of her dress had slipped up her thighs and continued to creep upwards a tiny bit with every movement of her feet on the gas pedal orthe brake. Tiny blondish hairs glinted in the sun for the very inside of her upper thighs which were an unblemished expanse of the softest-looking skin.
Mrs. Robinson said something and I jerked my eyes up in panic at getting caught staring at herlegs but she was looking to the left, muttering at another driver as she passed him on the right. Her hand lifted from the wheel, delightfully, because it lifted her breasts momentarily, outlining their wonderful shape as they pressed against the summer dress. I hoped it was a long drive to Dexton. I couldn't remember how far it was.
Sometime later, Mrs. Robinson pulled off the road into a quaint looking gas station. We had been traveling along a scenic road beside a lake for some miles after a frantic hour on the interstate. Not needing to watch the road so intensely, and unable to find anyone to pass, Gary's mom had slowed down and caught me looking at her several times. I had blushed the first couple of times and tried to keep my eyes on the road ahead but each time they strayed back. She didn't seem to mind and I gradually lost my discomfort while I talked to her as an excuse to be looking her way. She remarked on my chattiness, teasing me that it was about time I broke out of my shell.
"But be careful," she cautioned with a good-natured laugh, "or those girls will make a meal out of a good-looking boy like you."
That made me blush. Did she really think I was good-looking? I couldn't remember anyone eversaying that about me.
After getting some gas, we bought some ice cream cones and left. Mrs. Robinson drove at a relaxed pace as she licked her cone.
"Try it," she said, offering her cone to me.
I shook my head and she withdrew it. Immediately, I regretted my decision. Fortunately, she read my face and offered the cone to me again. I leaned toward her and licked her cone. It was good.
"Yum," I said.
"Have another," she replied.
I leaned toward her again but she pulled the cone back an inch. I leaned further and she pulled it away again, laughing. I had forgotten how much she loved to tease. I lunged forward and caught the cone, inadvertently sliding my tongue over her fingers wrapped around the base.
"Yum again," I chuckled, nervously covering up my innocent indiscretion.
"I hope that tasted good," she said and I flushed red as I realized she was aware that I had licked her fingers.
"Let me try yours," she demanded, kindly directing her attention away from my embarrassed face.
I offered my cone. Mrs. Robinson stretched her neck out and opened her mouth but not far enough to reach the cone. I leaned closer but she moved back a bit so I released my seatbelt and shifted into the middle of the seat. I touched the ice cream to her lips and she treated it to a small stab of her tongue, licked her lips, then lavished the cone and my fingers with a long, wet scrape of her tongue. She giggled as she closed her mouth to stop the melting ice cream from leaking away but couldn't prevent a drop from dribbling down herchin. I peeled the napkin from the base of the cone and used it to dab the drip before it fell on her dress.
"Thank you, sir."
"You're welcome," I answered, leaning back, feeling somewhat absolved.
"More," she insisted.
I tilted the cone toward Mrs. Robinson's mouth. Just before reaching her outstretched lips, the top scoop teetered forward. Quickly, I swung my hand in and up to break its fall but it toppled anyway and bounced off her chin before plummeting downward. Happily, the forward motion of Mrs. Robinson's chin as she tried to shove the wayward scoop back onto thecone pushed it into an arc that missed her dress. The blob of butterscotch ripple settled into the crease between her thighs near the hem of her dress.
"Oohhh, that's cold," Gary's mom giggled."Quick, get it out!"
I stared at the ice cream already starting to melt between her hot thighs.
"Grab it G..., Allen, quick."
I reached down and, digging my fingers underneath, tried to lift the ball of ice cream but it skidded further up her legs instead.
"Whoa! Don't get it on my dress," she cried, dropping the hand holding her own cone down to drag the dress away from the ice cream with her three outer fingers.
Three things happened. First, the remaining rumand butter ice cream in Mrs. Robinson's cone fell out onto the offending scoop from my cone. Second, Mrs. Robinson's dress skidded up her thighs until a narrow strip of panty appeared. Third, my mind stopped working.
"Allen. I have to drive. You have to get the ice cream off my legs."
My eyes were locked onto the narrow strip of panty stretched over a puffy expanse of very female anatomy characteristically demarcated by an intriguing central groove.
"Yes," I answered thickly.
"Don't push, scoop it back."
I turned my fingers around and used them like a hoe, digging the tips between her legs and lifting a finger full of ice cream up and out. I looked around for somewhere to get rid of it, then popped it into my mouth.
I lowered my hand to get some more. I looked at the mess between her legs but my eyes quickly glued onto the strip of pink panty again.Following my eyes and erroneously thinking her dress was in the way, Mrs. Robinson pulled it upfurther until the whole strip of underwear was revealed and a narrow expanse of sexy, pouting tummy above it. Tentatively, I put my fingers on her legs, close to the panty, and dug ...

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